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Thanks for the free ARC Copy This is a new author for me and I LOVED the bookNormally I find myself scanning and skipping paragraphs in books well NOT this one It kept my attention from the beginning That doesn t happen very oftenThis is the second book in the A Lady s Wish series I m assuming that there will be three books one for each of the sisters This one is so good that I intend to go back and read the first book Anne s story and will anxiously await the next book Sophia s storyEverybody in this story is a victim of a family member having a gambling addiction I find it a little hard to believe that there are that many victims in one place but that didn t take away from the story for meTony Matthews father lost their home and income in a card game and then he killed himself Tony was very aware of that fact but was only 9 at the time and wasn t really fully aware of all the turmoil that went with that So when he starts spending all of his time in the gaming hell s in London he doesn t understand why his older brother is so upset with him Finally Tony wins another man s estate and income in a card game and when he sees the man s reaction to that loss he realizes that he s becoming like his father Juliet s father is the man who ruined Tony s father and then her brother lost their estate and income She and her sisters were reduced to living in a small cottage with almost no income and living off the charity of other especially Tony s grandmother So Juliet is terrified of becoming involved with anyone who gambles The story of the two of them working out their differences and learning to love one another is very sweet and ou even have a bad guy whose family also lost an estate to gambling You even have a bit of the mystical in the story Henry and June yepou get it all in one place Tony Matthews has won the estate of George Chelsworth in a card game Tony s father was a gambler who lost a fortune and while Tony enjoys it as well he knows he does not want to become like his father His older brother Nathaniel is married to Anne and has a child Tony knows his brother is going to be angry that he has gambled at all He doesn t want to be known as a gambler He wants a respectable life instead For that reason he has offered a fair price for the estate to the loser and has kept his generosity a secret However this has vastly reduced his fundsJuliet and Sophie Townsend are the sisters of Anne Nathaniel s wife and lives with them Nathaniel and Anne have taken on responsibility for their care since their parents passed awayJuliet is a bit of a rebel in that class differences means nothing to her She enjoys helping her neighbors even if it means literally getting her hands dirty by helping with planting and such She also prefers the country life over TownMr Bartleby wants to court Juliet but she sees that he is a nasty controlling person When he is alone with her he becomes threatening and hurts her physically saying that whether she wants to or not she will marry him When Tony and Juliet interact they find themselves drawn to each other He gives Juliet her first kiss As they fall in love Tony wants t This was a decent read although I will admit to skimming over the last third because I could see it was playing out as a needless misunderstanding between Hh that resulted in our heroine refusing to even consider forgiving the hero for endless pages and pages And while I can admire the writing for the most part there are some absolutely ridiculous plot whoppers in here that really take away from the enjoyment of a realistic story Cases in point Tony who has for ears been a dissolute rake and gambler who clashes with his family on these points is actually not You see it was all an ACT and he was just faking the gambling to help out with his brother s business Besides this contradicting everything described about Tony to date in two books it also doesn t uite make sense why this would be kept secret from his family the whole time Why wouldn t he just have discussed it with his brother and grandmother It makes no sense and seems silly Likewise Tony is a rake and has had numerous mistresses but guess what It was all an ACT He s actually a virgin boys and girls He just hired those women to look like a rake Why Some tacked on barely elucidated fear of. LOVE MAY BE THEIR GREATEST GAMBLE  Tony Matthews spends his time in London’s most notorious gambling dens frittering away his fortune But when his latest victory leaves a man ruined Tony knows he’s reached his lowest point Determined to make amends he ret.

Getting syphilis This plot twist really made me groan And we also learn that Tony was only going to balls and dancing with Juliet because he secretly loved her all these ears Never mind that at the beginning of the book he only seems to be developing a mild intrigue for Juliet for the first time The revisionist history later in the book would have My Names Friday you believe that Tony was saving himself for his true love Juliet all alongAnd btw Juliet is a genius investor who understands how to make money off of investments super easy Super random and out of nowhere too Throw in a strange plotediting mess up at one point we are told that McDonald is only going to stay for a few days and in fact later that he has actually left for home and Sophia doesn t have to worry about avoiding him any but then McDonald proceeds to appear in scene after scene though the end of the book and seems to have stayed with the Matthews clan for months and I was really starting to get annoyed I finished this book on November 15 2015 received an ARC for an honest reviewAn Honorable Wish by Eileen Richards is part 2 of her series A Lady s Wish This book picks up where book 1 An Unexpected wish ended In the first book we read about how Anne married Nathaniel Matthews the oldest brother and now in this book we read about Tony theoungest brother and what has happened with himHe has just returned from town after winning an estate in a poker game but does not want anyone to know especially his older brother as he is trying to change the way he has been in the past So he offers a fair price for the mansion he won to try to take some of the stigma away from the fact he won it gambling So Tony goes home to change his ways get married to Juliet and lead a respectable lifeJuliet Anne and Sophia s sister secretly loves Tony and always has even when he was supposedly courting Sophia She is thrilled when she sees Tony has come home and he starts paying attention to her and even goes with her to one of their neighbors home where the family is not doing wellThis is one of the tenants of the man Tony won the estate from a Mr Chelsworth Mr Bartleby the man who acts as the manager for Mr Chelsworth and who wants to court Juliet is in charge of all the tenants and Juliet tells Tony he has been stealing from the tenants and therefore also from the people they are helping Tony starts looking around and goes ballistic when he finds out that Mr Bartleby has been abusing a lot of the The Gate of Heaven young unmarried women of their town including Juliet Without giving too much away read this book I knowou will like it and it brings out so many things that historical romances do how important a single woman s reputation is the ways that women were stifled from doing as they liked so they would not be known as a bad example even the reading material is monitored I loved how this book ends and can t wait until the next book in this series I loved the ever changing plot of this book the dialog between the sisters the neighbors and the townspeople I also enjoyed the sexual angst between Tony and Juliet as well as the anxiety they both sufferWill Tony and Juliet get togetherWill Mr Bartleby have his way with Juliet or harm herWill Tony s brother find out about his gamblingHow will this book endI gave this book 5 stars and look forward to reading by this author I loved this book even than the one before Eileen Richards expands upon the wonderful world and characters that she previously created with excellent character development beautifully writen scenery and a storyline that thoroughly captivates and engages the reader It s a story of Tutoring Lady Jane young love at its best and worst I can t wait to read in this series I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone who enjoys historiical romance It stands alone well on its ownou don t have to read the books in this series in order to enjoy them I love historical romance this was a new refreshing theme It was fun spicy romantic I would recommend this book to all Regency readers I really enjoyed the story of Tony and Juliet They have a bumpy ride to their happy ever after The characterisation is really good You also keep up to date with the characters in the previous book Great This is a lovely story of two people who think they know each other well but are they Urns home to his family’s country estate with plans to settle down and marry at last And he hopes the lovely Juliet Townsend will help him if only he can keep his disgrace a secret   Juliet’s secret wish has always been for Tony to love her The only brigh.

N for a surprise Juliet is a oung and determined to help her neighbors and friends from being evicted off their land by a steward that fancies himself above everyone and thinks Juliet should marry him Along come her brother in law who she had a crush on when whe was ounger Tony has always stayed in London gambling and just doing whatever he wanted One night he wins an estate from a gentleman who was desperate and wagered away his lving It just so happens that the estate is next to his home in the lake district He decides to go home and try to make the estate profitable but he doesn t want his brother or Juliet thinking he is a complusive gambler and that he is unprincipled enough to take away a man s legacy in a card game Julia thought her infatuation with Tony was a childish thing but now that he is back and helping her friends she realizes that she still loves hiim But does he see her as anything but a American Poetry young girl with a crush Eileen writes a very well paced novel with interesting characters and a nice love story I would recommend this booik to a friend An enchanting seuel to An Unexpected Wish In this installment we see the man Tony has grown up to be He has given up his gambling and fast living in London to come home and settle down He has also realised that he has feelings for Juliet Their romance begins in a heady blissful way but the path to true love rarely runs smoothly and the pair have to overcome personal fears secrets and lies to finally come full circle to love forgive and trust in each otherI received a copy in exchange for a review I can now confirm I like a lot Eileen Richards style It s very fluid and natural Moreover she can really create catching and engaging plots she sets up stories like the ones I love those where the heroes don t necessarily play the too navigated almost untouchable and cynical part as if a man can be attractive only if he runs from feelings and doesn t want to commit clearly I don t mind that kind lets be honest I wouldn t be human otherwise but I do adore when a hero is sweet caring very much involved he is falling in love since the very beginning he doesn t hide it and realise it soon in the storylineI liked both the protagonists also in the first romance of the series but what I enjoyed a lot is the growth Tony has gone through the difference with theoung man he was in the previous novel where he was pleasantly immature very easily caught by emotions and even naive is strongIn An Honorable Wish he s a grown up man who can make his mistakes but who can also take responsibilities for them trying to make amend I loved him pretty much indeed Moreover what I stylistically found very smart and entertaining is how the author expressed Tony s thoughts especially regarding Juliet Eileen Richard portrayed a very manly way of thinking the doubts and incomprehension a man can have towards a woman s behaviour the astonishments and even loss of words I found it very realistic and funnyJuliet who I liked a lot in the first novel in this book is portrayed with a much complicated personality than I thought she might have had Despite the objectively and probably wanted annoying behaviour she has towards Tony in the second half of the romance she comes out real and human and I appreciated the stylistic choice made she s not perfect and she is just getting into adulthood therefore she still possess some childish behaviours and some unrealistic romantic dreams which however she s able to overcome throughout the plot and which are very fitting to her ageIt s always a smart decision that to give characters personalities as human as possible in my opinion it is easier to sympathise and empathise with an heroine or an hero with natural flaws than with one dangerously close to perfectionThe story is catching and entertaining fast paced and very sweet I can t wait for Sophia s story which I m expecting to be WELL thrilling and engaging I did love her in this book she has this attitude between disinterested cheeky highly ironical and sarcastic that promises fire and sparkle I m literally counting the days whichever is going to be the release datewhich I don t know et I received an Advanced Reader Copy ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review FOR MORE REVIEWS VISIT IL PROFUMO DELLE PERGAMEN. T spot in her dreadful London season was dancing with him before he disappeared to the card rooms Now he’s returned but has he truly changed Or will gambling always be his mistress even if she becomes his wife And does Juliet dare risk her heart by finding

For Eileen Richards reading has always been her drug of choice Nothing fixes a bad day better than a good book She’s loved the romance genre since she was a kid sneaking romance novels from her grandmother’s stash She knew one day she’d have to write her own Fast forward thirty years two kids two grandchildren so far and she achieved her dreamEileen’s books are about love laughter and