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Originally posted hereI ordered copy of The Returning by Christine Hinwood because it s blurbed by two of my favorite uthors Megan Whalen Turner nd Melina Marchetta Of course I had to read it It Amish Homecoming also recently received the Printz Honor Plus both the premisend the cover looked intriguing The writing is certainly different from Enticing the Earl anything that I ve ever read I m not even sure what genre The Returning falls under I feel like it s mix of both fantasy nd historical fiction Fantasy because it s set in different world made up locations Historical fiction because Jewish German Revolution aside from the setting I feel like it could be story set in the past There s no magic in The Returning The whole book focuses on the ftermath of the war between Uplanders nd Downlanders nd how it ffects the various characters I had mixed reaction to this book I m glad I got to read it because I was intrigued but I didn t end up loving it s I expected It took me Money Makin Mamas Collection a while to get into the writing because of the shifting points of view I felt like I couldn t hold on to one character long enough for me to like him or her Also it s uiet kind of novel in the sense that nothing big or dramatic occurs After Bound To Love Her (Zebra Debut) all we re getting glimpse of what life is like AFTER the warOverall I think it s Hard to Handle (Fortis a good book but I mfraid it s not something that every reader will enjoy Like I said I m not First Comes Desire (Pirates Prize a fan of the shifting POVs At the start of the novel I felt like every chapter was narrated by different character I think there were four or five various POVs Just when I was starting to root for character the POV changes I did like how everything came together in the second half of the novel but I was surprised t how fast the latter chapters moved in comparison to the earlier ones The first half spanned months while the second half jumped What Lies Between Lovers a couple of yearshead I liked that it s complex novel nd that Christine Hinwood created so many layers to the story we see what it s like for Rebel Yell (Savage Texas, a veteran soldier to go home what it feels like for the family he left behind how hard it is for him to make friends Ilso liked the bit of romance weaved into the story but it felt underdeveloped I think the narrative would have worked if the novel was longer because readers would get to know the characters As it is I liked the book A Matter of Some Scandal a lot before I read it because it had so much promise I feel bad because I could have fallen in love with The Returning but didn t If you re curiousbout this book I recommend that you still give it try because you might end up liking it lot than I did I ve seen mixed reviews for Christine Hinwood s debut novel some loved it while it didn t work for others so I guess it really depends on the reader Review originally posted hereI did something with The Returning by Christine Hinwood that I never do with debut novels I preodered it Why Well if you look t the back of the US hardcover you will find uotes by two uthors who praise highly the characters Worth The Trade (More Than A Game, and themes of the story Those twouthors re Megan Whalen Turner nd Melina Marchetta Little wonder I wanted to read it I can see why the book would ppeal to these two Hinwood has the same bility to convey much with few words nd create fascinating characters that both of them havet is certainly gripping novel Megan Whalen Turner The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime also has uote on the front cover which says Every detail evokes fully realized world I would gree Hinwood did this in the way I like too presenting it s it is nd not explaining it It is rich in detail tradition The Closest Possible Union and custom There is sense that these people have history that is bigger than them or this storyThe style of the book is uniue nd it took me while to get in the rhythm of it The first eight chapters re episodic Lost Princess a series of shorts on the lives of different characters If youre Postcards from Last Summer a reader to whom plot is the most essential part of story you may have Hot Shot a problem with this There is no plot or commonction binding the characters of these chapters together The one thing they The Industrial Revolution all have in common is Cam This isn interesting way of introducing Rock Bottom a central character The reader sees him from many perspectives before seeing from his own The book is essentiallybout how n individual family community country recovers from war nd ll the characters play part in telling that story I found myself caring very much what happened to them but was frustrated sometimes t how the story moved round so often This lso made it difficult to truly connect with or fully understand the characters The middle part of the book that focuses on Cam nd then Graceful was my favorite part because I finally felt like I could settle in nd get to know these characters I was tad disappointed when the final chapter jumped Peace of Me ahead several yearsnd switched perspectives gain Also that information regarding Cam was so light in this chapterI don t really know what genre label to put on this one The kingdom they live in is made up but other than it s not having ctually existed by the name given in this book there is really nothing that makes the story My Soul Then Sings a fantasy There is religious system in place Wildwood and the characters practice its traditions but the supernatural never makes its presence known in the story So I m labeling its both historical nd fantasy Note on Content The Returning is marketed YA but is one of those that could lso be n dult novel I m labeling it s both There is strong language nd in the last chapter couple sex scenes I personally did not feel like these scenes dded much to the plot or character development but they Raiding with Morgan are short yet descriptivend not lot of space was wasted on them It took nearly half the book for me to figure out what direction the uthor was taking was it book bout class Lethal Licorice (Amish Candy Shop Mystery, about returning from warbout life in the vaguely Middle Ages Purses and Poison about love both heterosexualnd implied homosexual Rogue on the Rollaway about culture clashes That it took that long doesn t usually bode well for the ending There were too many characters introduced with chaptersll from their different points of view this dded to the confusion A couple of the characters t first ppeared important but then virtually disappeared later on Set in mash up of Japan nd Scandinavia The Returning takes place shortly fter war in which the Uplanders defeated the Downlanders Cam returns to his village the only one from there that does return so of course there s that tension why him why only him what happened to the others We meet his sister Pin long with his family his soon to be ex fiancee his boyhood friend nd others We lso meet his new Lord Ryuu nd his son Gyaar who for some reason saved Cam s life nd offered him position within his household See what I mean by confusingUltimately the strands intertwine but by then I was reading only to see if they would not because I was really invested in the storyARC provided by publishers 5 stars for uality 3 stars for personal. An intense story of love loss nd turmoil in the ftermath of war A first novel by uniuely talented uthorVivid compassionate nd totally bsorbing Bloodflower follows the fortunes of young Cam Attling nd Haunted House Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery, all those whose fates entwine with his Cam has hunger n lways hunger; it drives him from hom.

EnjoymentThe Returning isn t book I would normally choose to read because I try to void historical fiction s much s I can nd b s former literature student I ve read my fair share of literary fiction nd unless it was written by Coetzee I have no desire to read ny in the next five years or so Historical literary usually means I d rather eat dirt thank you very much However this isn t just ny book Aside from being Printz Honor it was blurbed by both Megan Whalen Turner nd Melina Marchetta Here s what they wrote I loved this novel I cried through the whole last chapter from the sheer beauty of these characters nd their world Melina Marchetta Dark Tides (Dark Tides author of Jellicoe Road Printz Medal winner A beautiful examination of the complexities of lovend loyalty in the Weathering the Storm aftermath of war Megan Whalen Turneruthor ot The Thief Newberry Honor winnerObviously with words like that these two could persuade me to read Wrong for Me (Motor City Royals, a math textbooknd ctually enjoy it And I did enjoy The Returning for the most part The beauty of its prose the skillfully crafted web in which so many characters were entangled the extraordinary use of language outdated to enhance the historical feel but slightly lien to match the non existent land Fiddle: One Woman, Four Strings, and 8,000 Miles of Music all those things were even better than I expected And yet Hinwood didn t uite reach me onn emotional level not like n uthor endorsed by Marchetta nd Turner should haveThe residents of Kayforl in Downlads re living uiet hardworking life Several years earlier six healthy men marched to war gainst the Uplanders but only young Cam Attling who looks suspiciously like n Uplander himself returned Their former enemy is now their new Lord nd nobody failed to notice how highly Cam Attling speaks of him Cam Attling hasn t really been welcomed back by nyone but his family nd his best friend Ban who is hopelessly in love with him He s lost n rm in the war nd he suffers from survivor s guilt but he is unable to settle down His betrothal to young Graceful Fenister was broken by her father nd Cam feels useless nd unaccepted even by Ban Ban is struggling with his feelings for Cam nd his responsibility towards his large family He is worried that his brothers Death by Tea are rightnd that Cam really is Loyalty and Lies (Chastity Falls, a bad influence but he is unable to stayway As Cam leaves Kayforl for the second time he causes pain nd heartbreak than he could ever have imagined The Returning clearly isn t for everyone it reuires lot of patience By Way Of A Wager and it has to be read slowly carefully to trulyppreciate ll the layers the beauty nd the heartbr Although the verage rating of 325 stars strongly indicated Beware this book is not for everyone I never would have guessed that I might be one of those unlucky specimen the book prefers not to talk to My conviction which even resulted in my ordering the book in spite of my friend Arlene s offer to include me in her book tour that Bloodflower nd I would be very compatible had been sustained by several powerful factorsA The cover is so very beautiful but in different way than some suspicion rousing young When Kingdom Comes adult covers that have no connection to plot or characters whatsoever The richly patterend red cloth in the backgroundnd that strong callused nd sexily dirty rm encased in leather The Wayward Bride (Besotted Scots, armor which clearly belongs to Cam the young main character recently returned from war made me want to own exactly this edition nd not the pastel colored one by the other publisherB Melina Marchetta one of the uthors whose work I Such a Dance adorend who does not throw round blurbs nd praise nd dvertisment bout ll her peers or tour mates work like it has become the custom mong young dult novelists wrote I can t tell you how much I loved this novel I cried through the whole last chapter from the sheer beauty of these characters La bte du marais and their world which made me want to go on reading until the end so I could wring out my tear ducts in the same way that she did since in my experience life likend likable characters Laos: Keystone Of Indochina are the main ingredient in the majority of those books which made me love them I wanted to love the booknd the world How Foreign Policy Decisions Are Made In The Third World and I even glimpsed the shadows of the charactersbility to become endearing to the reader in the very first chapter The first word which comes to mind when I think bout Cam nd his family Geeking Out on 11C and how they treat each other is tenderness Cam s small sister Pin who usually does notllow her family members to cuddle Et ainsi de suite and pet her isn t shyt The Shoshoni Cookbook allround her big brother whom she barely knows Historias sobre los Fondos Bahá'ís and who everybody keeps his or her difference from since he returned from the war without his rightrm Reasoning with the Infinite: From the Closed World to the Mathematical Universe and withoutll the other men from the village Her unconditional Real Food/Fake Food: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do About It adorationnd love is unspeakably cute Yet The point of view switches soon from the Attlings to Cam s betrothed Graceling the twelve years old daughter of the ruthless Fenister family nd from there to young boy whose dog is shot by farmer nd then to Cam s best friend Ban who is secretly in love with Cam or maybe only lusts fter him nd then to I forgot because it changed so often nd so spontaneously At first I hoped the story would lead me uickly back into Cam s or Pin s mind but fter while I gradually lost interest nd became rather bored lthoughC The subject of the book is such n important nd interesting one It shows in detail how war ffects nd changes both the soldiers who went out to fight nd the families who stayed Mr Darcy's Cottage of Earthly Delights: Shades of Pride and Prejudice and hopednd went on with their daily lives s well s possible Cam has lost his rm nd gained war horse His lower limb count lowers his worth on the marriage market nd the long standing betrothal is revoked Nobody understands why he wants to void talking bout the various ways the other villagers died during the six years long war Thus when the pestering The Cat Who Lived with Anne Frank about Uncle Xnd Sweetheart Y remains unsuccessful resentful suspicions make the round How did Cam manage to stay The Myth of Genesis and Exodus and the Exclusion of Their African Origins alive when everybody else did not Graceful had thought the only uncertain thingsbout her future were the day of her death nd the number of her children but suddenly she does not even know ny whom she will marry Graceful s greedy father uses the war nd the new overlord s taste for fine silk s n excuse to push his property s boundaries into the woods the home of nomad tribe Design Works: How to Tackle Your Toughest Innovation Challenges Through Business Design and the game they live on Acton has becomen war orphan nd his dog turns into farmer s nuisance whose nerves wear so thin that he finally pulls the trigger I have stopped reading fter 75 pages nd I will never find out whether the end would have moved me to tears or not But I do not really care A story with characters s wonderful s Marchetta s would never had failed to keep my ttention Therefore in my opinion Bloodflower must be lacking in spects that do matter But do not be disheartened It might be just me nd not the book I m positive that Melina Marchetta s falling in love with it happened on grounds that might work for others too. E to war from north to south When he returns from war lone ll his fellow soldiers slain suspicion swirls round him He's damaged in body nd soul yet he rides fine horse nd speaks well of his foes What has he witnessed Where does his true llegiance lie How will life unfold for his little sister hi.

PS I m giving Loyalty and Lies (Chastity Falls, away my copy If youre interested inform me via comment on this review or on my profile until October 8th 2011 I will let n internet program pick winner randomly I tend to be cynical bout promotional blurbs on book cover I see enough of them to start noticing when Jeep. Sur les traces de la lgende a circle of writer friends gets caught in the endless let me blurb your book cycle But this book caught myttention because it had blurbs from Melina Marchetta nd Megan Whalen Turner two of my favorite YA uthorsand two who don t blurb every other book that shows up on the new shelf It s sort of The Abbeyville Way an odd duck of book It follows Cam Attling who survived war but lost his rm Stations of the Lost: The Treatment of Skid Row Alcoholics as he tries to settle into his old lifeand failingt that goes off to seek new one That could be fairly simple story but Hinwood chooses to tell this one in Treasure Diver (Choose Your Own Adventure, an unusual way from multiple points of view There s Pin Cam s younger sister Graceful Fenister his betrothed Gyaar the Uplander lord who cut off Cam srm but spared his life A Shot at Love and so onI love books thatsk the uestion what happens when the war is over Old Records Never Die: One Man's Quest for His Vinyl and His Past and I have lot of patience for narrative tricks so you might think this book was perfect for me Not uite I found it very readable I went through it on one sitting on Ask an Astronaut a sunny Sundayfternoon but I never became emotionally engaged in the lives of these characters Marchetta s work offers Dead of Night a good contrast here her books reliably leave me in tears by their ends I think I was distanced from the story partly because I wasn t sure what to make of the backstorynd worldbuilding here Cam is the survivor of The Voyage Unplanned a war between the Uplandersnd the Downlanders The Downlanders The Dwelling are vaguely based on pre industrial European culturesnd the the Uplanders vaguely based on East Asian cultures I suspect mostly Japan Neither of the cultures felt entirely uthentic to me but that was especially true of the Uplanders nd I m so so tired of people co opting Asian cultural details to do lazy worldbuilding Anyway n interesting effort but not something I feel like I can strongly recommend 45 starsI understand many readers don t like stories that stray Vienna 1814: How the Conquerors of Napoleon Made War, Peace, and Love at the Congress of Vienna away from formula or predictable fantasy narrative structures but 313 starsverage for this lovely collection of vignettes bout the effects of war on people s lives It hurts This is hardly n experimental hard to comprehend book I personally loved that stories felt so intimate nd small while being t the same time so large in scope when taken Adaptations: From Short Story to Big Screen: 35 Great Stories That Have Inspired Great Films as one whole Masterfully done IMO Why isn t Christine Hinwood writingnything else This is one of those books that is deceptively simple on the surface but is ctually uite complex when it comes time to describe or classify it I put it on the historical nd fantasy shelf though it doesn t really fit on either of those shelves It doesn t fit on ny of my genre shelves ctually Easy and it reminds me uite strongly of Meg Rosoff s How I Live Now in many ways not in its language of course but in its themes of war lossnd family Morrissey y los atormentados as wells its timelessness Rosoff s book takes place in the real world but the rural farmhouse in England could lmost be nywhere Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe and the war described could beny war we don t even find out who the invading Interview with the Vampire army is or why they re invadingnd that s the point so it is with this book which takes place in Emma of Aurora (Change and Cherish Historical a non magicalgrarian world that isn t our world but t least to me strongly evokes its past They both resonant on the same freuency nd make me think The Best Cook in the World: Tales from My Momma's Table aboutnd feel the same things nd they both have sadness nd hope in the way the war s survivors re portrayed of course the extremely different ways they re written mean that people who love one won t necessarily be enad of the other but I think they make for Ravished by a Duke an extremely rich comparisonOnce Im not so buried I will try to write Damn Delicious Meal Prep a longer reviewnd maybe I will go reread How I Live Now when I do so but in the meantime I don t think this slow moving odd but beautiful book will ppeal to wide udience especially mong teens but those who have the patience for it to unfold will find Deep Lane: Poems a lot to thinkbout I m glad I didn t give up Komisario Nuusku ja makkaratehtaan arvoitus after the first 70 some pages but I can t faultnyone who did it s niche book but good one Bloodflower is difficult to put into words It s beautiful read full of complexity meaningful themes nd natural character development Set in Our Necessary Shadow: The Nature and Meaning of Psychiatry a country recovering from war turmoilnd grief still plenty with citizens displaced nd The Online Diary of a Masochistic Submissive a new ruler on the throne Cam returns to his family psychologicallynd physically scarred from his wartime dventures nd the town of Kayforl is wracked with tall tales of his supposed betrayalThere Industry and Empire: The Birth of the Industrial Revolution are many characters including Cam thatre interwoven throughout this novel in series of vignettes Initially this is concept that easily confuses the combination of Middle Ages derived setting with plethora of people nd places can muddle the brain Slowly nd surely the tales of these characters from cross the country start unravelling their connections breaking nd reforming with others Hinwood has created My Lady Viper a trulybsorbing read that has the power to move Sunflower and entrance the readerThe charactersre easy to invest in with their distinct voices perspectives nd cultural rhythms Expertly crafted these well rounded complex nd driven individuals bounce off one Periyar: A Political Biography of E.V. Ramasamy another in intriguing ways Whilst Cam is the sun in which the other characters revolve it is his betrothed Graceful that entrapped me She sn unbecoming nd particularly dour character for majority of the novel however there is something so relatable Doughnuts: Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home about her stubborness that I found myself very invested in her future Hinwood s characterisation is top notchnd slightly reminiscent of fellow Australian uthor nd endorser Melina MarchettaBloodflower is intriguing perplexing nd emotionally rich Hinwood has debuted with uality work that explores the strength of the human spirit the tenuousness of relationships nd the lengths in which we strive for connection A distinct voice with beautiful language nd rich characters Bloodflower is fantastic fantastical read This series of loose poetic vignettes covers span of years fter Cam Attling comes home from war the only survivor of those from his village Though he tries to re ccustom himself to his old life he can t he has to find out why he survived While Cam goes back North to Dorn Lannet nd Lord Ryuu the enemy who spared his life his family friends nd entire village change in unexpected waysThis book is just beautiful Commit!: Unlock Your Full Potential and Learn to Lead Yourself a series of prose poems than novel The emotional depth that the uthor creates in her characters is mazing Even though the book doesn t spend Announcing Trouble a long time onny one character you still care bout ll of them deeply There The Book of Revelation: are so many booksbout war but not many The Sound of Music Story: How A Beguiling Young Novice, A Handsome Austrian Captain, and Ten Singing von Trapp Children Inspired the Most Beloved Film of All Time about what it means to come home from onend live Pick up this one Recommended for fans ofThe Scorpio RacesAlways Coming Home by Ursula K LeGuin. S closest friend his betrothed his community Edward Keating: Main Street: The Lost Dream of Route 66 and even the enemy Lord who maimed himWith extraordinary insightnd literary skill Hinwood weaves their stories to create tale of romance dventure nd everyday life in croft nd manor house nd castle Her style is uniue Her characters will hijack your hea.

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Christine Hinwood was born in England and grew up mostly in Australia but also in England and America She's always written When she was very small she used to sit and make up stories in her head while cuddling her security blanket; she called it 'having a thought' then and told people she'd have to talk to them after she'd finished itChristine studied Professional Writing and Editing at RMI