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Having spent the last few years lowing through rock book after rock biography by the true masters only to walk away feeling inundated with sex and drug exploits while being short changed on the musical end of the adventure the reason I Good Witch, Bad Witch picked the book up in the firstlace This one is uite the opposite In the 60 s 70s and 80 s Glyn Johns engineered and roduced the best of them The Beatles Stones Small Faces Steve Miller Joe Cocker Zeppelin and the Eagles get mentioned in the first breathLeon Russel Humble Pie The Band the Who and even The Clash have turned to Johns for their music Nothing too revealing here regarding anyones nasty habits although work habits and creativity in the studio will keep you busy for the almost three hundred ages you will fly through For ardent rock fans this is a real treat Well I was hopingWhen someone with almost six decades of experience in the music recording field writes a book about his time engineering most of the biggest and most influential bands on the Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances planet this is an opportunity to really dig down into those experiences I mean this is the guy that sat at the board while the Beatles were breaking up while the Who recorded Won t Get Fooled Again while Led Zeppelin and the Eagles recorded their first albums and the Stones wereutting out albums like Sticky FingersIt takes an almost conscious effort to actually make these events uninteresting and unentertaining yet Johns manages it HowBy giving an almost bullet list overview of who he worked with and when and a small anecdotal toss off of one event from the recording Mostly about how he had a mistaken impression about one of the artists who turned out to be better in some way than he originally expectedThis could have easily been three spellbinding books Instead it s a wasted opportunity from Johns and mostly a wasted experience for the reader Incredible history from a man who helped invent rock and roll Love the book it just could have used a couple exclamation Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten points A fine and easy read with some interestin. Born just outside London in 1942 Glyn Johns was sixteen years old at the dawn of rock and roll His big break as aroducer came on the Steve Miller Band’s debut album Children of the Future and he went on to engineer or Boneshaker (BA 43-500, produce iconic albums for the best in the business Abbey Road with the Beatles Led Zeppelin’s and the Eagles’ debuts Who’s Next by the Who and many others Even impressive Johns waserhaps the only erson on a given day in the studio who was entirely sober and so he is one of the most reliable and clear eyed insiders to tell these stories todayIn this.

G tales from someone with a front row seat to the recording of many iconic albums Where this falls short is tales about those recording sessions I would have loved about the differing creative rocesses of the artists technical info about his recording techniue etc Johns will spend CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition pages on random stories about little known record execs but only spend a couplearagraphs on roducing the classic Who s Next That being said it s still an enjoyable if occasionally frustrating read I ve never read a memoir that focused on the mundane and relegated all the interesting stories to a reference in a single sentence here or there I was hoping to glean some of Johns experience and studio methods from this but instead was treated to a rather boring rundown that reads like a checklist of events without much elaboration This is one to check out from the library There is uite a bit of name dropping as you would expect who has engineered and roduced so many great albums but much of it is a lot of random bits and ieces While he includes some in This book was a bit too much I was there and not enough here s what happened How exciting that Gyn John s recorded all these amazing songs and albums but he dropped two stars with me INSTANTLY when he mentioned leaving in a huff the McCartney Wings Red Rose Speedway sessions but gave NO DETAILS why I try to read as many interviews and biographies as I can about oprock recording sessions but I would say save your money and wait a few years for a used copy on eBay Sorry Glyn I Rant preordered it and everything A very so so memoir by a very talentedroducer and recording engineer who worked with the legendary greats The only thing I found interesting really is his commentary on Keith Moon which was sad and I suspect very true Otherwise it is very much he s a nice guy or girl or I didn t like him or her till I worked etc and etc At the very least he said nice things about Joe Meek On the surface and if you re interested in the subject matter a fast read but it is clearly not a mas. Entertaining and observant memoir Johns takes us on a tour of his world during the heady years of the sixties with beguiling stories that will delight music fans the world over he remembers helping to get the Steve Miller Band released from jail shortly after their arrival in London he recalls his impressions of John and Yoko during the Let It Be sessions and he recounts running into Bob Dylan at JFK and being asked  to work on a collaborative album with him the Stones and the Beatles which never came to ass Johns was there during some of the most iconic moments in rock his.

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Terpiece Far from that On the other hand it would have been better of a book if he focused on two or three of albums that he worked on I would think one would like to read about the making of Led Zeppelin albums like the first one for instance He covers it in his book but i feel that there could be details and in depth writing about Page etc But one has to keep in mind that writing is not his main tool of his life It s good to have this book but it could have been a lot better Johns autobiography touches upon every musician and band he engineered or roduced over a 50 year career in the business He has worked with such bands as The Beatles The Rolling Stones Led Zeppelin The Small Faces Humble Pie The Faces The Eagles and Eric Clapton just to name a few I wasn t aware that Johns himself wanted to be a singer and started out with a single or two to his name before he found his niche as a Challenged to Win producer What I did like was Johns admitting at times he was wrong about a certain artist or less judging a book by its cover His first meeting with Clapton didn t go over too well and thought he was lazy and all but over career wise due to drugs but Clapton was called upon to do some guitar studio work with Johns and the two became tight So Johns was also a teacher as well in the studio I had always heard he was a harsh taskmaster but he was liked things his way which tended to work most of the time and the man got results with all the award winning albums he hasroduced containing songs still heard on classic rock radio The dullest biography ever I mean come on you were the engineer or Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons producer on literally the biggest records of all time by The Who The Rolling Stones The Eagles and and you did not have one single interesting story to tell I mean your kid turned out to be as big aroducer as you did too why not even mention him and how that made you feel It was like reading a captains log written by a robot where they just entered basic facts Maybe that s the key to being a successful roducerhave zero ersonality. Tory including the Stones’ first European tour Jimi Hendrix’s appearance at Albert Hall in London and the Beatles’ final The Color of a Leader performance on the roof of their Savile Row recording studioJohns’s career has been long androlific and he’s still at it over the last two decades he has worked with Crosby Stills Nash; Emmylou Harris; Linda Ronstadt; Band of Horses; and most recently Ryan Adams Sound Man rovides a firsthand glimpse into the art of making music and reveals how the industry like musicians themselves has changed since those freewheeling first years of rock and ro.