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Sensing that they might need protecting – and may be crucial to his survival – he invites them in but the roles of predator and prey become unclear as the three become dangerously intertwined Both antastical and horrifying Get Away provides a resonating look at the destructive nature of longing and our desperate need or lov.

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Ts of a acility in Antarctica McArthur delivers a uirky and unsettling play that reveals the Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, fear and isolation of the oppressed individual and the conseuences of a medicalized societyIn Get Away Davidinds two beautiful teenagers when he escapes to an isolated cabin where he hopes to cure his unusually persistent listlessness.

Isolated brings together two inventive disturbing plays by one of Canada’s most intriguing dramatic voicesIn Recovery people around the world are addicted to a mysterious substance Large recovery centres are set up promising refuge treatment and healing to millions of addicts But all is not what it seems Following three residen.