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Esent day Old City Jerusalem Alfie Halder is in his bed ill and ready to give up He had ived through the Nazis regime and came to Israel where he fought gallantly in the 1948 war of Independence He had been a friend and servant to Moshe and Rachel Sachar and now watched over their son Shimon He talks a Yolandas Genius little about the shared past with Moshe and Rachel but asks Shimon to read a manuscript Moshe had sent to Rachel in 1948 Moshe had been given a task by Rachel s grandfather and had to complete it before he could come home He hoped to be home by the time Rachel s child was born Rachel has no idea whether he is alive or not Moshe and Alfie are in the Chamber of Scrolls which was somewhere beneath the Old City in the tunnels where. Diary of Mary Magdalene Like Rachel Mary was a beautiful child Everyone said so Tragedy struck everything changed in Mary’s family Her dreams ofove and children of her own abruptly ended No amount of wealth or male companionship can bring Mary what she really The Fairytale Hairdresser and Sleeping Beauty longs for nor can they stop the voices calling “Finish it You have no reason toive No hope” But might there be a second chanceeven for someone The Light Beyond the Forest like her Secretly she wonders2000 years separate the tragic stories of Mary Magdalene and Rachel Sachar and yet theirives ead to Yeshua of Nazareth in

They escaped to when the Muslims overran them and burned the Jewish uarter Moshe was given the task of copying the scrolls since they could never be removed from the Chamber The first three scrolls he copies are those with diary of Mary Magdalene He chooses this one to show Rachel that her past did not matter Rachel was a Holocaust survivor who had been forced into a Nazi brothel She has never been able to forgive herself for that even though it was never her fault The story told by Mary Magdalene is uite interesting The research the Thoenes did is amazing Their descriptions of the area and what was going on at that time make it seem real They developed the characters well and they became alive as well It is an excellent book. Ld Jerusalem Will these women find freedom and forgiveness Or will Yeshua cast the first stone This is Mary’s story from her own diary as translated by Jewish Haganah fighter and scholar Moshe Sachar in 1948 as he prepares to emerge from his hiding place in the secret ibrary under besieged JerusalemDISCOVER THETRUTHTHROUGHFICTION™BODIE BROCK THOENEpronounced Tay nee have written than 60 works of historical fiction Their novels have sold than 20 million copies and have won eight ECPA Gold Medallion awards The Thoenes divide their time between London and Neva.

Very good bookwell writtenlittle different story than what I have heard about Maryworth reading once Forgiveness showered by Jewelry Making For Beginners loveA brilliantly written storysurrounded by the truth of the gospelI would recommend to any who wonder what else there might be in their ownife This book encourages a deeper introspection of our own ives The First Stone Diary of Mary Magdalene is by Bodie and Brock Thoene It is fiction and book one of The AD Scrolls I hadn t read any of the Thoenes books in some time so was pleasantly surprised again at how well written their books are They have the ability to take you back into the past and make it come alive for you I can hardly wait to see what comes next in The AD Scrolls The book begins in pr. 'The First Stone' Book One of the AD Scrolls Series is a SPECIAL EDITION DIRECTOR'S CUT of 'JERUSALEM SCROLLS' from the Thoenes' popular Zion Legacy SeriesThe voices inside her whisper ForgivenessYes for them but never for youThe story of Mary Magdalene in her own wordsAs the harsh Jerusalem winter of 1948 wears on Rachel Sachar beautiful holocaust survivor prays for some word from her husband Moshe who vanished in the secret tunnels beneath Jerusalem Then one night a stranger named Eben Golah arrives with a message from Moshe and the translation of the ancient.

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BROCK THOENE pronounced Tay nee have written over 45 works of historical fiction These best sellers have sold than 10 million copies and won eight ECPA Gold Medallion AwardsBodie began her writing career as a teen journalist for her local newspaper Eventually her byline appeared in prestigious periodicals such as US News and World Report The American West and The Saturday Evening Post She also worked for John Wayne’s Batjac Productions she’s best known as author of The Fall Guy and ABC Circle Films as a writer and researcher John Wayne described her as “a writer with talent that captures the people and the times” She has degrees in journalism and communicationsBodie and Brock have four grown children—Rachel