Barbara Allan: Antiques St. Nicked (A Trash n Treasures Mystery, #9.5)

Th the death of an old flame of Vivian s Short sweet These books are just fun I love the characters The mysteries are fair This book was a very short ick read Another ick and funny readMother and daughter solve the mysterious murder again The women stumble on the murder of another good friend and are determined to solve it much to the dismay of the daughter s boyfriend who just happens to be the Chief of Police There is the sual humor which makes the book even enjoyable Again I recommend this book and the series Cute predictable funny Another in between story Short and sweet and with a twist. Andy and Mother with spirited shi tzu Sushi in tow to take the reins and start checking off their naughty list But the sleuthing duo might have to reckon with some ghosts of Christmas past before finally nwrapping the murdererDon’t miss Brandy Borne’s tips on antiues.

Witty Murder MysteryThis is a very humorous and witty cozy The mother and daughter amateur sleuths are a funny pair but they always get their culprit This story set at Christmas time has a murder with a history which is part of the story The journey to the end rolls out nicely to make a really good read Partly funny and partly sad but 100% well worth the time invested in reading I can t believe it took 2 people to write this drivel No one is a character They re just a descriptive account from a catalog So even after solving who cares Good but ended too soon Brandy and Vivian and little Sushi nev. A Trash ‘n’ Treasures Mystery E Book Exclusive   “One of the funniest cozy series going” Ellery een Mystery Magazine   Hey Santa get a clue   Baby it’s cold outside at small town Serenity’s annual Holiday Stroll festivities But that doesn’t stop Brandy.

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Er fail to crack me I Do, Two up This Christmas themed cozy novella has our two sleuths hot on the tail of Santa s killer and on theest for a very valuable coin Because of the brevity of the novella there wasn t much in the way of story development which I found a little disappointing I just expected and the resolution of the story was very abrupt Novellas are a nice She Weeps Each Time Youre Born uick read but no substitute for the development of a full length novel A short Christmas story that has now been released in Ho Ho Homicides paperback along with Antiues Slay Ride and Antiues Fruitcake History of an orphanage comes to light wi. Borne and her theatrical mother Vivian from making merry That isntil the two find something frosty in Santa’s workshop the jolly man in red dead as a doornail And the goodies inside his donation bag have vanished like cookies and milk on Christmas Eve It’s p to Br.

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