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S a self described violent man that goes through the normal wave of emotion adrenaline estraint and ultimate call to action when he feels a wrong needs to be ighted He s violent but only in the name of a loved one s safety civic duty justice and keeping the streets clean His desire for thrill and adrenaline far outweighed logic and potential for danger when it came to violence He presents his unorthodox childhood as a way to make a case for his violent tendency s but he also doesn t place blame and eally just wants a esolution Along with this conscious consideration of detail there s something else a building surge on the horizon moving towards me uickly an impending wave a deep seductive swell He s a piece of trash There s a lapping coolness between my temples People all around me are scared nervous They feel threatened Not me It s different in me it s a growing itch a form of lust A predatory hard on I want him on his knees Subjugated Scared I m out of my seat I m standing beside him It s also an enlightening experience when you learn a little about yourself in the process of eading and that someone else shares some of the same experiences For instance I finally found a name for the scary images I see in between the states of wakefulness and sleep Ever since I was a young child I had these visions of geometrical shapes vivid game show type scenarios and scary faces that I have never experienced in my awake state of consciousness As I got older they maintained there presence but as I would work on different projects or needed some creative thinking I turned the table on its face and used it to my advantage While I was channeling unnatural negative images from my subconscious I was also coming up with creative ideas that I never could have imagined and would prove to be beneficial when counting sheep or multiplication tables didn t work I also have had moments of sleep paralysis caused by lucid dreams efocusing eyes and the way a light shone in the bedroom If any have done that Jesus optical illusion where you look at an image for a number of seconds and close your eyes and you see Jesus well it s the same idea but it ain t no Jesus I m seeing The cure all knock on wood has been to strictly sleep on the ight side we ll see how long that lasts before a paralyzed scream esembling that of a turkey gobble comes everberating through the hallway By no means am I tortured soul in fact my fears are ational and I enjoy horror movies but these episodes were very curious The author also suffers from pre sleep hallucinations called hypnogogia and I appreciate the help in diagnosis Web MD need not applyNo surprise but men are the biggest culprit when it comes endangering themselves as well as others especially younger men Each man is different you have to dig deep within the male psyche which can be a dangerous proposition in it self to find where violence derives from This intoxicating world often than not favours the larger and aggressive young male and is a determining factor when distinguishing an alpha This status of dominance and drive to make another man break is what turns men to violence and when you consider the ignorance testosterone and brashness it makes for a harmful mix As a child around ten or eleven years of age my violent thoughts came from protecting my family My father worked nights and wouldn t come home until two in the morning and I wouldn t feel safe until he got home I had a plan of attack if there was a disturbance that centred around a massive basketball trophy I had but there were contingencies Unlike the author I don t go around scouting adversaries nor when I fight do I look to gouge eyes I always assumed there was an honour amongst men when in a simple street fight not with the author he fights dirty The killer makes you feel precisely the other way You know he s a eal person It s clear he s a flesh and blood Homo sapiens But listening to him talk about his emotions and the emotions of others or eading aloud his lessons in emotional well being and self esteem you have the distinct feeling he is eciting sophisticated command functions from a file named something like cemotionshumanemulator Overall I enjoyed my time with this book it offered great insight from interesting sources conversation topics with family and friends as well as introspection into my own experience with violence For most habitual offenders there seems to be a neurological disconnection and the author used this book as a means for displaying his findings while searching for the black box in the ecesses of the brain The book can be graphic and is not for the feint of heart but if you e interested in this topic or gaining a better understanding of what makes people commit violent acts I suggest grabbing yourself a copy and strapping yourself in because it will be a bumpy ide Recommended It occurred to me that when we are younger we believe we are the projectile the thing that is intended to each its mark We aim at a distant target only to ealize later mid flight that we e not the projectile at all We e the catapult We are catapults flinging catapults forever into the future This was a hard book for me to ead in some ways A lot of triggers for me as I ead it But it was worth it A stunningly well written look at things from a different viewpoint than I would normally hold Very intriguing book A nice mix of personal memoir first person journalism and a kind of self help anger management It goes to heavy places apists psychopaths pedophiles and fans of soccer A bit saccharin in places but never dull Extremely eadable Many of the ideas prompted me to talk about the book with friends a sure sign of a good bookIf you e trying to understand male aggression this book will give you some insights for sure Enjoyable if like me you enjoy eading about the dark. Up to And so there emains a hidden geography to male violence an inner ecosystem of age dominance blood lust insecurity and bravado yet to be mapped Mad Blood Stirring is journalist Daemon Fairless's iveting first person travelogue through this territory as he seeks to understand the inner lives of violent men and ultimately himself.

F violence and sex the women he sees are all evaluated for their own uses but his openness and elatable voice made this a fascinating examination of his own experience More a memoir than I had been expecting it was the personal focus of Mad Blood Stirring that I most engaged with Apparently this is going to be part of my spring ound up on Canadian books about why men are the way they are Having just finished Mad Blood Stirring The Inner Lives of Violent Men and with Why Young Men Rage Race and the Crisis of Identity and Boys What It Means to Become a Man on the horizon it s going to be a testosterone filled few monthsThis one by Daemon Fairless is split into five chapters based around big events in the author s life He then weaves lessons mostly about when he got eally angry with someone in between paragraphs of these larger stories to end with the same thing every time The gist of each chapter is thisMen are naturally predisposed to be angryHere s something that I looked into about men being violent because of their angerI used to yell at a lot of people in public I am an angry man too but not as angry as some menHere is the lesson I learnedToo bad not all men will learn these lessons like I haveSpoiler view spoilerHaving a daughter sets him on a calmer path hide spoiler This eads like a memoir a cathartic umination by the author to try to make sense of and to understand his own violent tendencies Thanks to GoodReads giveaways and the publisher for this book I got in exchange for an honest eviewThis is an amazing and very convincing book written by Mr Fairless He did a thorough scientific esearch on his subject that s obvious And he also provided concrete evidence of what he was saying by describing events in his own life but also by interviewing other violent people Moreover if some may find this book difficult to ead because it alternates between sciences and life stories that made it digestible to me who is a neophyte in the different biological psychological historical and social aspects of violence in all its forms shapes and anglesMr Fairless is far from deserving his last name He is a man who knows how to balance things between nature and nurture and objectively ecognize his own wrongsI could have uoted dozens of dead on statements from this book let me uote just this oneMy point is that BDSM is a culture that has been invented to negotiate a common and potentially dangerous desire BDSM is not the desire it is a set of controls we have invented to mitigate the danger imposed by the desireAnyway violence is something we must not sweep under the ug And I m sure that any of you will learn something valuable about it from this book I ecommend Mad Blood Stirring to everyone who seeks to understand human condition and nature and especially to those who live with sometimes violent people egardless of their genders Received a copy of Mad Blood Stirring by Daemon Fairless through the GoodReads giveaway program in exchange for an honest eviewMad Blood Stirring by Daemon Fairless is about what on the surface looks like your everyday people what makes them different is they are people who let their emotions take hold and their overwhelming urges drive them to commit violent and heinous acts The author covers the prominent nature vs nurture debate family upbringing abuse bullying and the isk factors that manifest later into depression substance abuse and even suicide But this is not the purpose for the book because many people have lived through much traumatic events and have not esorted to violence to solve their problems The primary uestions the at times violent author himself aises is what differentiates his own thirst to protect his family and the indefensible from those that cause people to kill in the name of satisfaction or elief What emotions come before the violent act What is the thought process that causes serial sex offenders to ape ex cons to stay in that never ending cycle of violence local toughs trying to prove themselves at every turn and killers actually committing the greatest crime against humanity Mad Blood Stirring addresses and does its best to answer these hard uestions but in the end the interested spectators are still left where we started and that is we may have a better understanding but we ll never eally know There is an aspect of age that is analogous to lust Rage begets age It spawns itself It builds up like clouds looming on the horizon It causes a discomfort that is not entirely unpleasant that is pendulous and heavy and can take the place of an emptiness if you are feeling empty When you are full this way it is pleasant to think about satisfying that age The you think about it the it grows The it grows the stronger the desire to think about it It is an itch at first then a tingle then a pulsation then a throbbing For a nonfiction book I found Mad Blood Stirring to be very effective in how it utilized hard hitting primary esearch through interviews as well as scientific and poignant secondary esearch in partnership with that of personal evelations and detailed introspection There is a lot of honesty and emotion found in the personal but also an understanding and compulsion to let the eader know what makes violent men do what they do I find much of the nonfiction I ead to be too academic filled with data jargon and other information not meant for people without special knowledge or experience This concept never made much sense to me because if it s a loved subject that demanded much time away from friends and family as well as the expected energy drained from the writing process why not make it accommodating for as large an audience as possible and eap ewards The author achieved this with personal anecdotes tangible emotion in conjunction with suitable esearch and interesting eporting The author Zed is still an animal and sometimes a dangerous one Men are esponsible for the lion's share of assault ape murder and warfare Conventional wisdom chalks this up to socialization that men are taught to be violent And they are But there's to it Violence is a dangerous desire a set of powerful and inherent emotions we are loath to own.

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I had a hard time deciding on 4 or 3 stars for this book but I feel ultimately that while there is much said that is worth eading and talking about some issues of style and focus hold it back This is not a light book and ightly so it s pretty heavy subject matter Trying to Very interesting and also hella Canadian From Ottawa living in Toronto this was a good blend of gender studypersonal memoir on the topic of male violence aggression and fighting The author talks a lot about his own experiences growing up and through stages of outlets and outbursts He also meets and writes about the elevant experiences of friends and criminals I d have liked to ead about incarcerated criminalsextreme cases and less about boxing and hockey but that s a personal preference the latter are still elevant examples of male violence and honestly not what one might think of immediately when the topic is mentioned It is good to ealize those mundane socially acceptable examples are still violence This is worth eading Daemon Fairless is a man who seeks to understand the inherent inner violence present in many men He uses his journalistic perspective and academic skills to explore the genetic biological emotional and socialization components which foster aggression and the need to physically dominate This may sound like a boring academic treatise but it is instead uite fascinating He discusses academic esearch but combines this with case studies and personal exploration of his own struggles with physical aggression All in allthis is a very interesting and well written book I ecommend itMy thanks to NetGalley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for my honest eview Benvolio I pray thee good Mercutio let s etireThe day is hot the Capulets abroadAnd if we meet we shall not scape a brawl For now these hot days is the mad blood stirring Romeo and Juliet Mad Blood Stirring didn t turn out to be the book I was expecting in a surprisingly satisfying way Subtitled The Inner Lives of Violent Men and written by a journalist with a Master s Degree in neuroscience I thought this would be a mix of hard science and philosophy in the vein of Steven Pinker or James Gleick But ight from the book s Introduction author Daemon Fairless proves himself a captivating storyteller and by focussing on the stories of eal people those he interviews and himself he is able to illustrate male violence without getting bogged down in studies and stats although plenty of science is cited here as well Fairless may have gone looking for explanations for his own violent impulses and he may have written a memoir here than anything else but I found it all fascinating and elatable and a worthwhile ead Yes I have White Hat Syndrome Yes I want to make the world a better place by confronting no let s be honest by vanuishing the people I find threatening domineering manipulative and sadistic But that white hat sits atop an angry head And beneath that anger is a twitchy and hyper vigilant person who is overattuned to threatening sounds in the underbrush Right from the Introduction Fairless explains that he s the kind of man who is always spoiling for a fight intervening with belligerent customers in stores chasing down purse snatchers esponding to cries in the night He s a big man and over the years he has trained with weights and martial arts when Fairless walks into a oom sizing up the other men imagining who he could take down in a fight this seems to go beyond the average fantasy he s hoping someone gets in his face Fairless also explains that his parents were hippies he was aised with limited television and no toy guns he was awash in feminist and pacifist theory he marched and allied and considers himself a post patriarchal man And yet the fighting the genuine bloodlust In seeking explanations for his own darkest urges Fairless shares stories that illustrate the whole ange of violent behaviour People who live in violent places particularly kids aised in violent subcultures have higher levels of chronic anger They tend to view elationships in a hostile mistrustful way They perceive the world and the people in it as dangerous and threatening And if they also happen to be carrying one of the environmentally sensitive genes fear and anger are amplified all the so if they e carrying than one of these alleles In each section in Mad Blood Stirring Fairless tells a big story about a sanctioned form of male violence and contrasts it with both the criminal extremes and his own personal urges In the first Fairless tells the story of a MMA fighter his training his history his experiences and adds smaller stories here and there from the male culture of honour from schoolyard bullies to frontier justice and begins to share his own history from his childhood as both the bullied and the bully to his own fight training As the book progresses the sections deal with increasingly violent activities contrasting an inner city high school football team with the kind of petty criminal their coach hopes to prevent his players from becoming a willing participant in BDSM activity is contrasted against a serial apist the story of a cruelly manipulative parent is set off against a psychopathic serial killer the tribalism of sports fans is compared to warmongers and the higher purpose of a professional soldier Throughout Fairless adds stories from his own life and cites fascinating stats 75% of men have had specific homicidal fantasies Up to 50% of men would commit ape if they knew they d get away with it Chimps outinely organise war aids against neighbouring troops and it all works together to shine a light on what seems natural and ubiuitous the constant suppression of male violence that allows for human civilisationNow having said that I have no idea if most men actually walk around with Fairless constant fantasies With a are clarity and fearless honesty journalist Daemon Fairless tackles the horrors and compulsions of male violence from the perspective of someone who struggles with violent impulses himself creating a non fiction masterpiece with the narrative power of novels such as Fight Club and A History of ViolenceA man no matter how civili.