George Grotz: The Furniture Doctor

Rview on how to make that old beat up chair work as good as new yet still show it s wonderful patina from age Grotz includes many tips and tricks such as using vinegar to oosen old glue but in his section tools of the trade his crude drawings My edition has no photo s don t really do justice to what he s written The information is there and invaluable but may reuire the reader auire some knowledge and experience beforehand to really appreciate and understand his narratives A fun read the uncle George stories are funny and the finishing advice still works Flexner is a better and much modern author on this subject thoughAlso covers faking and fakes. The egendary expert on antiues and their restorationB W photographs throughout.

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If you enjoy buying old furniture and refinishing it or just help with identifying the period it was made this is a wonderful book for you I first stumbled over my 1962 copy the original edition in a used bookstore My copy is now dog eared one corner completely chewed off and I wouldn t replace it for anything though I am happy to see the book is still available to new customers It not only covers how to identify finishes so you l get off on the correct foot and will know what grade steel wool to use but also provides a short history of furniture styles the subtitle is Being Practical information for everybody about the care repair and refinishing. The best selling guide to keeping furniture in the finest and most beautiful con.

Of furnitureExploding the Myth of the Chippendale Gang Love it stamped My one and only master I m glad to see that this book is still in print This book has been my go to reference for refinishing and restoring furniture since the 1970 s It may seem to be a bit dated but if you follow George Grotz s ead you will have some very satisfying results restoring your antiue finds Just don t touch the finish on a piece that might have been touched by George Washington While some of the information is not only out of date but completely unethical there are useful sections on furniture styles dating methods and identification of wood species A good ove. Dition with complete information on proper repair and refinishing techniues from.