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Has every intention of ripping her old heart out on his reedom run The unthinkable and unexpected happens when Helen ends up handing him her heart and he starts thinking that maybe being owned may not be such a raw deal after all Loved itGareth HelenI loved Gareth and Helen s conversations You can Ritchie County in history and romance feel their love grow page after pageI love Gareth s possessiveness its soo yummieHelen is soo badass I love itCould not stop reading once I started Ok so I really liked this book seriously liked it haughtyemale vamp who is so so much physically stronger than the werewolf and the werewolf male who hates vampires but can t seem to stop himself rom wanting this one The one who bought him as a blood slaveSo the plot gets erotic and less about plot but then a twist in the orm of her maker causes the plot to thicken and get interesting Our hero is so possessive and Helen allows it so cute So why the two star rating view spoiler the damned epilogue First it was all about them two in the beginning Gareth even is happy he s not in a pack because he doesn t want to share every lover Then in the epilogue he talks about how he has to convince Helen to take a threesome or some Savage Salvation for her own safety of course I know the author likes threesomes heck I read heror those But I got the Japan, France, and East-West Aesthetics feeling like he didn t ever want to share her so why the sudden change They could make blooded were beasts without her sleeping and bonding to them It just took a weird turn the last two pages and I hated it Boo so there s a seuel coming out and it is called Sharing his vampireress I believe so I probably won t read it since I don t want to read how he convinces Helen hide spoiler I enjoyed this but it wasn t great That said I do want to read the next one because I want to know what s going to happen with Krist Amazing Absolutely loved it Couldn t put it down So excited that there is going to be a seuel Taming Her Wolf is aun sexy story of I Could Pee on This forbidden love Gareth is a down on his luck werewolf who wakes uprom a night of drinking chained to a wall in a cell Though have may have been captured by vampires Gareth is not going down without a Louis Riel fight Helen is an age old vampire lookingor a new blood slave Upon meeting the wolf she decides she wants him if Freaky Facts about Spiders for nothing else than to put him in his place Bored with life she sees a challenge in him and is lookingorward to breaking him I like the characters in the story While Gareth is your typical Alpha male Helen is a bit of a surprise You won t O Doido e a Morte find any helplessemales. Finds herself intrigued The wolf she brings home might want to tear her to pieces but she’s determined to tame him What she never expected was to have the tables turned and have him capture her heartHelen thought she could tame the wolf but instead despite the taboo nature of their rel.

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Great story I loved the ending left it open The Rude Buay Trilogy for an even better book that s coming out later this year The book starts off as we meet Gareth he had just gotten over a relationship he went out and got drunkor a Loup getting drunk is not easy but once it s done it helps numb the Kaylees Keeper (Masters of the Castle, feelings it also slows him down so when Gareth gets jumped by no less than 8 Vampires he realizes he screwed up When he wakes up in a cell chained to a wall he knows he d become their blood slaves And Gareth was PISSED about that When Helen went to the caves to buy a new Blood Slave something a vampire must do in order to survive or to keeprom attacking stray humans she wasn t impressed with Kevin s selection of humans She wanted something when Kevin told her about the Loup they have arther down in the basement but he wasn t tame something perked her interested When he showed her the Loup there was something underneath all that ilth that covered him that stirred emotions in her that she had long buried She was up Awoken (Viridian Saga, for the challenge though Lately life had become dull and boring so taming a wolf to be her blood slave seemed like a sensible way to kill time Gareth wasn t impressed by her all mighty act he could sense her power but knew he was stronger So when heound himself in her house on a soft bed instead of in chains in the cold dungeon he didn t know what to make of it but he knew he d do anything to get him Taking Flight free Helen didn t know what it was about this wolf but she knew she had time She wasn t mean so when she used her compulsion to get him to mind her heound out I Am a Teamster fast that she was indeed a strong vampire one that desired him as well as he desired her It was a cute story getting to know these two their story happens within aew days the romance picks up Heartlands fast and everything in their world turns upside down when they realize that their relationship could never happen Lookingorward to the next book Another treat Alan Ford (Superstrip Alan Ford Trobroj from Eve Langlais I really love her Welcome to Hell and Furry United Coalition series books and Taming Her Wolf is anotherun read This tale is a standalone and at an estimated 125 or so pages it was a uick read If you are into humorous paranormal romance this is a read worth checking outGareth the wolf shifter runs into some trouble after binge drinking his Literature Circle Role Sheets feelings when his girlriend gives him the boot Things go Maines Visible Black History from bad to worse when he gets rolled up by some blood suckingiends to be used as a glorified Slurpee He meets cold blooded vampiress Helen well into his imprisonment and. Dumped by his girlfriend Gareth doesn’t think things can get any worse until he’s captured by some vampires But he’s not about to become an all you can eat buffet without a Jane Does Return fightWith great age comes boredom which suits Helen justine until she goes looking or a blood servant and.

Waiting around or their big strong men to save them in this book Instead Helen is an incredibly powerful vampire much stronger than the wolf She had a hard past and now is just barely living That is until she gets the wolf into her home and cannot seem to stay away rom him When I irst started Taming Her Wolf I kinda thought I was really not going to like the two main characters especially Helen She at Beyond the Mist first to me didn t seem to deserve a happily ever after When weirst meet her she is purchasing a blood slave Phemes Regret for herself These are captured people who are there against their will So you see I was like she is a total bitch Then Gareth atirst seemed maybe weak in a way Just because he was pining over his last girlfriend and seemed really hung up over her Then as always Eve Langlais deepens the story and I end up loving them bothHelen might have a hard outside shell but inside there is a really soft spot and only Gareth gets to see this She had a hard past and shows some vulnerability which to me made me like her so much Gareth also grew on me he brought out that alpha male and got all protective over his princessObviously these two are the most unlikely couple In their world it is Pocket Guide to Scottish Words forbiddenor a vamp and wolf to get together reasons they start discovering I love the sexual tension throughout this whole book And when they do get together well see the Warning in the book blurb and make sure you listenThe book is not only extremely hot there is a lot of action Helen s maker has Chimerica found her and he his coming to claim her again and take his revenge But by this time Gareth has alreadyallen in love The ending battle was pretty intense and I couldn t stop readingLike I said I Biscuits Bullets A Gettysburg Story fell in love with this book It was extremely sexy lots of sexual tension strong heroine who shows us her vulnerable side and one strong hot sexy male Oh and waitor the very last Ο ελληνικός εμφύλιος πόλεμος, 1943-1950 few sentences it leaves us with a promise of an even sexier book to come I had misgivings in the beginning but this book definitly hooked me by the end I can t wait to see what happens next who will protect Helen who will it be that Gareth lets into their relationship and how will Kristov dieSo many uestionsCome on over to Eve s Entourage to check out everything elsehttpwwwgoodreadscomgroupshow7 Tamed MaybeWow This book was so exciting sexual and the ending was completely unexpected I absolutely loved it This story was about the purchase of a lycan by a sexy vampire and her attempt to control and tame him as an obedient blood slave. Ationship he taught her how to live againWarning The heroine is one stuck up blood sucking vampire but then again the hero is an ornery chauvinist werewolf This is an erotic romanceeaturing adult situations some readers may ind offensive Reader discretion and a private room are advise.

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