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Read 100 pages about the irl courtesan who posed for the French painter Manet I ve been a huge art buff since I was wee and it was really really thrilling to read about Manet Degas Monet and others as fully fleshed out characters To say nothing of Baudelaire Mademoiselle Victorine is a composite of two real life women Countess Virginia de Castigione and Victoirine Meurent In the book Victoirine is a ballerina turned kept woman turned bona fide concubine who serves as Manet s Animal Babies greatest inspiration The relationship they have is truly wonderful and I found her to be a fascinating character As a student of French I also loved the look at life in the Paris of the 1870s This makes our friendship perfect You d probably rather have Edouard anywayShe felt his body stiffen as he stopped short He seemed astounded Sheuessed he was worried that it was obvious to everybody including Edouard Her arm encircled his shoulder tenderly The only men who ve ever been kind to me were the ones like you You have nothing to be embarrassed about I really enjoyed this book and how could I not The main story centers around Eduard Manet and his muse Victorine Laurent also Courtesan to the rich powerful and has appearances by Berliosz Vi. When Victorine Laurent joins the chorus of the rand Paris Opera ballet she expects to become the mistress of a wealthy man; this is how young women without family survive in the decadent City of Light Yet when the artist Degas introduces her to Edouard Manet her life changes dramatically She

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H literature art and music oes back to my time as a French major in college thus the reason I decided to read this book The relationships between the authors artists and composers of the time have always fascinated me so for t I tend to be pretty compulsive about finishing every book that I start It is very very rare for me to put one down unfinished This book was one of those rare exceptionsTurgid stilted prose Flat cardboard characters Criminally dull treatment of an interesting period in art literary historyThis was awful I didn t finish it I m not sorry This book was really qasas-ul-quran great and full of such opulent splendor I really enjoy reading this time period The characters were soreat and to realize that so many brilliant people occupied the same space in time in such a historical setting was really brought to life The backdrops were resplendent and colorful and imaginative with vivid details of scenery and characters Wonderful book Finerman really has a talent to create uestions in the reader s mind that make himher continue reading about the main character but in the end she screws up turning her entire work and effort into a murderous predictable soap opera Yuck Never oing to read anything else from her. Dangerous for them both And when an astonishing secret from Victorine’s past comes to light her carefully constructed world may come crashing down around her Mademoiselle Victorine transports readers back to nineteenth century Paris a time when art love and commerce blended seamlessly togethe.

Ctor Hugo George Sand Monet Degas Whistler and many other known public figures of the time I loved reading about the time period in Paris Another book from 2007 that I was unhappy with This time the subject is Paris in the 1800 s and the model who posed for Manet s Olympia What really bothers me is that I was so looking forward to reading this one and instead what I ot was not very Dead-End Road Mysteries good For a complete review pleaseo here This almost read like real person fanfic using historical characters specifically the painter Manet and the authors made up characters I didn t know a lot about this time period so it was kind of interesting to read a story set in it All Victorine Lauraunt ever wanted was financial security Her mother had left her with a pair of her servants who Hear the Wolves gave her a miserable childhood at a young age she had sent her to Paris to make her way in the world After several years as a ballerina in the Paris Opera house sheets introduced to Edouard Manet who immediately takes her on as a model As her first scandalous painting is revealed to the public her social status Valors Measure grows higher and higher As her paintingsrow scandalous she rises up to financial security thanks to the My love for 19th century Frenc. Grees to pose for him and the result is a painting that shocks Paris Overnight Victorine becomes the city’s most sought after courtesan When she becomes the favorite of the Duke de Lyon the power behind the shaky overnment of Emperor Louis Napoléon her continued attraction to Manet becomes.

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