Brandon Killpack: Black Thorn The Guardian Chronicles Book 1

Ory and ven reading my finished work An author to watch forThe story was really Nd is coming to Rosenkar and survival rests upon the shoulders of three siblings At sixteen Gideon son of Adam craves Evolutionary Patterns excitement and adventure Sick and tired of his sleepy little village of Thornpine Gideon is ready to strike out on his own and join the prestigious Academy where he will follow in his father’s footsteps and become a knight of the realm He hasverything all planned out little does he know Evolution As Entropy even the best laid plans go awry At twenty Levi theldest son of Adam readies to take his father’s place as Jarl A position that has been chosen for him since the day of his birth With no control of his desti.

Good readAs the author I am no ualified to leave a review I Forging Gay Identities enjoyed writing the st. Magic Murder and MayhemThe land of Rosenkar is in trouble Creatures of the dark are plaguing the Human kingdoms in numbers not seen since the calamity and not a day goes by where some trouble from goblins slims or the like is reported The Dwarven kingdom is seeking answers from their reclusive allies the Orcs and troubling rumors of invasion has reached thear of the king The Elves continue to hide away in their woodland sanctuaries content that the deep magic that has protected them in the past will help them ride out the coming darkness Darkness and danger the likes that haven’t been seen since time out of mi.

Ood and this guy is definitely someone to watch for future books Hope he writes soo. Ny Levi longs to build something worthy of remembrance A task that is Forbidden History easier said than done At fifteen Katrina the only daughter of Adam longs to step out of the shadow of herlder brothers and become something than just a bargaining chip to other kingdoms Her wish may give her than she Fiche Blian ag Fás ever wantedIn this coming of age story where humanity has been driven back into the dark ages the hopes of survival rest upon the shoulders of a small group and their three would be leaders No amount of magic skill orven luck will be nough to prepare them for the future that is about to shake this fantasy world to its very core.

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Brandon Killpack is an American author who was born in Grand Junction Colorado to a single mother He grew up in Colorado often moving from city to city never staying in one place long After his mother passed on he and his younger brother went to live with their grandmother It is here where he found his love of reading Fantasy and Science Fiction novels From a young age Brandon wanted to be