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Lives of three people and what ffects digital changes bring to themall of our lives When will I Gangbang Slut ever learn I should know by now that the Pulitzer Prize for Drama might as well be a Razzie Award for really dumb plays Proof won the Pulitzer a play in which the protagonist learns that whereas a mathematical conjecture reuires proof love reuires trust Wow Hallmark cards have the same level of wisdom at a cheaper price August Osage County won a Pulitzer That had a real shocking incest revelation Well fine it s heartening to know that playwrights still think their jaded audiences in this age of sexual anarchy will be shocked by incest but in the history of drama incest revelations are a hackneyed trope and in the 2500 years since Sophocles have long since become a hallmark of very lazy writingAnd now The Flick a play about three people doing minimum wage work at a Movie Theatre with its heyday long gone It s one of the last theatres with just one screen and one of the last if not the last to have not yet switched over to a digital projector And so there s a lot of stuff in the play about how film is superior to digital and yeah that s somewhat interesting And one of the characters is a closeted gay which is a tad unbelievable given that the play is set in Massachusetts but it s just boring than unbelievable Fortunately the play devotes only one scene to this young man s sexual hang ups Deo gratias Most of the play is a litany of slaps at moviegoer slobs you know the people who spill soda and popcorn all over the aisles or who bringven messier food in the theatre like say burritos One Con Glory etc Such jokes are funny for maybe five minutes but this play makes the violations of moviegoingtiuette into a fullblown xistential crisis If the message is that minimum wage workers have petty concerns well this is just insultingBut the real drama in the play comes when the closeted gay guy is caught stealing money from the theatre His co workers were in on the scam too but he does not rat them out Instead he wants them to admit their guilt and if they do perhaps the owner will realize that well damn he s just not paying his workers a livable wage have mercy and not fire any of them The two co workers are too fearful of losing their only livelihood to take a brave stand of solidarity They would rather the gay guy who is in college on a full ride and is they assume just doing this job for pocket money take the fall all by himself Well hell I can sympathize with that sort of reasoning Yeah it s cowardly pusillanimous and demeaning to our common humanity but that s what the brutal logic of capitalism does to folks And if that was the message of this play and I am not uite sure it was the play seems to want us to be appalled by the co workers petty cravenness a guy like Karl Marx and others have made this point powerfully and over with the urgent rallying cry that if a system like capitalism destroys our human solidarity then well we should destroy capitalism All this play will move people to do is maybe have a uaint pseudo intellectual chat about it over coffee served by an underpaid barist. Ly regarded young playwrights was awarded the coveted 2013 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize an Obie Award for Playwriting and the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for DramaANNIE BAKER’S works include The Aliens Obie Award Body Awareness Circle Mirror Transformation Obie Award Nocturama and an adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya Her work has been produced at than a hundred theaters in the US and in than a dozen countries Recent honors include a Guggenheim Fellowship the Steinberg Playwright Award and a New York Drama Critics Circle Award She is a resident playwright at Signature Theat.

This play is amazing I didn t realize Baker also wrote The Aliens which I loved the first act of and which the second act seemed like a long drawn out denouement The Flick delivers and seems to have learned from this as it is simply great from start to finishThe Flick takes place in a single screen movie theater in a small town inside the theater The three characters are mployees here Sam 35 Avery 20 and Rose 24 Sam has worked at the theater the longest has been passed over for a promotion to the projection booth and is given the task of training Avery in cleaning the theater after The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) every show Their conversations they have while cleaning make up the bulk of the dialog in the play Rose mostly works in the projection booth but she comes down from time to time to interact with the two men It is never clear why Sam works there or Roseither for that matter Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, except that it pays some of the bills Avery specifically wanted to work at The Flick because it is one of the last film projection theaters in the area and Avery has a love for the film format as opposed to digital Some of the conflict in Act 2 comes from a rumor that The Flick is going to convert to digital projection which is a timely topic and a great metaphor for some of the themes in the play The characters start off getting to know one another through movies but then itvolves from there as most work relationships do The play is complex serious at times funny at the right times and the dialog is just so so great I would love to see this performed but it is a big theatre A Fairly Honourable Defeat endeavor so I don txpect to see it around me any time soon but if so I will have my money in hand for a ticket Deserving of the Pulitzer without a doubtCheck out how awesome the set is here as a very anxious person who also uses movies as a way to cope with and avoid the stresses of the real world this hit home a little too much i will never think about any mundane conversation i have with people in the same way again Saw this play this weekend At first I was highly concerned with the director s choice to incorporate prolonged silences into the work But upon reading xcerpts of the play it seems these were all prescribed by the playwright turning the work into three hours of tedium The characters were disjointed and not compelling Also if the theme was to preserve authenticity in our modern age and to put a magnifying glass on the boredom of very day menial labor there are Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue elegant ways to present these themes without putting the audience through that boredom Regarding the theme of authenticity look to Birdman as anxample of how to The Man Without a Face explore the theme in a much compelling way On a positive note the actors performances were spot on But this was notnough to carry an audience through a three hour seemingly ndless xperience Like the most perfect like Gone (Gone, elegant thingver This play surprised me in how much I Threads Of The Shroud enjoyed it I m not a big fan of reading plays but I m wending my way through reading all the women Pulitzer works so this came up on my list Something about the immediacy of the conversations in a very imaginable work place among very Winner of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Drama“Funny heartbreaking sly and unblinking The Flick may be the best argument anyone has yet made for the continued necessity and profound uniueness of theater” Jesse Green New York“Hilarious and ineffably touchingMs Baker’s peerless aptitude forxploring how people grope their way toward a sense of All Seated on the Ground euanimityven as they learn to accept disappointment is among the things that make her such a gifted writerThis lovingly observed play will sink deep into your consciousness” Charles Isherwood New York Times“This hypnotic hea.

Eal and normal people that we can all picture interacting with if not working alongside pulled me in right away and made this an asy read There is plenty of foreshadowing and symbolism to be found for those who want to get into an academic analysis but the story is somehow uietly great on its own Work conversations reveal timeless but not worn out feeling themes of friendship unreuited love sexuality surprising loyalties betrayals and the march of progress Somehow this all fits into a play without overloading the flow and aura It s strange to me because while Baker s work is not a high glamour adventure it comes off as having a profound depth when you shut the cover and reflect on the xperience Don t read this for a great adventure or thrilling tale or Wiring even melodramatic romance Go into itxpecting a mysteriously satisfying glimpse at real life as relationships develop and change among uite dynamic personalities and their actions prompt conseuences I wonder if I would like The Flick as much in performance with all the pauses that must be uite lengthy in a theater I wonder if that adds to the craftsmanship somehow or if it would just annoy me over time since this must hit 3 or 4 hours But as a read I Against All Odds enjoyed it than Iver usually do with plays Perhaps that is because it has a strong psychological Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage element and subtle revelations about relationships planned on flipping through a few pgs before doing homeworknded up reading in one uninterrupted sitting desperately flipped through the five odd blank post text pages in the false hope that the words The DOS end of play weren t true I need to remember that just because something won a Pulitzer Prize or was nominated for one or something that s how it was recommended to me doesn t make it worth reading Orven good for that matter I couldn t get past the first dozen pages It s like something a high school kid would write Yikes Wow okay I m still trying to formulate my thoughts about this play because I Against All Odds enjoyed it so much It s incredibly thought provoking and harrowing in its representation of mental illness and raceven though the mentions are subtle I absolutely adored Avery as a character in fact I loved all of the characters Each one was carefully crafted and incredibly diverse Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism even if I didn t necessarily like them as people Annie Baker really understands the nuances of how people talk and act with one another which I reallynjoyed I do wish that a few details had been tied up overall For xample Avery and his dreams Avery and his therapist what actually happened to Rose and why is she the way she is what happens to Sam That s why I m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 but I adored this I m so glad that I took this theatre class because I never would have known about this story if I hadn t Nothing much happens in this Pulitzer price awarded play Of course I liked the cinema setting and the name dropping of many famous and not so famous films Usually I d love to see a play on stage but here I m not sure I fear the many pauses would annoy me over time But reading was a nice xperience A uick but somehow deep glimpse into the. Rtbreaking micro Payment Due epic about movies and moving on is irreducibly theatrical” David Cote TimeOut New YorkIn a rundown movie theater in central Massachusetts three underpaidmployees sweep up popcorn in the mpty aisles and tend to one of the last thirty five millimeter projectors in the state With keen insight and a ceaseless attention to detail The Flick pays tribute to the power of movies and paints a heartbreaking portrait of three characters and their working lives A critical hit when it premiered Off Broadway this comedy by one of the country’s most produced and high.

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Baker grew up in Amherst Mass and graduated from the Department of Dramatic Writing at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts She earned her MFA from Brooklyn CollegeHer play Body Awareness was staged off Broadway by the Atlantic Theater Company in May and June 2008 The play featured JoBeth Williams and was nominated for a Drama Desk Award and an Outer Critics Circle Award Circle Mi