Barbara Coloroso: Just Because It's Not Wrong Doesn't Make It Right: Teaching Kids to Think and Act Ethically

This is another interesting look at ow Barbara Coloroso wraps parenting and ethical common sense into a neat little bestselling package I did find this book useful in that it allowed me to reflect on my own ethical practices I Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber have always believed that it is very important to be a role model for younger children and in reading Coloroso s similar view I found myself reflecting on what I could do to demonstrate this empathy and sympathy to other children I once again disagree wither idea that rewards and recognition are absolutely useless in achieving this goal as extrinsic motivation can evolve to intrinsic motivation Overall this was a good book for both reflection and in exercising my critical thinking skills about the theories presented Barbara s Kids Are Worth It is my go to guide for reassurance and support in parenting I don t think there s anything new in Just Because As I got towards the end I wondered why it felt less satisfyi. In er now classic kids are worth it Barbara Coloroso offered solid advice and practical parenting techniues that above all preserved the dignity of both parent and child Coloroso's underlying parenting vision ascribes to parents the responsibility to teach the next generation ow to think not just what to think so that they may grow into the best people they can be Now in this groundbreaking new book a natural extension and a profound deepening of The Shaping of Western Civilization her original vision Coloroso shows parentsow to nurture their children's ethical lives from preschool thr.

Summary Just Because It's Not Wrong Doesn't Make It Right: Teaching Kids to Think and Act Ethically

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S a love for umanity at the end My uestion to er is without an encounter with Christ The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles how can we truly know love God is love He is the source of love so to leave Him out is a mistake Wonderful Barbara C sheas written another one of those parenting books where I feel like I really could go back and Medicine and Religion have a crack at it and do a worthy job this time around the parts about children being addicted to the internet today were uite disturbing on the otherand As a grandparent at a distance I feel uite The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, helplessI recommend this to parents with kids from 0 through their teens worth reading and making notes and trying out in your family Wonderful speaker she came to our school to speak Book is pretty much common sense stuff tho nothing particularly enlightening Our culture is so unethical these days it seems like an uphill battle trying to raise ethical kids Went toear a talk by Barbara and really liked Valentino her practical ideas for parenting teens. Ake It Right is an essential toolBeginning with the idea that it is in us to care that we are born with an innate capacity for compassion and caring Coloroso shows parentsow to nurture and guide children's ethical lives from toddlerhood through the teen years using everyday situations at ome at school in social settings and in the world at largeRich in advice and anecdotes Just Because It's Not Wrong Doesn't Make It Right offers no less than an ethical vision one rooted in deep caring by which we and succeeding generations may not only live but thrive.

Ng than Kids I think it is because it is theoretical than practical It certainly reinforces the messages in er other books but I wonder if she intended it for a different audience I thought this was a parenting guide This read like a thesis on ethics I really appreciate Barbara Coloroso s ealthy approach to discipline rather than a punitive or a permissive approach She explains different parenting styles and why the Backbone approach is most effective She addresses current issues facing our children in the digitalmedia age She also addresses bullying azing and other damaging behaviors Beautiful uotes are sprinkled throughout the book as well as references to other pertinent books and articles Coloroso promotes the values of caring deeply sharing generously and elping willingly to combat some of the muck and mire in this world My only critiue of this book is that Coloroso seems to reject religion as a place to find answers and embrace. Ough adolescence There can be no necessary book for our timesWe live in a world where children are so often given the message that the ends justify the means; where armful even violent behavior in families in communities and around the world goes unnoticed unmitigated and often unrepented; where children's ethical education can come from a T shirt slogan or bumper sticker an Internet site or the evening news; where rigid moral absolutism or moral relativism as replaced true ethical thinking In a world such as ours Just Because It's Not Wrong Doesn't

Barbara Coloroso is the author of the international bestseller Kids Are Worth It and Parenting Through Crisis and is an acclaimed speaker on parenting teaching conflict resolution and grieving Featured in Time the New York Times and on many radio and television shows she lives with her husband in Littleton Colorado