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As I read this book I would get up and go see myself in front of a mirror and say You know nothing John Snow lol This is one of those books that will change your life uproot it twist it it will literally chew you and spit out It combines the traditional and machine wisdomlearnings that is well written with examples to understandYou will think about your friends family co workers all the events in the past all the living and non living You would remember how some of these mental models were applied on you or how you unknowingly fell pray to themThis book has something for everyone Whether you are starting a company working a normal 9 5 job parenting play competitive sports etc the book offers timeless mental models that will not just make you experience life through a whole new imension but it will also help you get better at Looking for the Toffees decision making reading peopleealing with conflict motivating yourself and others Awesome bookThe authors apparently wrote the book for themselves which makes it even useful and valuableI would have personally used even picturesgraphs to explain and compare ideasbehaviorA book worth returning to I have found my new favorite book and wrote 278 Anki cards to memorize all these mental models shared in the bookThis is not a book to read casually you probably wouldn t remember much of it This is a book to read slowly study and rememberThank you Gabriel Weinberg and Laurent McCann for taking the time to write this book It will help me for many years to comeI wish I had it 15 years ago but life is a never ending self improvement experience Looking forward to changing from cargo cult scientist to super thinkerNow I ll have to find Super Thinking partners to join me on this journey When I saw a tweet from Annie Duke saying the world would improve immediately if everyone read this book I had to check it out I wasn t Raising Gods Girl disappointed This book is simple easy to follow and gives mental models that greatly help yourecision making It has a heavy Charlie Munger influence and feel throughout the book which was an added bonus The authors uote him often and use him and Warren Buffett in several examples I also appreciated that it was written by the DuckDuckGo CEO as he used some good technology references that I enjoyed I could write a lot about the The Gulag Handbook different models covered but I ll spare an exhaustive list just know you will have theecision making tools billionaires like Charlie Munger use to simplify complex The Beckoning Lady (Albert Campion decisions across a wide array of industries You will see connections you normally miss and have insights that put you in an advantageous position when it comes to judgment and Will in the World decision making It s a great read worth checking out Mental Models applied in real life contextThe bookid an excellent job by connecting mental models in real life context using a storytelling style rather an academic listing of the modelsHighly recommend No star rating I think it would rely too much on individual contextST is a book about everything and nothingMental models are framed named concepts than encapsulated knowledge and observation to simplify reasoning and problem solving But the problem is they are everywhere it s hard to classify them they have very June Fourth Elegies different origins and they are products of veryifferent Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes disciplines or just streams of thoughtThat s why this book basically feels like an aggregation of other books summaries Books of veryifferent origin audience Usually very good books And usually very The Confabulist different summary I think Why I think Because TBH I haven t found almost anything new here it means I m revisiting knowledge I ve collected closer to the root Maybe that s why everything was clear and straightforward but how could I say whether it s the same for a person whooesn t read that muchFor me the major uestion is Der Illusionist does it make sense to create books like that Books that collect the essential outcomes the final products of longeep considerations To be honest I m not sure but rather not Eg the value of Thinking Fast and Slow is much larger than just the concept of two personalities and can t be summarized on few pagesBut on the other hand maybe a book like ST will be a beginning of a journey for severa I love mental models but this book can t even install 1 of them to the readers mind It is a list of 100s of mental models explained in a few sentences This should not have been a book but a list of mental models instead maybe a webpage or something I m not sure what was Gabriel thinking turning this into a book but each mental model Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue deserves its own course practices posts examples Each mental model can be turned in to small books But cramming 100s of them into a single book like this is just foolish Overall I can only recommend this book if you want to go over 100s of mental models in a fast way But when someone creates aecent mental model list in to a searchable form this book will be history Here is my list enjoy Before starting it I had misgivings about whether Lauren McCann and Gabriel Weinberg s Super Thinking would be worthwhile for me to read This was mainly because I have already studied a lot of mental models from various fields of research and also because it seemed a bit too self helpy for my taste But my best friend bought me a copy so I took it up in order to Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, discuss with himTo its credit Super Thinking is probab. You can't really know anything if you just remember isolated facts If the factson't hang together on a latticework of theory you Ask the Past don't have them in a usable form You've got to have models in your head Charlie Munger investor vice chairman of Berkshire HathawayThe world's greatest problem solvers forecasters andecision makers all rely on a set of frameworks and shortcuts that help them cut through complexity and separate good ideas from bad ones They're called mental models and you can find them in ense textbooks on psychology physics economics and Or.

Nto a story like format rather than just listing all of them out I can totally understand the amount of work that must have gone into this to infuse storytelling and make it as relatable as possible for readers to understand And for that I really appreciate the authors However following were some of the things I idn t like1 I m not sure if all the mental models that were talked about in this are actually mental models in reality Cases in point barriers to entry exit appeasement technology adoption life cycle etc In my view they re actual literal concepts terms and I m not sure in what respect are they being referred to as mental models2 Given that mental models is still not an extremely prevalent thing and is still finding its roots in the lower echelons of the society general populace I think a lot of the common and predominant mental models covered in the book should have found explanations Case in point Confirmation biasI mean if I m expected to apply these mental models in my life then surely a couple of paragraphs will not suffice to Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, drive home the point3 I m not sure how much efforts the authors had put in toe jargonise the concepts I mean at a few places I even found myself who s always interested in the subject just aimlessly slogging through the pages to get over it4 I also think people who re new to the world of mental models might find it Different Class difficult to get a hold of the concepts in this book because of the above factors Because when you re talking technical not easy to understand things you cannot expect to just touch over them and expect people to get it5 And surprising part is even with the lack of the above things I felt the book still was unnecessarily lengthy I mean it took me close to a month to wrap it up which is usually never the case Andefinitely not for a book of 300 odd pagesAnd finally not so much as a concern for readers but for authors I think the title of the book is really off putting to the general public And it s not my opinion It s what I observed from the expressions and receptiveness of people when they came to know that I m reading a book called Super Thinking A good collection of mental models extracted from various Short Stories by Roald Dahl disciplines which if applied properly can help broaden one s perspective Very similar to Charlie Munger s emphasis on breadth of knowledge and when magic happens when a confluence of factors across a broad spectrum manifest themselves in a lollapalooza effect A few mental models that stood out1 Argue from first principles go back to basics and figure out what are we really trying to solve2 Be aware that your views are being framed by people around you eg first impressions media3 To avoid personal biases or framed perspective walk a mile in their shoes try to see from their point of view as impartially as possible using a third person s view How are we being perceived by the observer4 Learned selflessness people stop trying when they believe their efforts juston t cut it any or it s just not worth it any Results in active Goldilocks the Three Bears disengagement 5 Thinking gray the world is not black and white Truly effective leaders are able to see shades of gray inherent in a situation and make wiseecisions on how to proceed 6 Tragedy of the commons free riders stems back to human nature to be selfish and greedy Especially if the specific action oes not come with any negative conseuences financial social civic etc Rules and regulations need to be set to raw the line they need to be enforced or else another negative norm is set which will make it harder to unwind Good example on the preschool imposition of preschool late pick up fines that made it okay to pay for the teachers extra time leading to late pick ups When the fine was removed the numbers Socialist Realism didn t recover because a new norm has been set7 Asymmetric information eg Real Estate agent vs buyer8 Goodhart s law when a measure becomes a target it ceases to be a good measure 9 Technicalebt in programming most coders tend to prioritise short term code fixes over long term well I Look Up To... Michelle Obama designed ones Over time theebts accumulate to make the code clunky and someone in the future will have to fix the mess Short termism10 Path Doctor Extraño dependence Sometimes the outcome wasecided by a path taken earlier Trick is to recognize points of no return11 Paradox of choice over abundance of choice lead to fear of making suboptimal choices unhappiness Improve esign by limiting choice where possible12 The top idea in your mind most people have one or two and their thoughts will rift toward when they re allowed to Normally these are things that excite them because they are impactful However not many organisations allow time for people to have their minds Never Tell drift freely into these top ideas and put them into actions These are the ideas that can move the needle and generate passion amongst people eg Google13 Deep work allow people to spend time on tackling the really tough things undisturbed Most people will want to solve problems they know how to solve These are the B problems at best In the long run the company will be a B company The A problems are hard byefinition and reuire Feminism is for Everybody deep unobstructed work and to be a truly top organisationeep work on top of best people are needed to solve the really tough problems14 What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important Dwight. N • Ever sat through a bad movie just because you paid a lot for the ticket You might be falling prey to Sunk Cost Fallacy • Set up Forcing Functions like standing meeting or Deterring Democracy deadlines to help grease the wheels for changes you want to occurSo the next time you find yourself faced with aifficult ecision or just trying to understand a complex situation let Super Thinking upgrade your brain with mental modelsNote in the US the subtitle is The Big Book of Mental Models and outside it is Upgrade Your Reasoning and Make Better Decisions with Mental Models.

Ly the most comprehensive and up to ate collection of mental models recurring concepts that help us explain predict or approachseemingly Hunters Heart disparate subjects available to modern readers vii McCann and Weinberg s goal is to highlight a variety of broadly useful or super models that serve as mental tools for successfully understanding and navigating the many challenges of life viii They claim that the proper application of these models will result in the ability to think better about the world which you can use to your advantage to make betterecisions both personally and professionally viii emphasis theirsThe book is clever and well written with lots of images funny comics and unintimidating graphs that provide multiple pathways to content comprehension Its strongest feature is the sheer number of mental models on offer and how McCann and Weinberg weave them together in a series of thematic chapters Although many of the models share overlapping concepts and sometimes feel a bit redundant the conceptual synthesis on Menneskefluene (K2 display here is impressiveI enjoyed the first half of this book much than the second half This is because Super Thinking starts out by focusing on how mental models can improve our personalecision making whereas it ends with an examination of how they can improve our performance in professional life I especially enjoyed the first four chapters which explain how to be less wrong in general how to avoid and effectively Nazi Gold deal with unintended conseuences how to spend your time wisely and how understanding the laws of nature can help us become realistic resilient and adaptableThere were several mental models that were new to me or that I enjoyed revisiting since I m bad at following them These include Overfitting the opposite of Ockham s razor When you use an overly complicated explanation when a simpler one willo 10 Anchoring Your tendency to rely too heavily on first impressions when making Mr Majeika and the School Inspector decisions 14 Optimistic Probability Bias When you want something to be true so badly that you fool yourself into thinking it is likely to be true 33 Luck Surface Area Your personal luck surface area will increase as you interact with people iniverse situationsYou need to relax your rules for how you engage with the world 122My enjoyment of Super Thinking took a hit as the book became and preoccupied with professional achievement The latter chapters which have titles like Unlocking People s Potential and Flexing Your Market Power reveal an unacknowledged mental model that Selected Poems dominates McCann and Weinberg s approach Modern America s hyper capitalized way ofefining success through market mechanisms material gain and labor competition For exampleWhen you are undifferentiated with no sustainable competitive advantage and therefore no market power you are completely subject to the supply and emand forces in the market and the price they eliver to you That speaks to picking an industry in high Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 demand for the long termIt also speaks to the need toifferentiate yourself from your peers by eveloping a uniue set of skills that the market values Then you have the opportunity to emand higher compensation by The Train Robbers demonstrating theistinctive value you bring to your employers or clients 284To be clear I No Reason To Die don t think McCann and Weinberg are wrong about the importance and function ofifferentiation in the modern labor market Further I think their business related Naked Risk (Shatterproof discussions throughout the book are both shrewd and well intentionedThe problem is that I have an intellectual aversion to this way of writing and thinking about human beings and the act of living If mental models really are as powerful and profound as McCann and Weinberg claim which I believe they are shouldn t they serve a higher purpose than merely allowing us to better conform to the strictures of our unfair and arguably broken economic system Shouldn t they teach us how to build better families and friendships better communities and better civic identities Shouldn t they unlock our potential to become compassionate and less judgmental of others as well as appropriately critical and mobilized in the face of injusticeEven in the earlier chapters McCann and Weinbergemonstrate relatively little concern with these humanist goals Instead they content themselves with using the best ideas humans have created after millennia of trial and error and centuries of scientific inuiry to help business executives leverage 10x teams and activate force fields that will generate a sustainable competitive advantage 248 302 This Raking The Ashes disparity between gravity of subject matter and frivolousness of application is alarming and renders Super Thinking a much less valuable text than it could have beenThis review was originally published on my blog wordsdirt I picked this up for two reasons1 I ve read Gabriel s first book Traction and found it immensely helpful2 I m a big fan of mental models Have read Robert Cialdini Dan Kahnemann Dan Ariely Malcolm Gladwell Richard Thaler a bunch of others including being a regular at Farnam Street though haven t been able to consistently use than a handful of themSo picking a book being portrayed as a single treasure trove from a validated author seemed like a no brainer But I have to say I m not extremely impressed by itFirst of all it s extremely Ellie (Ellie, difficult to weave all the mental models You can just read Super Thinking a fun illustrated guide to every mental model you could possibly need How can mental models help you Well here are just a few examples • If you've ever been overwhelmed by a too list that's grown too long maybe you need the Eisenhower Decision Matrix to help you prioritize • Use the 5 Whys model to better understand people's motivations or get to the root cause of a problem • Before concluding that your colleague who messes up your projects is out to sabotage you consider Hanlon's Razor for an alternative explanatio.

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