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Pleased It has plenty of potato dishes among other veggie dishes I made the Tators Shrooms Peas with parmesan cream from this section And it was SO GOOD My husband and I were both in heaven It was filling than we expected so next time it ll be a main and we ll add diced ham to it The parmesan cream was so good that we ll definitely use it with other dishes I m thinking it ll be good with pastaThis time around I didn t find the Thai Mom section uite so intimidating It probably helped that I got blue apron for six weeks this summer when Chrissy had a partnership A few of the dishes were from the thai section of the first book and they were absolutely delectable I get why I was freaked out by ingredients like fish sauce oyster sauce hoisin sweet chili sauce sambal oelekreally just things I wasn t used to cooking with Nor did I see how these ingredients would all mix together to become something heavenly Garlic is also pretty common in the thai section I love garlic though Anyway this time around I found myself excited to make these authentic Thai dishes Last night we had the Thai soy garlic fried ribs and OH BABY Yes they were ridiculously easy but oh so tasty I never knew ribs could be cooked so uickly and there was this nice crisp to them that ribs don t usually have but I lived for it Definitely making these again I cannot believe Chrissy considered not including this one in the book because of how easy it is It s a keeper And not something ou d think to do The Ideal Muslim Society yourselfI also went into the breakfast section and made the Everything Bagel Breakfast Bake So good It was kind of like a breakfast casserole but there were chunks of bagel in it that didn t taste fully like bagel by the time they cooked and soaked in the egg mixture They were much softer And there were cream cheese bombs throughout This was a good one for sure I made mine with mushrooms instead of tomatoes because I m not a tomato person And I ll do it this same way again in the future when I want a breakfast casserole with everything bagel type flavoring YumI finally understand why people call Chrissy a soup master I have been DYING to try her pot pie soup from the first book Honestly I only haven t made itet because for the longest time I could not find heavy cream in the store Finally this summer I FOUND IT It s only at one grocery store in my area So I will make that one in the next month For now I needed to make something from her new book I opted for the French Onion Soup I ll be honestI d never had french onion soup before I really love onions though This one was a major winner And I feel talented for being able to say I can make it Not too difficult Hardest part was getting through cutting all those onions without crying my eyes out But this beautiful soup turned out sooo tasty It was oh so cheesy and there were croissant croutons in it that became doughy and just OOOH You know what I mean Yeahthis is a major winnerI guess it s good I ve only made the four recipes so far because this review would go on and on Luckily for Linux Networking Cookbook you I didn t have all the time in the world so I ll be making this weekendThere is also a salad section snack section and supper section which actually has mains sides tacked on to several of the dishes giving us side recipes than what is included in potatoes their friendsI will say that her introduction to the book and the intros to all the recipes have a great layer of humor Her stories are fun and will makeou laugh out loud She also talks about how she wen Anybody else love reading cook books or is it just me I might have been the only person in the world who didn t know what a foodie Chrissy Teigen isI knew her mostly as a model and the wife of John Legend but nothing about how much she loves to eat and cook and eat until my sister told me about her cookbooks Cravings Hungry for More was a lot of fun to readI love Chrissy s blunt sometimes sardonic commentary the gorgeous full page color photographs and the easy accessible recipes that anyone can do Even meBut just as importantly I love love love how decadent and cheesy and dense most of these recipes are and Chrissy flouts it unabashedly unreservedly and unashamedThese recipes were made to be enjoyed and shared or not if ou don t want to calories be damned A visual feast for the eyes Comfort food with recipes that are easy to follow Well don. Of comfort food this book is like Chrissy’s new edible diary recipes for uick as a snap meals; recipes for lighter brighter healthier ish living; and recipes that well are gonna put ou to bed holding FRIENDLY ENEMIES your belly And it will haveou hungry fo.

Try is Fluffy popovers with melted brie blackberry jam They sound delicious and ea This is genuinely AMAZING The hit rate of oh shit I want to make that ASAP was definitely higher than the original and definitely higher than a lot of other cookbooks Before I get startedI d like to just inform Amok you that this cookbook is outstanding My expectations have been reached and then some And I had very high expectations btw Chrissy Teigen remains the cooking goddess she is and this cookbook will become a kitchen staple for me just like her first cookbook I know I ll be using the recipes over and over I cannot wait to keep the cooking going So farand this is since the release which was last TuesdayI have made four recipes from this book And all four were delicious My sister made two others and they were also delicious I d say we re on a roll And now what follows can probably be described as a rant of my love for Chrissy Teigen s cookbooks I ll letou know which recipes I ve made and how this book compares to the last one Let s goOkay so I ve already written a raving review of her first cookbook Cravings It became my all time favorite cookbook I ve never made so many recipes out of a single cookbook I m telling And a Bottle of Rum youher tastebuds are in sync with mine or something Or maybe I should stop thinking the world revolves around me and realize the book is called Cravings so no shit is it going to be delicious to most people I suppose I ll update that review eventually with the recipes I ve made but it ll get ridiculous because I ve really worked my way through itI spent the entire time since the release of the first waiting for the release of her second I m one of those people who followed her blog before the cookbooks happened After the blog stopped I remember loving watching the process of Chrissy making her first cookbook This time aroundshe didn t seem to document it nearly as much which I found disappointing I still need something to fulfill the void of waiting for Chrissy s blog posts because it took over 2 and a halfears for this second cookbook to come outNowit is a great cookbook This time aroundit is once again cravings although because she is now a mom there are a few differences She opted for lighter food this time around which let s be realthere is still tons of cheese and bacon and all types of good stuff throughout But compared to the first book there are less of those foods that seem like straight indulgences Stillvery similar in ways too Meaningif Crochet you enjoyed the first bookou will definitely once again enjoy this oneThe other difference here is once again because she is a mom time has become an even precious thing So there are things that she takes shortcuts on while also admitting it along the way For her jerk lamb chops she says to buy jerk seasoning ready from the store but notes that if this were her first cookbook she would have given the recipe to make it Playhouse yourself from scratch This is true because there s a recipe in her first book involving cajun seasoning and sure enough she givesou the recipe to make that from scratch I m torn on how to feel about this because es I am a major lover of saving time I love getting the option of how to do things a little uicker when it doesn t make a difference in the finished product However I do like to get told how to do something so I can make the decision myself if it was worth it She could have included a brief put salt pepper this this and this and ou d have the seasoning But it s fine Not the biggest deal And again it s something I m torn onThis book has a couple sections that weren t in the first book such as a dessert section Chrissy isn t much of a sweet person so it s not cakes cookies brownies This one has a banana bread soft pretzels two faced cobbler mango sorbet homemade magic shell mousse and skillet peanut butter chocolate chip blondies UHYES PLEASEAlso there is an entire sandwich section which includes a couple grilled cheeses I needthe jalape o parmesan crusted grilled cheese and sweet spice peach brie grilled cheese Oh and the philly french dip she makes with of a cheese sauce au jus There is just so much I probably shouldn t just list every recipe in the book Although if Desire and Deceive you get a chanceit wouldn t hurt to check out the table of contentsPlusthis time there is a potatoes their friends section POTATOES Yeahmy stomach is. Ou of blueberry pie eating onion dip withour glam suad banana bread that breaks the internet and a little something called Pad Thai Carbonara After two ears of parenthood falling in love with different flavors and relearning the healing power.

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76 Recipes Completed List Below wRatings In my review of Chrissy s first cookbook I stated that I was absolutely sure she would come out with a second and a third etc and here we are My husband and I were so excited to be cooking our way through Cravings Hungry for More in 2019 targeting 50% 80% completion of each section The first cookbook was absolutely delicious and I was thrilled to be jumping back on the Chrissy flavor train CHOO CHOO Can ou sense the enthusiasm there Breakfast Brunch 1114 RecipesFrench Toast wWhipped Honey Ricotta Topping 35Blueberry Cream Cheese Pancakes 45Crispy Parmesan Waffles45Black Bean Mushroom Enchilada Casserole 45Pepper s Garlicky Bacon Scramble 35Everything Bagel Cream Cheese Breakfast Bake 35Egg Mozzarella Ham Cups 45Croissant Bread Pudding Ham Cups 35Fluffy Popovers wMelted Brie Blackberry Jam 35Cheesy Spicy Breakfast Hash 45Salted Maple Granola 35Soups 56 RecipesLazy Shrimp Pork Wonton Soup 25Creamy Tomato Soup wPeppery Parmesan Crisps 35French Onion Soup 35Parmesan Minestrone wChili Mayo Toasts 35Balcony Clam Chowder 35Salads 56 RecipesCool Ranch Taco Salad 35Roasted Carrot Avocado Salad wLime Dressing 35Goat Cheese Nicoise 35Asian Pear Avocado Salad 45Tangy Herb Sesame Slaw 45Sandwiches 89 RecipesChicken Teriyaki Burgers 35Grilled Pork Banh Mi Sandwiches55Sweet Spicy Peach Brie Grilled Cheese 25Cheesy Knife Fork Meatball Subs 35Pulled BB Chicken Sandwiches 45Crispy Bacon Sweet Pickle Patty Melts 45Philly French Dip Sandwiches 35Grilled Chicken Toasts 45Snacks 89 RecipesCrispy Coconut Chicken Tenders wPineapple Chili Sauce 35Grilled Thai Glazed Chicken Wings 35Onion Dip Oven Baked Potato Chips 35Chicken Nachos wAvocado Salsa 45Mushroom and Crispy Shallot Nachos 45Hollowed Out Italian Sandwich 35Kong s Hawaiian Pull Apart Bacon Grilled Cheese 35Peanut Butter Pretzel Granola Clusters 35Potatoes Their Friends 1215 RecipesCrispy Potato Smashies 45Crispy Buffalo Smashies 55Crispy Coated Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges 35Two Tones Potato Gratin 45Salt Vinegar Baked Fries 25Taters Shrooms Peas wParmesan Cream 45Golden Onion Rice Pilaf 25Spicy Honey Butter Carrot Coins 45Jalape o Cheddar Corn Pudding 45 Sheet Pan Cream Thyme Roasted Onions 15Saut ed Spicy Asparagus 45Kung Pao Roasted Broccoli 45Thai Mom 611 RecipesPad Thai Carbonara 25Khao Tod 35Crab Fried Rice 25Pork Larb 25Red Chicken Curry 35Thai Soy Garlic Fried Ribs 55Supper 1725Sleepytime Stew Cream Cheese Smashed Potatoes 35Cheddar Chorizo Broccoli Rice in Tomato Bowls 35Chicken Dumplings 35Cheesy Chicken Milanese 35Pan Seared Fish 45Garlic Honey Shrimp 45Seared Steak w Spicy Garlic Miso Butter 45Steak Diane w Crispy Onions 45Spice Rubbed Parmesan Chicken Breast s wGarlicky Saut ed Spinach 45Braised Short Ribs wMaple Brown Butter Sweet Potato Mash 45Ron s Hobo Burger Dinners 35Sweet Miso Butter Cod 35Simple Skillet Broken Lasagna 45Coconut Short Rib Curry 35Crispy Skinned Chicken wLemon Rosemary Pan Sauce 35One Pot Seafood Stew 35Spicy Jammy Drummies 35Sweets 48Twitter s and Uncle Mike s Banana Bread 45Instant Mango Sorbet 45Homemade Magic Shell 45Two Faced Cobbler 35 The food in this looks so beautiful I literally had tears in my eyes the first time I flipped through it Excited to try these recipes 45Some really good recipes here but my favorite is the sweet spicy peach brie grilled cheese I m going to make the blackberry pop overs this week as well and they look fabulous but upon discovering I have a peach tree in my Household Gods yard have been looking for uniue and tasty peach recipes especially I like Chrissy s books Nothing is too difficult and she has some easy recipes for families and working people Plus she s just a feisty fun gal that I enjoy supporting Y all this french onion soup recipe I m in cheese heaven The recipes in this book look tasty and there are several I would like to try enough that even though I borrowed this book from the library I will most likely purchase a copy to add to my collection I like to add little flags and sticky notes in my cookbooks to mark the recipes I would like to try and this one would have uite a few The recipes included are not difficult but they are not overly simplistic either Chrissy uses ingredientsou can likely find at any grocery store She also gives occasional tips and options for using different foods or appliances I think the first recipe I will. After the extraordinary success of Cravings Chrissy Teigen comes back with of her signature wit and take no prisoners flavor bombs Cravings Hungry for More takes us further into Chrissy’s kitchenand life It’s a life of pancakes that remind

Chrissy Teigen is known as many things–host of Lip Sync Battle on MTV bestselling author Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model spouse to John Legend star of Instagram 168M and Twitter 103M but all she really wants to talk about is dinner