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Role in slavery and the spread of disease The book is illustrated with a superlative collection of artworks and photographs from the National Maritime Museum the Royal Naval Museum and private collections Perhaps I am simply not a fan of summaries for history but this didn t excite for me it felt like a grind going through It felt politically charged throughout comparisons between the diversity of trade and our now diverse population have no place other than to garner acce. Very's narrative explores the navy's ise over four centuries; a key factor in propelling Britain to its status as the most powerful nation on earth and assesses the turning point of Jutland and the First World War He creates a compelling ead that is every bit as engaging as the TV series itsel.

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Rint on everything from our landscape to our democracy and even our very identity At its peak it became the driving force behind the spread of a system of values which would change the world forever And then it lost it all In Empire of the Seas Brian Lavery e injects the omance into Britain s seafaring past He discusses the hidden human stories behind the celebrated sea battles and also provides a warts and all expose of the darker chapters in the Navy s past including its. Tells the story of how the navy expanded from a tiny force to become the most complex industrial enterprise on earth; how the need to organise it laid the foundations of our civil service and our economy; and how it transformed our culture our sense of national identity and our democracyBrian La.

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Rather a disappointment after the TV series That was a look at how the Navy drove industrial development and influenced public attitudes The book is just a simplistic naval history A broad brush history of the navy a good overview though This new book a tie in to a major BBC TV series presented by Dan Snow is written by one of the nation s foremost naval historians and tells the story of how the Royal Navy shaped the politics culture and economy of Britain leaving its imp. The year 1588 marked a turning point in our national story Victory over the Spanish Armada transformed us into a seafaring nation and it sparked a myth that one day would become a eality – that the nation's new destiny the source of her future wealth and power lay out on the oceans This book.

Brian Lavery is a British naval historian author and Curator Emeritus at the National Maritime Museum Greenwich