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This is a fun and naughty novella I wrote a while back It was previously published under my pseudonym Cora Landry but I want to have all my books under Cora Reilly now You can only buy it on right now DONT LET THE UGLY TITLE AND COVER FOOL YOUHave you read The Kissing uotient Okay this is like that but unfortunately shorter but just as cute and sweet This book is so cute The love interest is so soft and Amy is just a ball of softness herself Okay this book is just soft okay And sexy don t forget how sexy this book is The sex scene were amazing and soft omg JUST READ IT OKAYUnfortunately I don t think the seuel will have see the light of day Im so madSecond read STILL AMAZING I loved this book It reminded me a lot of The Kiss uotient but shortest but what I did not expect was the cliffhanger endingWell no problem I went out looking for the next book scratch that NEEDING the next book only to find out that this book ot out in 2015 and the seuel never ot outWHY are you doing this to me It dropped one star because of it I need closure and to see how their story turns out Sweet read What a disaster Can you please PROOF IN ENGLISH I am still in the first chapter and I ve already athered over a dozen errors How is it that no one else has complained Is this a first draft The author s first language is not English Her work is translated but that doesn t mean you don t need to have an English speaking proofer edit it So far I ve read all the Bound books and pretty much every single one had than 20 errors all easily found very annoying very frustrating and easily fixed with minimal effort on the authors part I went through and proofed all of them free for you and left the corrections within notes on oodreads The least you can do is update your work I had hope this book was better but I m not even through the first chapter I like your books but this is not acceptable it s disappointing and disrespectful to readers who PAY for your books I don t have an arc I paid for these books On top of that the author didn t end the book I wouldn t even call it a cliff It just stops If I had known I never would have bought it or read it Apparently she wrote this several years ago and it seems there is no intention of finishing so it s completely unfair to sell this book first in such a sloppy state and second with an abrupt rip and no. Amy spent the last few years battling cancer and now that she’s finally in remission she wants to tackle the bucket list she created when she was sick Losing her virginity is her highest priority She knows the cancer can return any time and she doesn’t want to die without ever havin.

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Noah and Amy s POV and it isn t your typical hiring an escort and suddenly falling in love kind of story It s so much than that and I cannot wait for to come from both this author and these two characters of hers Amy has been battling cancer for years and now she is in remission and has decided to start crossing things off her bucket list A few of them includes kissing a uy a losing her v card Her sister suggests hiring the services of her husband s escort company And this how Amy meets Noah he helps her cross things of her list but after they sleep together she panics and decides not see him again bc she is afraid she will end up developing feelings Noah regrets not being able to see her again she is something special he has already infringed some of his own rules with her and he didn t care she awakens something in him that it was sleepI need to know how the story continues it has so much potential and has left so many uestions unanswered Yeah I et it Emotions always complicate things I said uietly That s why you chose to use an escort Noah said his eyes calm and observing I nodded People only et hurt when they have emotions for other people My family almost broke apart because of me I don t want to risk anyone Edwin (The Northumbrian Thrones getting close to me That s a very selfless thing to do he saidWhen Amy disappeared in the elevator I closed my door and leaned against it I hated the thought of never seeing her again which was ridiculous It wasn t as if sex with her had been mind blowing She was still inexperienced and I had to do all of the work but I hadn t minded I d loved to watch her discover pleasure had loved when she d jerked me off I wanted to do so much with herNoah had let me spend the night So what The problem was that deep down I knew I wanted to wake up in his bed again I wanted to kiss him again and touch him again have sex with him again I desired him but there was I liked him liked him than I should and I knew if I didn t stop this now my feelings mightrow even I couldn t risk that no matter how much I longed to meet Noah again This book was amazing I loved every part of it I m sad the second book isn t out yet and it s been 3 years since this book has been out It left me hanging I honestly would not have started reading had I known it would he unfinished Will there be a second book Please Cora Finish the second one. Male escort Leah’s husband is the owner of the top escort agency in New York and agrees to treat Amy to a few dates with male escort Noah But as Noah helps Amy with the points on her bucket list she uickly realizes that hiring a professional doesn’t stop her from developing feeling.

Ending so done with this author 4 45 I M SO MAD RIGHT NOW STARSI m seethingI knew I bollocking buggaring just knew it was too The Phoenix Project good to be true I loved this book from the first page It s storyline was simplyirl thought she was oing to die and wants to lose her virginity to an escort to avoid any emotional ties and upset if her illness returnsOf course nothing ever oes to plan and feelings start to develop The ending Well although it s not a cliffhanger in the truest sense of the word in my world it left me a dangling and needing book 2 NOWIt was a cliffdangler not uite as harsh as the cliffhanger but pretty close Excuse me whilst I weep I still loved it though Amazing book butwhere is book twoI enjoyed every page of this book but am heavily disappointed that even though it says there will continue in book 2 I couldn t find a book 2 Seduced by the Escort is a read you are uaranteed to devour for reasons than this story simply being a novella and therefore a uick read It s realistic It s raw It s sexy It s also so enjoyable that I could not put this book down one minute I found that I m reading the words Chapter One and the next thing I knew I d reached the end and I m craving for Amy and Noah s story is one I absolutely adored from the moment I started reading it It s a romance story unlike any I ve read before and it s a romance story I d love to see of Seduced by the Escort doesn t necessarily end on a cliffhanger but it does end with an open ending and a promise of to come and I am hoping and praying and selling my soul to the devil wishing that that promise will be delivered to usIf you re a fan of this author and you haven t yet picked this story up to read then what ARE you waiting for If you re currently in the mood to read a story about a young woman who s battled and survived cancer hiring an escort to help her finally experience being pleasured by the opposite sex doing it with the intention to not fall in love only to then find herself unintentionally falling anyway then Seduced by the Escort is the story for you Or if you re overall just looking to read a story that s uick to read as in you can literally read this story in one sitting and is full of sex chemistry and has a realistic storyline with realistic characters then this novella is the one for youI absolutely loved this story It s told in both. G experienced pleasure But when she had to see her family suffer as they watched her fight death Amy swore to herself not to let anyone into her life who would mourn her once she died That’s why Amy takes her sister Leah up on the offer she made when she thought Amy was dying to use

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