Dragan Todorovic: The Book of Revenge

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Use the author is a Serb living in Belgrade during the war and who was adamantly against Slobodan Milosovic his regime and the war This is a book I will be keeping. R he is drafted into the army Dragan survives his tour of duty but his return to Belgrade is unsettling Everything is changing rapidly Friendships are collapsing conversations are guarded nothing is as it seems Bit by bit the country he knows and loves is being torn apartFilled with great characters and poignant and often hilarious stories The Book of Revenge is a superb duet of a citizen and his country a universal exploration of just what it is that inoculates the human spirit from dangerous ideologies and toxic nationalism From the Hardcover edition.

I think that in the times when a human life loses any value it is not really easy to think This author has described these recent times in an elegant poetic et ve. A darkly comic recollection of a country that no longer exists and a lyrical examination of the importance of taking a stand when it counts Set against a backdrop of horrific world events this is narrative non fiction at its bestTo a oung boy growing up poor but happy in an industrial town in Serbia politics means many national holidays that result in parades piglets roasting on a spit and getting to see both his hard working parents at the same time An observant child Dragan Todorovic uickly learns the power of words Even before he can read or write.

Ry realistic way If ou are interested in a personal perspective on the war in the former Yugoslavia this is a good place to start It s especially interesting beca. He is mesmerized by the suiggles made by the grownups around him and diligently recreates them in the notebooks he carries with him always He also learns that reciting naughty limericks usually Hummer yields some chocolateThis love of words eventually takes Dragan to Belgrade as editor for a cultural magazine He hopes to inspire and support theoung and innovative artists of the time but soon discovers that naughty articles do not ield the same results as limericks and he finds himself constantly clashing with the system His many uestions get only one answe.

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