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That allows time travel falls apart n the execution The chapters are repetitive and weirdly short the story takes way too long to explain the set up at least half of the characters are wholly unnecessary Normally I d just say Eh and let t go but this was SUCH a neat dea that I m genuinely upset that The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle, Book 2) it wasn t rewritten to repair these problems Huge missed opportunity Not recommended While this book had a cool premise andnteresting beginning a dead general vVERY mportant n American history the writing style Driven (Full Throttle, is jagged and abrupt Sort of stream of consciousness style that did not make for a fluid read Maybet will appeal to a kid but this adult did not like Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine its style The concept of this book gets 5 stars and I think most kids I would hand this to would lovet just based upon that general dea time travel that s possible through an My Dead Pets Are Interesting iPhone appThiss totally modern and since most kids I know don t even set their phones down to brush their teeth or sleep Heat It Up (Out of Uniform, it might grab the attention of some reluctant readers There are awesome historical figures facts and events during the American Revolution that the storys based around which s super awesome That being said parts of t drove me crazy Guys Like Girls Who . . . it went on far too long the chapters often cut offn strange spots and what made me crazy was that the kids teacher texted them using R U there and other text shorthand I think this could have been executed better but with the current time we live O Mistério do Lago (Inspetor Erlendur, in kids will really enjoy thisdea and hopefully learn a few things while reading t tooNote to myself There s a line that says burn n hell so don t buy this for my third graders not worth the Tristes trópicos issuest will cause The concept Pax Indica is nice and there were some funny parts but the writing was forking weirdAlso that endingSo disappointed since I don t want to read the rest of the series or whateve. Elp from two colonial kids and Benjamin Franklin himself Debut novelist David Potter cleverly combines time travel humor and American historyn this fast paced adventure For American Revolution enthusiasts there's nformation about historical reenactments additional reading and websit.

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This almost got 3 stars because I liked the concept and there were certainly moments that made me chuckle However the pacing was all wrong and the ending was wholly unsatisfactory The dialognarration was also clumsy falling The Broken Sword (Forever King, into the trap of trying too hard to sound like a kid I expected this to be a story where three unlikely friends bondedn the face of crisis and while that kind of happened Büyücü ve Cam Küre (Kara Kule, it was an afterthoug I actually listened to the audio book versiont was pretty slow I think I would ve liked t f I had read the actual book Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry Study Guide instead of listening tot Really cool concept The author did a ton of research so the book Gospođa (Suzana is packed with historic detail The characters weren t very detailed though And I m not the biggest sci fi fan to begin with Excellent premise and I love me some time travel but the execution was trying There was much to like here tweens forced to deal with the realities of lifen 1776 problem solving etc but the story felt forced repetitive too many on page explanations of EGGcellent Joke Book iPhone for example and too long Please note that I received a free ARC of this bookn a contest and would like to say a huge thank you for the opportunity to read and review Stealing Midnight (Beneath the Veil, itMel Bev and Brandon don t have the best relationship with each other Howevert s the Christmas holidays and their parents are either too busy or too successful for these three children to come home with them In turn they made arrangements with their school to take care of these three over the course of the vacation They are the Left Behinds To make their time less unpleasant special events were planned out so that boredom did not overtake their lives One of these such arrangements was on Christmas Day when their teacher decided to take them to the annual reenactment of George Washington crossing the Delaware River Things don t go exactly as planned thoug. Percy Jackson fans will embrace this humorous time travel adventure the first The Poison Squad in a series about anPhone malfunction that sends three kids back to 1776 n time to rescue George Washington On Christmas Day Mel finds General George Washington lying dead as a doornail n a stable But Mel.

H as Mel Bev and Brandon witness a ueer man exit the basement of a nearby building Daring each other to go down to the stranger s previous location As they descend and find a computer they are suddenly transported to a most bizarre and curious place Before them Theres No Place Like D-Wing in a horse stall George Washingtons lying dead right before their very eyes Wait this has to be a part of the reenactment right Perhaps not only were they transported to a different scene but perhaps they were transported to a different time as well If that s true however that means the real first President of the United States Hatch Bright! is dead before he even crossed the Delaware River That means that as many serious events such as the defeating of the Hessians at Trenton the United States would not be the United States that we know todayf Washington Heaven (Heaven Sent, is really dead That can t be good All the children have on them are the clothes on their back and theiriPhones What can Mel Bev and Brandon possibly do to save the future so that they have a home to return to Can history be saved Read the exciting The Left Behinds ThePhone that Saved George Was The kids and I listened to the audio version of this book on a long car trip The book provided historical details that added to the humor Monster, Vol. 3: The Perfect Edition in the book as well as a history lesson The audio version seemed a little slow and we lostnterest near the end An Phone malfunction sends a group of children back to 1776 where they find General George Washington lying dead n a barn Unless they can figure out how to undo what has happened the course of history will be changed forever Although the kids were Dancing With The Devil in constant danger humor gave the book an overall lighthearted feel The reader Kirby Heyborne did anncredible job He Tell Me Everything is one of my favorite readers I give him 5 sta I wanted this to be good I really did But a great concept anPhone app. Knows that George Washington must cross the Delaware River or the course of American history will be changed forever Could Mel’s Parental Guidance (Ice Knights, iPhone have sent him backn time to 1776 And can Mel and his schoolmates know t all Bev and laid back Brandon come to the rescue Perhaps with a little

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