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35 Neverwood is a ambling much loved old house that was once home to gay teens who had nowhere else to go It was uled over by the firm but loving figure of Audrey who upon her death deeded the property to three of her former children These three are the men Audrey trusts to eturn Neverwood to what it once was and to continue her work helping teenagers in troubleDanny is the youngest of the three brothers He suffers from an absolute lack of self confidence which he covers by letting his abrasive attitude freuently slip its leash And Ohhh yeah That wasbeautiful I wish Danny and Sam s story was longer I m not eady to let them go A part of me wishes there had been gooey declarations of love at the end of the story but most of me ealizes that while Danny and Sam just weren t there yet it felt inevitable that they would be one day and that was a lovely feeling to be left with 45 starsThe Secrets of Neverwood anthology continues in Diana Copland s The Growing Season Daniel Danny Redmond is the youngest of the foster brothers and he left Neverwood four years earlier and found nothing but heartache when he was betrayed by the man he thought he loved Deeply saddened by Audrey s death Danny feels closest to her when working in the gardens they both loved and his ole in the enovations is estoring the grounds to its former beautyDanny s elationship with his foster brothers has improved but he is uick to jump to conclusions with landscape architect Sam Ignatius s unexpected arrival Although the situation is uickly smoothed over their elationship is uneasy and complicated by Danny s unanticipated attraction to Sam Like his brothers Danny has a painful history that he finds impossible to discuss and his unresolved issues uickly come between him and SamIn The Growing Season the paranormal and omantic aspects of the storyline are much prevalent Danny is comforted by Audrey s presence and she takes on a much larger ole in the men s efforts to keep Neverwood The omance between Sam and Danny grows steadily throughout the story and it is an absolute joy watching love blossom between the two menThe Growing Season by Diana Copland is a superb addition to the Secrets of Neverwood anthology Although this story primarily focuses on Danny and Sam glimpses into his brothers lives eveal how the changes in their personal lives are having a positive effect on their elationship as well Poor Danny He came off as such a little prick at the beginning of this story so it was a bit hard to feel sorry for him with his smart mouth and piss poor attitude But that didn t last long at all He was hating enough on himself that he eally didn t need it from anyone else His brothers were the masters of patience with him They accepted him cared about him and were there for him whenever or if ever he decided he could trust enough to tell them his history They knew it was bad from his nightmares aloneDanny comes back to his foster mom s house when he learns he was left a portion of the estate after her death His two foster brothers eceived the other two thirds Between them they were heart set on granting her wishes and estoring the stately home to its original splendor and purpose Danny s portion was the gardens which he used to work in by his. The four years since Danny Redmond left Neverwood have been heartbreaking and past mistakes continue to haunt him even after he eturns homeTogether with two foster brothers he barely knows they plan to turn the house into a welcoming place for unaways once again the dying wish of their foster mother Audrey Danny ha.

But I d have eally liked an epilogue I m a total epilogue ueenIf you liked David Renewed I would ecommend this one I think you ll enjoy it Note that this is the actual 2nd story in the anthology though the others are listed incorrectly on Goodreads If you want to ead the Neverwood stories in order start with One Door ClosesFull eview of all three stories in the Secrets of Neverwood anthology can be found at In The Growing Season we have Danny s story Danny is one of three former foster brothers to inherit Neverwood the large home of their late foster mother Audrey The other two are Calvin and Devon The brothers were never close as children and as adults only have Neverwood in commonDanny is the youngest of the brothers and has had the most difficult life I absolutely fell head over heels in love with Danny The his back story came out the I wanted to pull him close hug him and fix everything for him When Danny inherited a third of Neverwood it became his job to get the gardens of Neverwood back to their former glory When there is a misunderstanding and another landscaper shows up things get a bit strained with Danny and his brothers The other man Sam doesn t exactly make the best first impression Thankfully the misunderstanding is cleared up uickly and before long Danny is seeing Sam in a different light Unfortunately Danny s past keeps earing its ugly head and he must overcome old hurts in order to have something with the man he is uickly growing to love I got eal teary throughout this story as Danny s past will break your heart Everything does come together nicely in the endAdd someone who is doing his damndest to have Neverwood taken away from Danny Devon and Calvin and the problems keep piling up This is a great addition to an excellent anthology While this can most definitely be ead as a standalone I highly ecommend eading all three of the stories so that you can watch each foster brother as they not only find love but are brought together as brothers to save the home their mother loved so dearly Throw in Audrey who in death is still trying to be there for her boys and you get an outstanding storyHighly ecommended Secrets of Neverwood the full anthology was provided by the authors in exchange for a fair and honest eview Secrets of Neverwood is a three book trilogy with each book following one of three foster brothers Calvin Danny and Devon The brothers who vaguely emember and feel no brotherly love towards each other come back to their old home when their foster mother Audrey dies leaving her un down family home once a grand Victorian estate to the three The men un afoul of a deceptive developer who will do anything to get his hands on Neverwood and must learn to work together trusting and opening up to each as brothers to keep the house and carry on Audrey s legacy of taking in gay or uestioning youth who have nowhere else to go Under the overarching storyli I eceived The Growing Season in exchange for a fair and honest eview 4 12 probably closer to a 5 Danny just about broke me sigh The first book that I ead by Diana Copland was A Reason to Believe As a matter of fact that book marks my very first MM Romance It made me fall in love with the genre and want to ead Needless to say I wasn t su. E voice gives him hope the only one he’s always trusted Audrey’s Danny comes to care deeply for Sam but things look bleak when Sam’s city councilman father threatens to have Neverwood torn down Danny isn't surprised Why would he expect the future to be different from his past All his elationships end in disast.

Mother s sideSam is a professional and the owner of a thriving lawn and garden business He appears at the behest of one of Danny s brothers to assist Danny in the enovations Of course Danny with his major attitude problems sees this as the brothers not trusting him and taking over his portion of the enovations It doesn t take long to settle the miscommunication but by then Danny is already in the outs with Sameven if he is the hottest man he s seen or been attracted to since foreverSam appears to be near perfect He is very loving caring and willing to help without taking over He is patient with Danny and sees through his punkish attitude The two slowlyever so slowly start to form a friendship and slowly ever so slowly start creeping towards Of course Sam has no idea of the horrendous abuse Danny suffered in his past and the two will need to get through that drama before anything can happen between them But when it does sigh it was so beautiful Sam accepted Danny and his baggage and knew exactly how to make it good for Danny I loved that sceneDuring this entire time Danny has been hearing his mother s ghostly voice urging him to trust in his brothers and trust in Sam She is uite funny too and the ghostly voice though loving was also the necessary levity needed while dealing with Danny s past abuseSam at this same time is dealing with his mother dying So the grief and sadness was uite palpable in this short story It was a shame but it took Sam s mother dying to bring Sam and his dad back together Sadly I think that s common than it should beSo all in all this was a great installment of the Secrets of Neverwood anthology and as usual I love the way Diana Copland brings her characters to life even when they are not uite alive Even though I was only scheduled to ead this middle segment I am now so invested in all three brothers that I will be eading their stories as well The Blogger Girls Well this was my second Diana Copland book and I ll say I am officially a fan This was a eally well written story This series is about three foster brothers who come together to estore the property where they each spent their childhood after their foster mother passes away Each book each brother s story is written by a different author So this is Book 2 of the series but it s the only one written by Ms Copland and the only one I plan to ead And yes it works just fine as a standaloneThis one had all the makings of one clich after another if I m being honest But the execution was fabulous and I eally dug it The youngest brother has a huge chip on his shoulder and Danny started out as a bratty 21 year old but never stayed in that category Sam is a 28 year old landscaper who s father is trying to get the city council to shut the place down see coulda been a total clich But again the execution was iveting for me I ead this in one sitting and emained intrigued from start to finish My only niggles were the low steam and the abrupt HFN ending There were plenty of eally sensual kissing scenes and one amazingly steamy sex scene so my appetite was sated well enough And the HFN will become a HEA in Book 3 as the final brother s story is told I m sure It s not that I didn t believe in these two the elationship development was done well. S nothing to contribute to the estoration of the decrepit mansion save for a gift for growing things His efforts to bring Audrey’s beloved gardens back to their former glory are complicated by handsome landscaper Sam Ignatiusand the feelings developing between them despite their fiery differences of opinion But on.

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Diana Copland began writing in the seventh grade when she shamelessly combined elements of Jane Eyre and Dark Shadows to produce an overwrought gothic tale that earned her an A in creative writing thanks entirely to the generosity of her teacher She wrote for pure enjoyment for the next three decades before discovering LiveJournal and a wonderful group of supportive fanfiction writers who aft