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Visgi ileika man labiau patinka kai ra o apie save Did i j laiko dal skaityti buvo nuobodu vietomis tikrai laukiau kol veiksmas rei iau praeis ir pasibaigs ir net komi kos detal s plikas u pakalis po ledu negelb jo iek tiek daugiau sitraukiau skaitydama apie Sorel ir jo elges kadangi pati savo aplinkoje turiu tok mog buvo ir labai nemalonu ir vis tiek domu kiek toli ali nuvesti pavydas ir susireik minimas Very disappointing this should have been an awesome book but the Paris that Sileika took me into seemed liked a faded postcard and had no life I never believed in this world and found it very flat after reading Francine Prose s vivacious Lovers at the Chameleon Club this was tepid at best not even the dazzling Josephine Baker could save it Woman in Bronze is the first book that I have read by Antanas Sileika I appreciate these Old Country perspectives and learning a bit about the history of the porous Polish Lithuanian borders It was fun to follow the story into the Paris art scene Antanas Sileika s third novel Woman in Bronze is an archetypical bildungsroman and bears comparison with many other classics in the enre such as Maugham s Of Human Bondage Dreiser s The Genius or recently The Cloud Sketcher by American author Rich. Tomas Stumbras Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss grew up in war torn Eastern Europe a dark rainy land of misty hills and valleys where the whispers of the ancientods and devils are still heard by ordinary people He is a Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, god maker a sculptor with aift for turning dead wood into protective saints for use in prayer But it's 1917 and even remote Lithuania feels the transforming effects of World War I Caught between the destruction around him and his own drive to create Tomas must abandon the stability of home and family and strike out on his ownTomas moves from his thatched woo.

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Around him through the selfishness and egocentrism inherent and perhaps necessary in any Always You great artist It is this single mindedness that both attracts and repels the reader to Tomas and eventually heightens the dramatic tension in the novel s final sceneIn fact if there is any fault in this novel it comes in the epilogue While this device does wrap up the story plausibly the bow is just a little too pretty deflating the power of the previous scene The literary reader while find this addendum unessential and perhaps even dissatisfying after the much stronger conclusion in the novel s final installmentThis however is a small complaint Woman in Bronze is an otherwiseripping narrative magical at turns and highly evocative in its recreation of a time and a place I liked the first half of the book much than the second half First part was nicely written evocative descriptions of old European landscape and realistic situations Then part II as a completely different book with new setting and change of prtagonist s attitudes bizarre characters not too believable plot Very engaging read First part portrays rural life in early 20th century Lithuania which was every bit as interesting as the 1920 s Paris art scene that the book is mainly abou. Oman in Bronze reveals a life lived in extremes It tells a story of love found and lost creative endeavour and the price of celebrity and stardomExcerpt from Woman in Bronze Easterners flooded into Paris and it hummed with Russian Polish Yiddish Romanian and many other languages among the porters and labourers Tomas also saw many English and Americans always rich usually laughing and often drunk Waves were washing over the city from all ends of the world churning into a froth in which even a talented person could drown From the Hardcover editio.

Ard Rayner And like all of these classics Woman in Bronze is epic in its scope with enough staying power as to endure and itself become a classic in the Canadian canonTomas Stumbras a young artist flees the ravages of his worn torn Lithuania in search of fame and fortune in the streets of mercurial Paris in the 1920s He brushes elbows with the famous and the infamous from the Polish war hero Marshal Josef Pilsudski to the American sensation Josephine Baker and fellow Lithuanian sculptor Lipchitz He struggles with his art falls in love with a chorus Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, girl from Les Folies Berg re and in the end suffers betrayal at the hands of his best friends which threatens to destroy everything he has worked for If this sounds familiar it is But the secret is all in the telling Sileika opens the novel with an almost mythical prologue that describes a nation the local people called the rainy land as if they still remembered some sunnier country their ancestors had come from The mythical uality is a conceit that remains with the reader resurfacing throughout the story elevating the individual s struggle to something universal in scaleSileika has also created a strong protagonist who even in his tenderness and naivety can wreak terrible havoc on those. Den farmhouse to the vibrant streets and artistic community of Paris in the Roaring Twenties where temptation and jealous are right around the corner from brilliance beauty and fame Working as a carpenter in the Folies Bergere he encounters the dance sensation Josephine Baker and falls for a lovely chorusirl But even when he finally achieves his dream and becomes an artist he discovers that success demands sacrifice Even when you find art and love infamy and betrayal aren't far behindEpic in scope and beautifully evocative of time and place

Antanas Sileika Antanas Šileika is a Canadian novelist and critic of Lithuanian born parentsAfter completing an English degree at the University of Toronto he moved to Paris for two years and there married his wife Snaige Sileika née Valiunas an art student at the Ecole des Beaux Arts While in Paris he studied French taught English in Versailles and worked as part of the editorial coll