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His book was well written and easy to read I also thought that the gay for you part was very well written There wasn t any unnecessary angst about it but it still felt right I totally recommend it to you all romance overs 3 3 I enjoyed Adrian and Rob s story and I Cannibal loved the chemistry between themTheove didn t happen immediately Adrian and Rob s relationship developed slowly before they found Mastered (The Enforcers, loveOverall a well written enjoyable Romance from start to end highly recommendI will beooking for book by Elaine AshfordI was given an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review It was goodI Man, Son of Man liked it asot Off to find from this author I deff recommend at Alter Ego least giving it a try This was a good story I would haveiked a ittle detail on some of it Seemed a ittle jump and skip Also I feel bad for Ryker I think he was played as well I was given a arc copy of bodyguard boyfriend in exchange for a honest reviewBodyguard boyfriend were so such a intense read I could feel it on every pageI fell in Uncommon Wisdom love with Adrian and rob Ioved there connection it was beautiful even when rob were trying to avoid he s feelingsI really enjoyed there journey it was heartwarming These two guys had me on the edge of my seat Thank you Elaine Ashford for sharing Adrian and rob with us Time after timeLoved the plot wish there was to the ending The main characters were Unseen City loveable and I enjoyed the story. How to date out of the public eye But how far can that go Falling inove means Rob cares than ever about keeping Adrian safe But not all dangers are so easy to spot This time it's not some crazed fans it's a family matter And Adrian wants Rob to keep out of it Are Rob's protective instincts going to drive them apart Or is there a real danger out there and will Rob be in time to save the one he oves most Bodyguard Boyfriend is a 48k word standalone novel with a HEA and no cliffhanger.

DNF 30%Childish diva ike pop star ugh I received this book free for a honest reviewThis was an okay read There wasn t anything really that stood out as special or attention grabbing Nothing different to other books out thereRob and Adrian were a good couple though and they had chemistry It seemed God Is in the Crowd like the age difference must be uite big though as Adrian seemed uite childish in aot of mannerisms and how he acted And Rob was very mature acting and had done tours in the militaryThe part with Adrians wannabe family tried to be exciting but didn t really hit the mark fully I enjoyed this it was a uick romance Fun bodyguard romanceThis was a very enjoyable story with excellent writing and pacing I thought that it was surprisingly Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard light on actual details for both Adrian s and Rob s jobs I would have alsoiked a bit insight into Rob s thoughts before they got together I received an ARC in exchange of an honest reviewMore The Matriarchs (The Family like 375 starsIt s a sweet book There are a couple things that seemed silly because there is no way there could be anything else But other than that this is a good piece of writingAdrian is a highly energetic chatter kind ofike me so I Notes for the Everlost loved that bit Rob is a very sweet bodyguard Ioved that there wasn t too much angst in their romance development and that the threat that they mention didn t go so far as my crazy imaginations had taken it toA nice When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) light story I received a free co. Protect his body or protect his heart A business relationship Pop star Adrian needs a new bodyguard as soon as possible and the hottie the agency sends is exactly his type Ateast visually But Rob isn't as dull as he seems and there's a softer side to this ex military man that Adrian didn't expect Rob doesn't care what his new boss thinks he just wants him to be careful Adrian's recklessness with strangers is going to get him in trouble and make Rob's job difficult than it has to be.

Py of this book from the author in return for an honest review Bodyguard boyfriend is wonderful gay for you mm romance by Elaine Ashford I have been reading Elaine s work since she wrote Freshman Feint Straight College Guys 1 a year ago I No Biggy! loved freshman Feint and have been reading her books ever since And while I haveiked all her books there never has been one to beat Freshman Feint Now when I started Bodyguard boyfriend I was expecting a sweet short story I as pleasantly surprised to realize that this book was Crush It! longer than her previous ones and had plot to it as well Totally made my day to read the kind of book I have been waiting for her to write since Freshman Feint Of course Iike short stories but a bit Attracting Birds to Your Backyard longer book gives you time to get to know the characters better and connect to them better 3 3 I know it s a personal preference butike I said this totally made my day In Bodyguard boyfriend we meet Adrian the popstar who needs a new bodyguard after his Deep Listening last one abandons him when he meets a hot girl on one of the tour stops His manager sends him Rob experienced ex military type who first seems to be all business behind unmoving pokerface But when Adrian manages to crack that stony facade the sparks start to fly and they become inseparable Rob is also there to save Adrian even when things turn complicated with his family Ioved it how we got to read about their Bird-by-Bird Gardening lives together after the tour But Adrian's sunny personality doesn't turn off when it's just the two of them in a hotel room and this young star might be charming than Rob knows what to do with Becomes than a job Just because Adrian flirtsike it's breathing doesn't mean Rob has to be any ess professional on the job Somehow it's happening anyway When a couple of fan encounters go sour and heart pounding Rob has to admit that he cares than he thought Tumbling into bed together isn't the problem it's figuring out.

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