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I like many of the other reviews ere think this book was poorly titled but I don t think it deserves the overall lower rating the writing is fluid easy to read and follow the stories engaging and everything was weaved together by the end I would like to read Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! history books written byim I think Digital Crossroads he did an excellent job The book starts off with Victoria and Albert decidingow to raise their eir then deciding that they didn t want im to be the The Einstein Theory of Relativity heir thwartingim along the way The first three sections of this book focuses on a biography of the three main men Bertie Kaiser Wilhelm and Teddy Roosevelt then the final sections cover the things proposed in the title primarily covering the Cordiale Entente and the Algeciras Affair and TR and Edward VII s involvement I think Wilhelm should How to Negotiate Your First Job have been mentioned in the title and definitely in the description It seems like this book suffers from mislabeling It works really well as a short primer to World War I but the relationship between TR and King Edward is such a minimal part of the book I can t see why they titled it the way they did Unless it was just to spark interest Fromkin spends a good bit of time roughly the firstalf of the text talking about ueen Victoria King Edward and Kaiser Wilhelm Then there s a brief sketch of Roosevelt and then a bit about the Edward and Teddy working together But I don t think you ever even see them together Yes they ended up being on the same side of a political issue but it wasn t fully explained ow that was due to a secret alliance instead it seemed to be entirely based on other external reasons So while I found this to be informative and easy to read it never really lived up to the expectations I ad based on the title Interesting theory but I would be wary of declaring that Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, he really proved it that Ed VII and TR were secret partners. The story of the unlikely friendship between King Edward the Seventh of England and President Theodore Roosevelt which became the catalyst for an international power shift and the beginning of the American century In The King and the Cowboy renownedistorian David Fromkin reveals The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore how two unlikely world leaders Edward the Seventh of England and Theodore Roosevelt recast themselves as respected political players and established a friendship that would shape the course of the twentieth century in ways never anticipated In 1901 these two colorful public figures inherited the leadership of the English speaking countries Following the death ofis mother ueen Victoria Edward ascended the throne A lover of fine food drink beautiful women and the pleasure seeking culture.

N then the title then I stopped and pulled this slim volume out to read the blurb on the fly covers It was about two men in Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber history thatave always caught my attention King Edward VII and President Theodore Roosevelt In this novel we New Exploration have a profile of each man and then we are shownow their politics and personal beliefs brought them together when to the average person it would The Shaping of Western Civilization have seen they were vastly apartMr Fromkin writes a very readable biography with clear and preciseistorical events in the background We are led from each man s infancy to the start of World War One Finally we stand by as each man passes awayAlso several rumors are laid to rest while other fascinating uirks are revealed to us readersThis was an outstanding glimpse of istory and persons who led to the world we live in today I will explore of Mr Fromkin s novels This is about the 20th book I ve read about Theodore Roosevelt While the book is not a bad book the general idea of the book is not well proved by the end Essentially it tries to show that there was some sort of secret collusion between the court of Edward VII and the 26th presidents cabinet There clearly was but really it just seemed like the typical sort of thing Roosevelt would do Despite recent exhortations of warmongering in books such as The War Lovers Roosevelt spent an inordinate amount of time trying to follow is own words Walk softly and carry a big stick I think TR would be some what mortified to find out that this book is basically laying The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles half the blame of World War 1 onis shoulders by maneuvering Germany into a corner Surely ad e been able to The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, he likely wouldave tried to do what Valentino he did in the Russ Excellent book filled with the reasons and portents of WWI Interesting similarities and styles of TR and Edward VII that Iad not known about Short uick book well written. Pel the shadow cast over world affairs by Edward’s ill tempered power ungry nephew Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany At Algeciras the US and major European powers allied with Britain in protest of Germany’s bid for Moroccan independence In an unlikely turn of events the conference served to isolate Germany and set the groundwork for the forging of the Allied forces The King and the Cowboy is an intimate study of two extraordinary statesmen who in part because of their alliance at Algeciras would become lauded international figures Focusing in particular on Edward the Seventh’s and Theodore Roosevelt’s influence on twentieth century foreign affairs Fromkin’s character driven istory sheds new light on the early events that determined the course of the century.

With a shared view that the US and GB must Shunned have a special relationship in order to save the world from Ed VII s crazy nevvy kaiser bill The footnotes got fewer and farther between as the book ended Pretty goodistory of the relationships between Albert Edward Prince of Wales and son of ueen Victoria who became King Edward VII Theodore Roosevelt and the psychologically disturbed nephew of Edward and grandson of Victoria Kaiser Wilhelm II During the late 19th century and after e became king Edward tried to put together an alliance between France and Britain along with Russia to block Germany who as favored by Victoria Victoria considered erself How Bertie Willie Nicky and Teedie grew up to change the world And for a brief moment ensured peace among the major powers I ve read three others by Fromkin but this one is a really lightweight Interesting but it s full of places were you expect detail For example Oba, the Last Samurai he notes that in the post Civil War period the US government was completely corrupt No examples No details Perhaps it s that Fromkin was trying to write a lighter weight book but didn t do so consistently The relationship between the Edward VII and Theodore Roosevelt who never actually met does not come off as all that significant This book was less about the secret friendship between TR and Edward VII than it was about the events relationships and political entanglements that led up to the first world war Fromkin starts with ueen Victoria then moves on to Bertie then spends a fair bit of time on Willy aka William II before getting around to a fairly light sketch of Theodore Roosevelt As a matter facte spent time on these people as individuals than Yonen Buzz, Volume 1 (Yonen Buzz, he did in demonstratingow they worked together I still learned a lot about the period Edward VII Kaiser William II and TR The cover art first attracted my attentio. Of Paris Edward ad previously been regarded as a bon vivant The public even ueen Victoria erself doubted Edward’s ability to rule the British Empire Yet Edward would surprise the world with The Wood Demon his leadership andis canny understanding of the fragility of the British Empire at the apex of its global power Across the Atlantic Vice President Roosevelt the aristocrat from Manhattan who fashioned First Shapes his own legend going west to become a cowboy succeeded to the presidency after President McKinley’s 1901 assassination Rising above criticism Roosevelt became one of the nation’s most beloved presidents The King and the Cowboy provides new perspective on both Edward and Roosevelt revealingow at the oft forgotten Algeciras conference of 1906 they worked together to dis.

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David Fromkin is a noted author lawyer and historian best known for his historical account on the Middle East A Peace to End All Peace 1989 in which he recounts the role European powers played between 1914 and 1922 in creating the modern Middle East The book was a finalist for both the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Pulitzer Prize Fromkin has written seven books in total with