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This cheating hero was just too disgusting at times Heroine deserved better Full review at Smart Bitches Trashy BooksSo the basic premise is this Adam Foxworth s father died in a duel with Alexa Ashley s father because Adam s father was banging Alexa s mother and Adam swore revenge pon Alexa s father 15 years later Adam has some how become the Earl of Penwell and kidnaps Alexa from her own engagement ball after her fianc tries to claim his husbandly rights by force and spirits her away to his remote castle in Cornwall His intention is to ruin her by banging her senseless for a week or so before delivering her back to her father ruined in reputation blah blah blahThere are a lot of words in this book to describe not a lot happening I mean a lot happens but I distilled it down into a two page summaryLook it s ridicAs far as consent issues go on a scale of Courtney Milan to Bertrice Small it s just to the left of Joanna Lindsay While Alexa is a prisoner in Adam s castle and they have a LOT of sex look just assume that in between all of the events there s a lot of nipple teasing she s into it At first she is coerced but then she s super into it he s REALLY good at the sexing And while she s threatened with rape a lot she isn t actually rapedI m a sucker for a good pirate story They tend to have the best vintage of crazysauce This wasnot great Alexa becomes the greatest pirate Beyond Band of Brothers ueen evar with three months of training It s ridiculous Did I mention she had purple eyes Cuz she didI don t know I found myself rolling my eyes and making sounds of pffffffft disgust through the whole book and now that I m done with it I give no fucks about it That s the biggest crime is that this crazysauce is bland and lacks staying power I m giving it a D for effort Redheadedgirl Ridiculous but bizarrely readableOk at 100 pages in and it is self evident that the heroine is TSTLThe book opens with Lady Alexa celebrating her engagement to the drunken Charles who tries to force himself on her in the summer house This doesn t seem topset her too much although she is rather grateful when Adam Foxworth Earl of Penwell interrupts and apparently saves the day Adam however has an The Water Of Life ulterior motive and kidnaps the h and brings her on board a ship captained by the famous privateer aka The Fox who is mysteriously never present with Adam Do you see a possible connectionAnyway Alexa is told that she will be taken as Adam s mistress and then returned to her father assed goods all for the purposes of Revenge It turns out that Alexa s father had killed Adam s father as the latter had been sleeping with Alexa s mother who then kills her self in grief Pet gripe Alexa s father is called Sir John which means he is a knight and so she would not be titled as Lady Alexa which is a pretty basic editing mistake Adam s grand plan doesn t seem to cause Alexa too many The Year of Living Biblically ualms as it is obviously not her fault and when ever she returns to London her fianc will marry her and there will be no conseuences for her in society So she might as well have a good time in the interim I don t know whether this is supposed to be stunning naivety on the part of the heroine or sheer ignorance on the part of the author Also Within minutes of introductions the heroine is addressing everyone by their first names and again this really bugs me as it is just wrong for the time period Anyway the masked Fox approaches her in her cabin and tells her it will be either Penwell or him who will have her first She puts him off for all of one night before he beds her She doesn t exactly putp any struggle and in fact has a rather good time and nor does it particularly pset her afterwards The whole thing was extraordinary Alexa has warm fuzzy feelings about the Fox from then on Thereafter Adam takes her to his castle in Cornwall where he makes it clear he hates her but beds her solidly for 3 months The first scene there is feeble struggle but generally thereafter the h just comes across as a bit of a slut Generally he makes sure she enjoys it because he doesn t want to hurt her but on the last night he simply takes her without further ado and then abandons her the next morning Despite the fact that he hates her and treats her like dirt she is of course In Love Of course by this stage she is pregnant and when she is returned home she doesn t exactly receive a warm welcome Her father is furious and the fact that her fianc has broken the engagement and that she is an outcast from society seems to come a genuine shock to her This is despite the fact that she has been shagging Adam for the last 3 months outside of marriage and is pregnant to him and believes she has fallen in love with him Why on earth would Charles not have waited Her father tries to marry her off to a man old enough to be her grandfather who also tries to rape her but instead she runs away at 18 years of age with some jewellery and a bag of coins to find Adan s associate Mac who had actually participated in her kidnapping and known that Adam intended to rape her but had made it clear he would not help her but somehow has become her best friend I mean SeriouslyThey set sail for America and during the journey Mac pines with love for Alexa no one can resist her ntil he discovers her pregnancy He then decides to take her to Adam and hope that he will do the right thing Of course they arrive at Adam s engagement ball to Lady Gwendoline and there is a big sceneEventually Adam agrees to do the honourable thing and they marry Alexa is embarrassed by her obvious pregnancy and Lady Gwendoline makes a point of being a first class b and continues to try and seduce Adam During this period the heroine also starts to espouse pro patriot feeling which is fairly incredible given that her father was allegedly one of the King s main advisors and she is a British aristocrat married to an English Earl Adam is also associating with the Rivateering ship she succumbed to Adam's masterful seduction only to learn she had been nothing but a pawn in his game of revengeThe Vixen Driven by despair Alexa made a new name for he.

It is a very good story and the writing was beautiful but all the men are trash I was torn throughout on this one The author successfully engaged my emotions and enlisted my empathy for the heroine so I have to say I liked it on the whole But that s also why I was so frustrated through the story and why I really needed to see the alpha jerk hero show real honest remorse not just gee sweetie I m sorry I hurt your little feelings but a real gut check that shows he s a better man The hero initially abducts the heroine as part of a scheme to avenge his father who was killed by her father in a duel when they both were very young He reckons it would be payment in kind if he took from her father someone he loved He plans to take the heroine rape her awhile and yes honey it s rape if she says no even if you manage to force her to eventually start responding then return her shamed and ruined to her father His best friend a decent enough guy knows and disapproves of the plan but he won t help her even when she begs Later this guy has the hypocrisy to be angry with the hero when her father casts her out and she s left pregnant Never is he angry with himself for not doing the right thing and that s the problem all through the story view spoiler Time and again the hero treats the heroine like garbage raping her deliberately humiliating her lying to her about things that it s stupid to lie about for example if she d known about his true identity and sympathies she might not have said things that later nearly got her hanged Even in the very end he rapes her again then brings a whore home for dinner to humiliate her so there s no reason to think he s changed just because he finally realizes he was wrong about her Next time he misunderstands something he ll be trying to torture her again hide spoiler No no no What kind of a hero is this Set in 1763 mostly in England this book was one of the worst historical romance books I have ever had the misfortune to read In hindsight I should have thrown it in the trash long before finishing it but being a fan of this author I could not believe the premise this one took and thought it would turn around It didn tThe main male character Adam was a complete asshole that never redeemed himself His character started out with him on a mission of revenge for something Alexa s family did and she knew nothing about He kidnapped and raped her over a period of a month or two with the sole intention of getting her pregnant and dropping her back on her father s doorstep Alex abused her To make matters worse Alexa s father who adored her kicked her to the street So much for nconditional parental love She ended p going to America to seek out thejerk % AKA father of her child All the while Alex has been having sex with another womanIt just got worse Adam had sex with different females including a prostitute Treated Alexa like dirt and she LOVED him This one sent my tolerance meter through the roof Alex should have been taken out and shot along with dear old dadAnd what the heck is For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde up withsing hh that have names so much alike Blah I have to mention this because it drives me crazy Why can t the Kindle covers simply be the gorgeous over the top covers from the first printing Those mass paperback covers are amazing The Photoshop covers for Kindle are really really bad The plot of My Lady Vixen has a few tropes I m not the biggest fan of My interest isn t instantly piued about sea heroes like pirates or captains and I don t like heroes who have double identities either but My Lady Vixen is a great read I enjoyed it as much as I did because Mason did fun and new things with the revenge abduction story and the double identity story that I haven t read before Revenge is of a meet cute than the actual story of the plotAdam Foxworth is out to avenge the death of his father by kidnapping the daughter of his nemesis Alexa Ashley and hightailing them both to his castle for you know what I expected the vengeance theme to carry the action of the narrative through but we ickly move on from this with Adam and Alexa s marriage In fact Adam barely remembers he had a lifelong vendetta against Alexa s father for the majority of the story hereinafter and even during the abduction Mason makes it clear that both are falling in love with each other It resurfaces as part of the Big Misunderstanding at the end of the story I m so impressed by that move I love that I ve read a few revenge stories where the plot revolves around this and this runs out of steam far sooner than you might think Alexa beats Adam at his own game by taking on a superhero disguise of her own the American rebel and female match to the Fox as the Vixen The Vixen has taught me a lot of things one of which is to fight for the right to live as I see fit Never again will I become a victim If I must die for my convictions then so be it Alexa gets the short end of the stick for the first part of the book and this makes her transformation and independence so much of a win She is the first heroine I ve read that commands her own ship That s awesome even as I m still lol ing at her montage to get to that level At long last everything she had toiled so tirelessly toward for these past three months was about to be fulfilled Aside from Jennifer Blake s Embrace and Conuer with an absolutely captivating and action packed female duel scene I have not read anything as original and well executed as that of the Vixen We need HRs like this This book came out in the Bodice Ripper era of books And none of these books have aged well What was acceptable in the 80 s and 90 s is just not considered romantic now This one is not one of Connie Mason s that aged well I suggest Black Knight if you are looking for a good read from this author DNF on page 314 Just can t get into this book The story is too ridiculous without being fun I m a huge Connie Mason fan but. The Lady Possessed of an innocent ethereal beauty Alexa Ashley knew nothing of the burning hatred Adam Foxworth felt for her familyAbducted by his men held prisoner aboard a notorious

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Ories and apparently acting as a courier for them or so he tells Alexa it doesn t exactly take rocket science to identify his actual loyalties At the governor s ball Alexa makes an indiscreet comment and Has to leave Adam is feeling very randy because he d been admiring his wife s breasts earlier and when Gwen approaches him he kisses her and lifts her p with a view to having sex with her Alexa who had returned for her reticule sees them and cries out in distress She runs away and trips leading to a miscarriage still birth Adam is guilt stricken as only he could be but makes the point he was only going to shag another woman in order to spare her due to her pregnancy He s a real prince amongst menHe declares his love for her but she remains very depressed and so he arranges for an intervention by ta da The Fox Somehow Alexa has herself half in love with Fox and yet doesn t suspect a thing She then makes a dramatic recovery and Adam disappears on mysterious business Mac turns The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species up at her door wounded and she takes him in The next thing the militia are at the door and both she and Mac are apprehended and charged with treasonI should point out that I do not think that a noble woman helping a wounded man would have resulted in a treason charge and the whole scenario of putting a countess in a filthy cell and treating her like scum was not overly realisticAlexa stands trial for treason and lo and behold Adam appears and gives evidence against her as one would expect of one s husband even though spouses were not compellable witnesses against each other at this time She is of course sentenced to death after all it is BR landAdam interrupts one of the jailers trying to rape Alexa but because he has brought the oh so charming Gwen with him he just pretty much kisses Alexa and says good bye A rescue then takes place organised by the Fox and the fox and Alexa make love Only afterwards does she actually finally work out that he is actually Adam and then she decides to have her revenge with Adam by enthusiastically declaring her love for foxy He takes her to Nassau and then sails off back to his double life none the wiser Alexa decides that it is time to take matters into her own hands and that she will become a privateer As so common of women of the time she then bleaches her hair dons revealing manly clothes and become the Lady Vixen scourge of the British navy Seriously When her ship is damaged she puts in to a safe harbour on a near by island The fox is also there and he tries to get it on with her They have a duel where the prize is her virtue and of course she looses so that Fox Adam gets to shag her and she is outraged because she thinks he doesn t know her identity he does and that this means he s annfaithful lout The English attack her ship and she is captured and thrown overboard Adam rescues her and their secret identities are revealed to each other The vixen is left to a watery grave so as to protect Alexa s identity They decide that she will return to his savannah plantation The Bartender under a hidden identity of his mistress Katy but that he must continue to court and possibly have sex with the not so charming Gwen In fact Gwen catches on and reveals all to the powers that be and the militia capture Adam but creepy Charles who s now obsessed with the Vixen kidnaps the now pregnant Alexa and blackmails her into staying with him on the basis that he will save Adam s life as well as hernborn baby s life It appears that the author is Tono Bungay unaware that they do not execute pregnant womenAnyway for the book to go on for another 100 pages it is time for the Big Misunderstanding Accordingly Charles has Adam brought to Alexa on the basis that Alexa must not disclose that she is pregnant and must make Adam believe that she is Charles willing mistress He promises that he will let Adam go free afterward but actually plots to have him killed Alexa goes through with the whole thing she is after all TSTL declaring that she is Charles mistress not true and Charles has promised not to touch her whilst she s pregnant and Charles had a good grope in front of Adam just to prove the point Of course Adam is rescued by his men but he now hates Alexa and swears revenge Alexa manages to escape Charles house one day and discovers that her father is dead and she is his sole heir Soon after the war with America comes to an end and so Charles is no longer able to blackmail her with disclosure that she was the Vixen She leaves him but is distraught when he tells her Adam is dead She has a baby boy called David who she referred to throughout as Davie I mean really she s supposed to be an English aristocrat Adam turnsp and after 3 days in London decides that now is the time to break his marriage vows and has sex with a prostitute He then finds his wife and there is a further forced seduction scene He doesn t believe her and because she has hidden Davie in the country for some Magical Sweet Mermaid unfathomable reason and refuses to disclose his existence further stupid reasoning which in reality is only there so as to create further grounds for misunderstanding he treats her like dirt He brings the two prostitutes into her house for dinner and then after leaving one of the women back apparently without sex he then breaks Alexa s door down and violently rapes her hurting her Two minutes later he gives a brief apology and then he makes wild passionate consensual love with her SERIOUSLYAlexa goes off on visits to the country to see David but doesn t disclose her purpose to Adam and he becomes jealous so he takesp with the prostitute again still no sex Eventually he realises he loves his wife and chases after her with a view to killing her lover David only to find it is his son that they all love each other and go merrily off to bed together The end Absurdly crazy Plot and I can t honestly say that I actually liked any of them by the end but I couldn t put it down. Rself as the boldly seductive mistress of a rival ship and dared to challenge her lover at his own game Stroke by stoke kiss by kiss she would teach Adam just how sweet revenge could be.

Cara Miles is the best selling author of than fifty historical romances and novellas Her tales of passion and adventure are set in exotic as well as American locales Connie was named Story Teller of the Year in 1990 by Romantic Times and was awarded Career Achievement award in the Western category by Romantic Times in 1994 Connie makes her home in Tarpon Springs Florida with her husband Jerry Prior to her first published work in 1984 Connie was a full time homemaker Always an avid reader writing was one of Connie's dreams In 1995 Connie was featured on a segment of the CBS news show 48 Hours a television production that devoted an entire program to the romance novel industry Connie was also featured in an article published by National Inuirer In addition to writing and traveling Connie enjoys telling anyone who will listen about her three children and nine grandchildren and sharing memories of her years living abroad in Europe and Asia as the wife of a career serviceman In her spare time Connie enjoys reading dancing playing bridge and freshwater fishing with her husband