Diane Ravitch: City Schools Lessons from New York

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Agogical institutional and policy issues in an urban school system whose challenges are those of American urban education writ large The authors conclude that we know a lot about how to provide effective educational services or a diverse population of urban school children than performance data would suggestContributors Dale Ballou University of Massachusetts Amherst • Stephan F Brumberg Brooklyn College • Mary Beth Celio University of Washington • Gail Foster Toussaint Institute • Michael Heise Case Western University • Clara Hemphill Public Education Association • Paul.

City Schools brings together a distinguished group of researchers and educators or an in depth look at the nation's largest school system Topics covered include the changing demographics of city schools the impending teacher shortage reading instruction special education bilingual education school governance charter schools choice school Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, finance reform and the role of teacher unions The book also providesresh and ascinating perspectives on Catholic schools Jewish day schools and historically black independent schoolsDiane Ravitch Joseph P Viteritti and their coauthors explore ped.

T Hill University of Washington • William G Howell Harvard University • Pearl Rock Kane Columbia University • Frank J Macchiarola Saint Francis College • Melissa Marschall University of South Carolina • Thomas Nechyba Duke University • Paul E Peterson Harvard University • Christine Roch Georgia State University • Christine H Rossell Boston University • Marvin Schick Avi Chai Foundation • Mark Schneider SUNY Stony Brook • Lee Stuart South Bronx Churches • Paul Teske SUNY Stony Brook • Emanuel Tobier New York University • Joanna P Williams Columbia Universi.

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