Frederick B. Wichman: More Kaua'I Tales Bamboo Ridge Series Vol 70

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Picked this up from the Koke e museum to ead tales from Kaua i folk tales historical tales to get a better sense of the island s spirit The book has a delightful melange of short tales presented in a story format that help get a sense of the people of yore and their elationship with the places in this wonderful island Not On Frederick Wichman's third collection of Kaua'i legends esteemed Hawaiian editor and translator Esther T Mookini writes I was delighted with Kaua'i Tales in 1985 and then charmed by Polihale and Other Kaua'i Legends in 1991.

Scholarly work very accessible ead I Au bagne read 2 3 tales every night and they enhanced my appreciation for the places I saw egeading the tales of the Menehune fishpond fern grotto etc added a very different dimension to the garden island experience For those confused between the 3 books from the same author assuming you are loo. Now with More Kaua'i Tales I am again entertained with of Frederick Bruce Wichman's enchanting Indistractable retelling of tales of the island he knows so very well Bruce's familiarity with Hawaiian words beckons theeader into his place.

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King for only 1 book don t want to Jacques Prevert read all 3ecommend the first book Kaua i tales as it seems to have the prominent stories from the islandWhere to buy I personally saw this only in 4 places Koke e museum shop in the state park Kaua i museum gift shop in Lihu e Kileua Lighthouse gift shop and the Havaiki art shop in Hanalei. With great hospitality He knows the meaning of aloha He has collected old tales of Kaua'i over the years and is now unselfish in sharing them He invites us all to know Kaua'i as Kaua'i folks know their island of Manokalanipö.