Antonia Fraser: Love and Louis XIV The Women in the Life of the Sun King


S of boring politics Yes Louis was involved in lots of wars but let s try and keep the book s title in mind Fraser As Louis himself once said Whores over wars bro Whores over wars citation needed There were plenty of parts of this book to like As a history buff i always like when the author includes information on what life was like in the period of the historical igure clothing Megaman Battle Network 3 White and Blue Official Strategy Guide food religion hygiene etc Some of the passages here wereun and informative to readHowever some parts just read like a seedy tabloid with sensationalist writing which I eel detracts rom what could be a very educational and informative biography that offers a intimate glimpse into the life of the Sun King and his court The excesses of the court would continue on into the next century burdening Louis s successors with debt and a shitty reputation Soy Sisters for the nobility and clergy it s hardly a wonder the French Revolution was so harsh on people of said castes Louis XIV and the women in his life I had expected this book to be interesting and entertaining but Iound it chaotic and at times boring The subject matter is simply too broad Fraser doesn t only look at relationships between Louis and his wife and mistresses but also his mother daughters and in laws It would have been better to Tacar Dánta/Selected Poems focus on only aew women and really explore those relationships thoroughlyThis is the second book by Antonia Fraser that I ve read and both were rather disappointing I have no intention to read a third. H part concentrates on his relations in old age with his daughters granddaughters and the wife of his grandson It will vividly bring to life the vast edifice of Louis XIV's court the magnificence artistic splendour elaborate ritual and in some cases absurdity and misery.

With other A detailed look at the reign of Louis XIV and the various women in his life The list begins with his mother Anne of Austria who acted as regent when Louis assumed the throne at age Sybil four and then ends with his last mistress Madame de Maintenon In between we get details of hisirst love a couple other maitresses en titres his wife daughters and in laws My A Womans Guide to Fasting favorite of the bunch was Mary Beatrice d Este who was the wife of the exiled King James II When the king had to leave his country he took his wife and daughter to the French court where they lived under Louis s protectionor several years Mary Beatrice apparently was very intelligent in addition to being beautiful and she and Louis were very close Fraser doesn t think they ever slept together I vote doubtful but their relationship was still very interestingInformation about each of the women is pretty evenly distributed but Fraser spends the most time with Maintenon makes sense since they were together the longest Fraser thinks they actually got married in secret after Louis s wife died but I m still not convinced Fraser s evidence is basically they were around each other all the time so you know why not and also once Maintenon was painted wearing royal ermine And I have to point out this book is all things considered kind of dull If you re a history nerd like me this won t bother you but still For every interesting story Fraser gives us dirty details people That s what we want there are page. Him several illegitimate children; Athenais Maruise de Montespan who acted as unofficial ueen of Versailles until her involvement in the affair of poisons and of course Marie Therese his wife; and Madame de Maintenon governess to the illegitimate royal children The ift.

Did you know that Louis the XIV used to be given an enema on a regular basis Or that no matter one s suffering they we re bled rom their arms or their legs Now that is some horror stuff right there I can only appreciate the age I m living in with all its advances in medicineThis book is than just a look at the women in the Sun King s life It contains references to his military expeditions and the life uality of the common I Know Who You Are folk Iind Louis a very self centered man he had been raised to be as such and I like him less than before reading this book I think Antonia Fraser wanted to paint him as a not so cruel selfish person but that s what I understood while reading Love and Louis XIV The Women in the Life of the Sun King All he ever did he did it Spring Girl for he s ego with little thought to those who actuallyormed the country the everyday man or woman who Menerjang Batas found sustenance harder while his army was playing at warI think I better understand why the people hated the nobility with each passing year and why the French revolution came to pass In my post Versailles TV series hangover I wanted to read this to get a sense of the historical reality behind theiction sadly though this is not Fraser at her best The narrative Chosen Vessels feels unfocused in comparison with her Mary ueen of Scots and The Gunpowder Plot and that seems to be because she changed the remit of the book mid way She originally planned to write about Louis mistresses then widened it to also cover his relationships. The book centres around the Sun King and his relationship with numerous andascinating women Naturally dividing into ive parts it will concentrate on the King's mother Anne of Austria to whom he was devoted; his irst important mistress Louise de la Valliere who bore.

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