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Plot was pretty much romance which was ind of annoying though I DID LOVE HER TEAM UP IN FAERIE ICONIC Kieran I still feel mixed on I ve never liked him much but he did grow on me a bit in this I actually The New Baby kinda ended up liking him even though I still don t care about him on the same level as the other characters But his character arc was great Kit and Ty THEY WERE NOT IN THIS ENOUGH Okay yes they literally had a major plot arc BUT STILL Ty should of have a POV but he never did I also hated the conclusion of their arc obviously it s going to be the main focus of The Wicked Powers but it was SO unsatisfying here I also though Ty s literally had no growth in the 700 pages of this book which was annoying But I LOVED KIT SO MUCH Thats my son I really liked his role in this book and his POVs were some of my favourite He is fucking iconic and hilarious you are so forked bitch you better BET i laughedDru My unexpected fave of this book In Lord of Shadows I liked Dru but felt I didn t reallynow her She had SO much development and growth in this and I loved her role I didn t expect to love her so much but I seriously do and I think of all the characters I am MOST excited to see of DRU in The Wicked Powers She stole my heart I love her Jaimie and Diego They were in this than I expected and I didn t love it Honestly I did Not like Diego s chapters much I just don t care about them that much so their chapters were always the ones that made me want to put this book down But I did like their characters in relation to their character arc with CristinaDiana I LOVE DIANA and I honestly don t have heaps to say about her I liked how she became a important role in the Clave in this book and I also liked how there was focus on her being an older sister to Emma and Julian in this Helen and Aline MY SAPPHIC UEEEENS I love both of them so much Aline was such a fun character because she was so different to Helen and even to Jules and Emma in terms of how she handled the Wild Streak kids Helen was sweet and I LOVED her relationship with Mark in this Seeing those two interact were some of my favourite parts of this book Aline and Helen are also so fucking cute jghfkgj it s unfair of Ms Clare to show us gays a pair of gfs that cute when she KNOWS none of us can achieve that irl because all gays are too useless to actually date other gays Grief can be so bad you can t breathe but that s what it means to be human We lose we suffer but we have toeep breathing PLOT ueen of Air and Darkness picks up right where Lord of Shadows ends I loved this choice but also I WAS IN SO MUCH PAIN The scenes of Julian crying and Ty passing out were hard to read and seriously I was emotionally wrecked by page 25 I literally had to take a break I pretty thoroughly enjoyed the first third of this book The chapters in faerie were exciting and I liked seeing so many different characters play a role Simon Isabelle Jace Clary and appearing was so fun and I loved the cameos The plot in faerie reminded me a lot of Lord of Shadows but I decided I didn t mind it That fight in the throne room also reminded me of that fight scene in The Last Jedi with KyloRey and bitch I was HOLLERING The only plot in the first third I wasn t a fan of was Julian s emotions things I didn t think it was bad but it just came out of nowhere In no previous books even when Emma and Julian discuss their options did him removing his emotions come up so it felt out of nowhere and P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, kind of lazy The second part in Thule was literally my favourite part of the book which seems to be an unpopular opinion but I thought it was SO MUCH FUN It was like a canon AU and I was loving it Seeing the world as it would have been was interesting and I loved Emma and Julian s arc in this The focus on their romance and Julian s choices was great and Thule really allowed a lot of emotional catharsis and tangible contrast between what is and what could have been ALSO JULIAN AND EMMA FUCKING WHILST SAYING THEIR PARABATAI VOWS WAS HOT AND LITERALLY IS MY KINKThe final section was my least favourite and where everything seemed to fall apart I felt Cassandra Clare had so many thread and plots and character things to work with and they ended up not coming together great It definitely felt like she lost control of the story a bit The climax was incredibly disappointing and so cliche Again the whole Nephilim Parabatai thing just came literally out of nowhere The ending of Julian and Emma s complications with being Parabatai was so lazy and wasn t even foreshadowed as a legitimate option until it randomly happened Using heavenly fire again also felt lazy and the whole family talks you down thing was SO cliche I felt so unsatisfied with the ending here and I really just can t get over Emma and Julian randomly going giant throwing around the evil elf army like what the FUCK even was that It was just messy and weird Be good my archer boy Come back to me ROMANCE ANGST So where the plot let me down the angst came THROUGH Honestly I was going into this wanting some sweet sweet painful angst and phew once again the good sis Cassandra delivered JULIAN AND EMMAisses fingers oh yeah thats the STUFF Like I ve said multiple times I adore them ADORE THEM I honestly love their friendshiprelationship so much and the whole set up of them being best friend literally Being Eachother s People like no one loves them as much as they love eachother oh fuck YES thats the shit I THRIVE off of that And she delivered in spades she really did AND OH THE ANGST OF DARK JULIAN And Dark Julian being like lowkey hot yeah I m into that Anyway truly excellence once again Mark Cristina and Kieran FINALLY the OT3 we all love and deserve I see you boring bitches whining about the ending of this love triangle but it is WHAT WE DESERVE Turning your love triangle into a polyam ship inspired And it honestly was so well written That they re all eually in love with eachother That MarkCristina or MarkKieran or KieranCristina doesnt even work because they re all thinking about one another like it s mess and I adore it And the three way ship is perfect BUT THE ENDIGN I hate that omg It was so unresolved which was annoying as fuck but also I stan King Kieran so idk phew that is a tough one I feel it will also be resolved in The Wicked Powers IM HOPINGTy and Kit they re so cute aw man I love Kit s inner monologue around Ty he s so enamoured with him in such a pure and cute way and there is definitely going to be an arc around him Realising He Is ueer which should be fun He really is the bi ing I deserved And Ty always recruiting Kit and trusting Kit was so sweet they re both sweet and even tho I m an angst DEMON I was rooting for them and their softness Jace and Clary LOOK ALL I AM GOING TO SAY IS THEM GOING BACK TO THE GREE What do you mean this trilogy is over It s 2 am and I just finished this Now I need to cry myself to sleep because what do you mean this trilogy is overFull RTCBuddy read with my girls Amy May Maram Update Nov42018 holy shit there s one month left you guys holyshitholyshitholyshit Update 12112017 COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVER REVEAL GUYS GOD I AM SO DAMN EXCITED BUT DECEMBER 2018 THIS IS WAY TOO LONG HELP Update 892017 GUYS Release date has been pushed forward I repeat RELEASE DATE HAS BEEN PUSHED FORWARD It s now set for Fall 2018 release I may or may not be crying right now 2452017 That moment where I have to wait TWO DAMN YEARS for this Where can I find a time machine After the ending of Lord of Shadows I won t even make it through today let alone two years 730 days My review is Courts is a secret that may tear the Shadow World asunder and open a dark path into a future they could never have imagined Caught in a race against time Emma and Julian must save the world of Shadowhunters before the deadly power of theĀ  parabataiĀ curse destroys them and everyone they lo.

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T particularly fond of Thule I get why it had to happen and I don t now if it s because of how I was feeling at the time I think because it was mainly focusing on Julian and Emma and I missed the other characters at that time KIT DESERVED MORE I am low Rafaellos Mistress key sad at how he parted with the Blackthorns and in particular Ty but Iind of get it if there s books to come because SURELY it will be about them reconnecting maybe Although I do like that he s with Jem and Tessa My expectations going in I The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, kind of also thought there d be of Annabel and Ash I d guessed in Lord of Shadows that Ash was going to be important but we didn t really see either of them that much I alsoind of expected with Manuel when we see small snippets from his point of view I thought something was going to happen unless this is setting him up for the next books The sky was a road and the stars made pathways the moon was a watchtower a lighthouse that led you home Overall I m so happy with the way this turned out it was my most anticipated release for the year and it didn t disappoint It s bittersweet that it s over but hopefully there will be to come I need answers and you can t leave some of the characters like this A T L A S TLady Midnight 5 StarsLord of Shadows 5 Starsueen of Air and Darkness 5 Stars Pre Ramble thoughtsWE HAVE TO WAIT TWO YEARS FOR THISAFTER THAT ENDING 25062017Helen and Aline snippets on Tumblr already not coping 12112017WE HAVE A COVER it s so beautiful Want Need THE RED I CAN T LIVINGGGGGGGG 12022018TY and KIT snippets LIVINGGGGGG 28062018When you pray to the gods that you ve ordered the right Limited edition if not well I ll be on the huntPS 6 months ish to go 20102018After The Land I lost I need this now Why may you ask THEY HAVE DROPPED A HUGE HINT ABOUT SOMETHING AND I AM DYING INSIDE The inside dust jacket This is one of the most beautiful covers Well shit This book had all the feels in the world Sadnesssssss happiness anger ALL OF THEM I m happy with this ending That epilogue You Rascal know what I said I wasn t going to read any books she writes in this series because I m done But after all of that I might read the other books coming out to see what else is going to happen Always makes me nervous with my favorite authors out there because I m afraid they are going toill too many of my loves There are actually books I haven t continued because I Another Day of Life know a love is going to die Guess it s time to buckle up butte 1 City of Bones 2 City of Ashes 3 City of Glass 1 Clockwork Angel 4 City of Fallen Angels 2 Clockwork Prince 5 City of Lost Souls 3 Clockwork Princess 6 City of Heavenly Fire The Bane Chronicles Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy 1 Lady Midnight 2 Lor At the edge of everything love and faith have always brought me back and back to you1 Lady midnight 2 Lord of shadows The whole Shadowhunters saga has my heart and that s never going to changeI m never going to be able to thank Cassandra Clare enough for creating a world that has literally changed my life well my entire review including the stuff I wrote about the signing with her went POOF greatttt This was a whole messSpoilers are marked in text and in case character talk was what you were here for Ieysmashed a bit at the bottom of this page P A C I N G I S S U E S G A L O R E Fuck you guys the scope and pacing of this was wild ride Generally this just felt very thrown together in comparison to the fairly well balanced nature of earlier books Let s talk some detailsFirst of all the concept of Thule is good And Melanie s description of it as a Mad Max version of the Shadowhunters world is honestly real BUT it takes up about a uarter of this 900 nine hundred page book and it has no bearing on the plot until the epilogue in which it is used to set up another whole ass trilogyAlso what the fuck happened with Annabelle Annabelle honestly has one of the better villain setups Cassie has ever pulled off and the fact that she does nothing except die and dies halfway through the book is just It s just a mess I hate it Just as in every one of CC s conclusions I ve read I think the first five chapters or so should have been incorporated into the last book She has a tendency to set up The Final Showdown conflicts at the beginning of the third book rather than at the end of the second which messes with her flow leaving us with abrupt book two endings Lord of Shadows i loved that book but admit it this is a problem and lacking buildup for events in book threeHere is a simple way this couldve been done to this particular book end it not on the note of view spoilerLivia s death hide spoiler Check out my spoiler free reading vlog and spoiler filled reviewReading Vlog this truly WAS the infinity war of the shadowhunter chronicles it was so wild to see so many characters from across this universe play a role here and I LOVED IT I ve had like a month to process this book and okay like I don t think my brain and heart will EVER be able to process what this book just did to me but I m going to try So yes below you can read my FULL REVIEW OF UEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS also I m saying now I CANNOT PROMISE THIS REVIEW WILL BE SPOILER FREE OK YOU WERE WARNED The sky was a road and the stars made pathways the moon was a watchtower a lighthouse that led you home This book was easily my most anticipated book of the year I had made a big claim that if ueen lived up to Clockwork Princess then The Dark Artifices would become my new favourite series of Cassandra Clare s I don t now how I feel about that now This ending wasn t as good as the Clockwork Princess ending for me but there was SO many things I loved about it I loved the characters most of the plot the angst the romance and seeing all the different series come together most of the time But there was some things the lst 100 pages that annoyed me so I just couldn t give it a five star even though it SHOULD HAVE BEEN it COULD HAVE BEEN im furious Anyways lets break this bad bitch down I whisper your name Ty I whisper the most important thing I love you I love you I love youLivvy CHARACTERS Lets start with characters because it s my favourite part of this seriesEmma remains my favourite character what an iconic ueen I honestly ADORE Emma and she s one of my favourite CC characters ever She s changed and developed so much between book one and three but I love what a strong badass she is whilst also being caring and compassionate and maintaining important relationships It s nice to have a female character who d badass and blunt but not necessarily cold I literally love her and I really want her to punch me in the face because it d be an HONOUR Julian for some reason a lot of people don t like Julian but I LOVE JULIAN He s such an interesting and unusual main male character especially from Cassandra Clare So I think he adds a really great dimension to this series and is such a contrast to characters like Will or Jace AND ANTI HERO JULIAN FINALLY KINDA ROSE AND I WAS SCARED All in all I loved his arc in this book the dark julian contrasted with actual julian was painful to read but I loved it YOU ARE IN THE CAGE I cried Also I just love Dad Julian and how he treats his entire family dfjghdfkj ALSO WE LOVE A DEMISEXUAL KINGMark Cristina and Kieran SO I have always felt meh about Mark I don t dislike him I actually like him uite a bit I just don t like him as much as some people seem to I felt pretty much the same about him in this as I always have I love Cristina and I loved her in this too But I felt she didn t get as good an arc as the other characters Her entire. To Los Angeles seeking to discover the source of the disease that is destroying the race of warlocks Meanwhile Julian and Emma take desperate measures to put their forbidden love aside and undertake a perilous mission to Faerie to retrieve the Black Volume of the Dead What they find in the.

I m sorry but did you expect anything less that 5 Stars for my absolute ueen Perhaps being parabatai was a weakness that could trap you But so was any ind of love and if love was weakness it was strength tooBefore I get into this review those illustrations were EVERYTHING They were so beautiful and the detail It made me so happySo I m not going to lie this review will than likely be rusty as I haven t done one for uite a while now so I shall try none the less Just a pre warning in the things I like and the things I don t like there will be minor spoilers so you can just stop at that point if you haven t ready this alreadyGoing to this I was a bag of nerves I new that it would be heart wrenching after what happened in Lord of Shadows but the way in which grief is portrayed throughout was just so raw and dealt with in different ways by all of the characters I didn t now where the story would take us with the final instalment and I d be lying if I said this was what I expected but that Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, kind of makes me enjoy it even Luckily I d read all of the tales from Ghosts of the Shadow Market which were very useful going into this because of how much background we got in relation to a specific character sonowing what I did I was very very worried in regards to that it was very interesting seeing it all come together thoughWhat I love so much about this series is the characters there s honestly no one other than Zara and the Cohort that I dislike I love stories that have strong relationships and this has so much love between the characters you can t help but become invested in themThe way in which it ended I am so surprised it s not what I expected what so ever and now I m super intrigued to find out what s to come if there s not another series I WILL RIOT Some lights were never meant to burn for long CharactersTo start with Emma and Julian honestly all the way throughout I was so worried for what was to come their love for one another is just so strong and I just wanted them to be happy IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK Emma is still the strong character from the previous books and her development from Lady Midnight to this was amazing particularly in one chapter where she realises something and that she has t overcome that and move away from it My heart for Julian broke he goes through such a rough patch and seeing what he does to himself DESTROYED me His care for his siblings and Emma is just undeniableThen we have the trio that is of course Cristina Mark and Kieran I never in my life thought I would enjoy a trio again from Will Jem and Tessa but here we are The balance between them all is just so pure and perfect They all just fit together in ways that just balance each other out Cristina is such a loving character and probable y the purest soul in this book she is so open and honest and her love for people ahhh she s so lovely Mark is Mark the things he does and says they are just so lovable and you Friend Foe know he just tries his hardest to help the small gestures he does throughout I was NOT coping Then finally Kieran I can honestly say that in this Kieran is my favourite character He was just so funny and he really came into his own his love is fierce and when he feels something strongly he will try his best There is so much I want to say and rave on about but I m trying toeep this section spoiler free but I love himKit and Ty were the two characters I worried about the most after everything that happened in Lord of Shadows and I don t think I m alone in this thought Ty has to come to terms with a lot and boy does it get deep My heart is broken for him and it was so sad to see the lengths he went to throughout Then we have Kit another personal favourite of mine I am very very intrigued by him Once again I felt sorry for him he was trying to help Ty but at the same time trying to deal with other things going on with himself he is just too preciousI don t think I really The Longevity Diet knew much about Dru Helen and Aline just the snippets every now and again Drug for me was SUCH a good character I liked her friendships with Ty and Kit and her realising her own self worth it was just nice to see her being able to do small things to help the people she loves and cared about Aline was so fierce anything relating to making Helen upset Aline took zero bull shit and I LIVED for it coming into that environment she handled it so well and I just adored her love for Helen it was just so sweet I honestly felt for Helen she d been away from her family for such a long period of time and to see her bond with her family made me so happy At times I felt frustrated for her but the way she handled things I felt so proudMy least favourites Zara and The Cohort I legit hate them all They were devious and sneaky but I love to hate characters and you can t not hate them Now as much as I dislike them some of the things they did were clever but still not a fan I just want to slap them all and I like to think of myself as uite a nice person ahaFinally Diana Gwyn Alec Magnus Jace and Clary Inow this is a weird bunch to put together but it s probably easier this way because it s just little things Diana was of course great and what she did YES GIRL Gwyn once again enjoyed It was nice to see Jace and Clary again they re not my favourite characters but it was still good Alec and Magnus I d forgot how much they were in Lord of Shadows but I honestly love their defiance and how they work together the simple things make me happy Pre Warning there will be spoilers ahead I love you I love you I love youWhat I liked Some nice little references to previous books Will Herondale of course Ty tryin to get to Livvy my god my poor little heart but it was such a Ty thing to do and just ARGH Seeing the family Dynamics it was so lovely to see Helen and Aline back Ty gave Kit his first Witchlight Come onnnnnnnn I didn t mention this earlier BUT the Trio relationship I never Grassroots Innovation knew I needed this but turns out I 1000000% do I am here for it I could go on and on but I loved Kierans description of why they were perfect as a unit and it was everything All of the tension nothing going right just forever hoping for some Peace Perfect Diego helping Kieran along with Divya I liked seeing a bit inside the Scholomance All of the feeeeeeels Kieran pretending to be asleep because he felt awkward dead Helen sitting on Kieran and him asking her to move because it s painful these one liners have me every time Emma taking the Tapestry absolute gold The names of the Downworlders My name is Greg Greg Anderson It s Elton John said Aline grabbing a stamp Another Kieran moment calling his brother a Turnip Goodbye Arm younow when you now Dru and Kieran with the mugs That LETTER I was like no no no no no Seeing the relationships with so many Parabatai is was very interesting and also heart wrenching at the same time Now Julian steps up a lot but what he does in this with sending of the letters and the resistance it was so engaging to read you could see his thought process and you could see just how smart he actually is Not only that but the BANNER I was ugly crying full blown tears Dru asking Kit to teach her things and becoming a True Con Woman Kit and just how loving and protective he is towards Ty he nows how to deal with him and just AHHH I CAN T That T SHIRT hahahahahahahahahahaha The cake Magnus being able to talk to Ty it was just such a lovely moment because he just seemed to understand I now a lot of the other characters too but Magnus is different in his own way and helped Ty a lot Kitten calendarsWhat I didn t like I wasn. What if damnation is the price of true loveInnocent blood has been spilled on the steps of the Council Hall the sacred stronghold of the Shadowhunters In the wake of the tragic death of Livia Blackthorn the Clave teeters on the brink of civil war One fragment of the Blackthorn family flees.

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