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Historical characters a steampunk version of the scientific revolution and a set of angels iding within an Aristotelian framework much less exposited ere than in Brian Stableford s The Werewolves of London and in Orson Scott Card s alternate America Like all such light romps the action soon mutes and mutates istory leaving touchpoints to aid familiarity Look Discovering Your Heart With The Flag Page here s a musket There s an angel euivalent of a nuclear bomb At least there is an internal consistency though unengaging characters and infant messiahs of an evil nature invert Christology for a turn of the century audience Finished the third in this series of fantasyistory books where Newton Franklin Voltaire and a ost of other scientific and political characters engage in alchemical explorations of the world as it falls apart Not uite as fun or engaging as the first two books this one sets up the preconditions for the American Revolution Having just watched the Hamilton musical it s kind of funny to run into some of the same political discussions touched on in the play If you ve made it this far into the series you ll probably still enjoy this third entry Empire Of Unreason AKA S Gets Real In America is an interesting alternate take on the founding of the United States Instead of throwing off King George we re throwing off the Jacobites who are really puppets of the demon controlled Russian Empire Who ave also crossed the Bering Land Bridge and are invading America from the west as well With airships And Websters Ii Dictionary, Third Edition, Office Edition huge death rays And Enlightenment era submarines And a Creepy Kid who is probably demon ridden but whom the Russians revere as some sort of destroying angelprophet figure I couldn t uite figure it out since the kid is uite the cipher in this bookBut all is not lost for our rag tag group of proto Americans led by Benjamin Franklin andis Junto of politicalsocial advisors This America is ethnically diverse from the start the rebels consist eually of white men Native Americans and freed black slaves Oh and SPOILER Voltaire shows up for the ride tooand Aladdin he writes the Declaration of Independence Good timesAs you can probably guess the author s story mayave grown beyond Daddy Must Die him a bit ande struggles to balance everything Adrienne s story in particular feels very slight drawn out and tiresome Ten years The Message Glorious have elapsed since the events of the previous book and yeter situation and O Cérebro de Broca her character seem completely unchanged She alsoas an adulterous subplot that is terrible it is ultimately pointless too And then er storyline just kind ofstops I feel she will be fairly important in book 4 but ere she s got nothing to doI Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales heard that this series was originally planned as a trilogy and then got expanded to four booksand it really shows in this one The pacing problems that plagued the first book are back in spades there are a lot of great individual scenes but they don tang together well indeed you could say that they A Banquet of Consequences (Inspector Lynley, hang separately. Thereas never been an epic uite like The Age of Unreason By interweaving reality with arcane fantasy J Gregory Keyes proves ROMANTIC TAKEOVER himself a literary alchemist who vividly recreates the eighteenth century–and brings it brilliantly to new lifeWhen Sir Isaac Newton uncovered the secrets of alchemye could never ave imagine.

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Orth America I picked this up in the middle of the series after waiting for some years for the first couple of books to come my way they never did I was wanting to see if it was worth anging on to this until I find the rest of the series somewhere some Keeper of the Light how Definitely worth it if only to findow in the world this can end Still struggling to really get into this series Still not sure why The characters are strong many are likeable All the protagonists are now converging on the American colonies where Ben Franklin and crew are attempting to root out the evil Malakim When the Pretender King shows up with a Russian army supporting Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, him and a magical army manipulatingim the war beginsagain Book 3 of the Age of Unreason takes place 10 years after a Calculus of Angels Ben Franklin The Homing has returned to America after saving Venice founding a secret society called the Junto whos purpose is to protect against warlocks possessed by angels demons or malekim as modern scientists refer to the ethereal entities who seek to finally destroy mankind Adrienneeads the Russian ministry of science devising new and deadly weapons for Tasr Peter s armies as they continue to sweep across the world Things change dramatically when Red Shoes the Choctaw shaman receives a vision of a great danger to the West and sets of the discover what is coming to destroy the world Meanwhile a subtle invasion of America begins when the pretender King of England arrives at the The Women of Easter head of a fleet and tries to win over the Americans to becomeis new kingdom This sets off a war that the Americans cannot Why Are You So Scared? hope to win with conventional tactics Fortunately for them Ben Franklin is a master of innovation in the face of overwhelming odds Adreinne begins a uest to finder long lost son after an assassination attempt provides The Power of One her with a clue iner long cold trail to find The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, himThese events set the stage for the final climax in the story of a world turned different due the the angelic interference in the affairs of man and deftly twines science magic superstition and soldiery into a sweeping desperate tale of resistance against overwhelming odds This time events are too large to contain in a single volume and are continued in the final book of the series Ok so this is the third book of the series and it is by far my least favorite ever It took me 5 times as long to read as the others because it couldn t seem to grab my attention It really felt like a whole book where everyone walks around lost not really accomplishing anything as they ever so very slowly get nowhere I didn t like the weird relationship issues it brought between many of the main characters and I really didn t care for the slow almost non existent way they moved Yeah it wasn t one for me at all Iad to take a break from the series after this so I ve lowered the priority of the fourth book Hopefully that will perk me up as it seems some things are finally coming to a ead in it. Is secret society the Junto manage a precarious existence founded on the mutual trust of Native Americans whites and freed blacks And as armies and alchemy clash the Choctaw shaman Red Shoes witnesses a vision of an ancient implacable evil–and of a young boy who shines as brightly as an angel the fallen avaricious kin.

HA I still mostly ad fun reading this but there was a lot of fat that needed trimming Honestly i din t think i d like this book uite as much as i did Colonial The Thing About December historic fictionsci fifantasy is a first for me and admittedly i was a little leery particularly of one starring such famousistorical figures as voltaire benjamin franklin The whole concept of benjamin franklin leading a secret force against demonic forces trying to take foothold in america and priming an apocalypse was pretty interesting But altogether it was very well written strikingly original and overall a very amusing and fun read I look forward to the second book in the series The Shadows of God It took me a while to read it but only because i ve been so very busy with work lately and thus a bit too drained for the extreme prolonged reading bouts that i usually do Now i can actually get around to reading and reviewing those First Reads winners that i won in the goodreads books giveaways a week or so back many front doorsBen Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar has returned tois beloved Colonies but not alone death t has followedim the malakim are determined to finish what they started centuries ago fleeing Russia and desperately looking for er son Adrienne seeks to recapture the scientific knowledge she once knew before the malakim clouded er mind while Stand Up and Fight holding onto the power they granter ever deadly shots ave been fired in a war fought by men but commanded by death itselfspectacular simultaneous run of two characters lives whose stories dance together to make one whole my only complaint is the large amount of typos in this kindle version they can be ignored if you try the story is so worth it There is nothing logical about war If you aven t previously been reading the Age of Unreason series don t start Now Is the Hour here It will yield little sense or enjoyment This installation is a mere stepping stone to an increasingly inevitable conclusion The storytelling is good Cliffhangers abound This is all an elaborate trap What will you do about it Walk into it of course As Keyes strays farther from actualistory into the speculative the tale becomes fantasy The angelic actors get powerful with each volume but the Londons Glory (Bryant May, heroes manage to keep theireads above water If I wore silk I would still Jingle Bells have all the same faults with vanity added them and wouldave gained nothing but the respect of fools Keyes fictional Benjamin Franklin aphorisms asides sounds increasingly like John Adams The other protagonists are sufficiently flawed to maintain reader interest I miss Blackbeard Happiness is not so much the product of rare occurrence as it is of many small and everyday things Wavering between 4 and 5 stars somewhere my recipe ratings are a little easier 1 2 or 3 tomatoes This would get The Best I Ever Had in its specific categoryA ferocious yet somehow light earted romp through an alternate istory where Tsar Peter and Ben Franklin lead the opposing sides of the conuest of D the tragic results Dark sorcery rules Europe is lost and the American colonists Troys have been driven south The demonic creatures known as the Malekim won’t tolerate even a flicker ofope Any who oppose them– Franklin Voltaire even the mysterious daughters of Lilith–will be swept away However Benjamin Franklin and

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J Gregory Keyes and Greg KeyesGreg Keyes was born in to a large diverse storytelling family He received degrees in anthropology from Mississippi State and the University of Georgia before becoming a fulltime writer He lives in Savannah Georgia