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A good way to sum this book up is holiday and family drama And Dorothy is there to help smooth things over for all families involved in their own dramas She helps those who are down for all to see the beauty there is in the simple things and to give thanks as a whole to our God This is a good book to laugh at those silly family problems that cause myself to eflect on my own family s silly problems that we tend to think are bigger than life itself Dorothy helps her neighbors and myself to Omnibus Films realize how precious life is and what a blessing families can do for our souls And the best thing we can do is give thanks for everyone and every moment with those we love Enjoying the story and daydreaming of what it would be like to celebrate Thanksgiving with a community of friends Especially in a time of COVID when we will be lucky to celebrate with extended family online I am thoroughly invested in the town of Partonville and all its characters and can t wait to see what happens next Suchelaxing humorous Graeco-Egyptian Magick reads Fourth in the series this was in my opinion the best one even Charlene Ann Baumbich has won a loyal following ofeaders with the first three books in the Dearest Dorothy series featuring the amusing and touching adventures of the townspeople of Partonville Now Charlene Baumbich uses her wonderful gift of storytell.

Hough I can t give it any higher than a 2 like I ve done for all the previous Looking back in my Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge reviews of books 1 3 I didn t particularly care for them so I m not sure ifeading the three before maybe the fourth one grew on me as I m used to the fuddy duddy characters in the seriesThis story takes place in a small town in Illinois called Partonville where everyone knows one another and gossip is ampant Most of the esidents are Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family retired The main character is 87 year old Dorothy who is feisty sharp as a whip and always someone to count onRandom comment At Jessie s bunco game I had to look up what bridge mix is I ve never heard of itWhat Katie is up to in this book it s not difficult to figure out wh Normally a sucker for small town stories I found myself spacing out on the last several chapters of this book I loved the curmudgeonly couple Arthur and Jessie and only hung on until the finish to see what happened to them The what wasather cliche but it ties up the loose ends for me This isn t a horrible book but I wouldn t count on it keeping you awake Book 4 in th. Ing to celebrate the simple pleasures of life in this heartwarming and hilarious story The fourth book in the series finds the esidents of Partonville preparing for a festive Thanksgiving dinner at the local church Amid assigning duties and preparing e.

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E Dearest Dorothy series Please see my eivew of Book 1 Dearest Dorothy Are We There Yet for info this series are all ather dull good to ead when you can t concentrate on a story The people in Partonville are planning a town Thanksgiving dinner Katie wants to open a mini mall in the suare Jessica is overworked with the hotel and finds out she is pregnant when her baby is only 5 months old and Dorothy continues to amaze with her antics Another enjoyable visit with Dorothy Baumbich gives us a view of small town living that is so enjoyable at today s world of multi tasking and hurry up living I try to pace my eading for heavy and elaxing eading This is elaxing and entertaining Readers will ecognize a few of their neighbors and possibly their kind within the pages A most enjoyable series I now have a connection with this town and Dorothy Her faith in God is never ending I love her There are 2 books in this series now I can t wait to see what all my friend in Pardon me ville are up to This is a nice little series of books They are fun light and funny pool eadin. Cipes everyone tries to ignore bossy acting mayor Gladys McKern Meanwhile Jessica Joy struggles with an unexpected turn of events Katie Durbin considers another eal estate project and Dearest Dorothy doles out advice and love in eual amounts to everyone.

wwwcharleneannbaumbichcom for informationIt's awesome when my fictional characters bless me Like Evelyn in FINDING OUR WAY HOME is fond of saying Grace Amen