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What is it that binds one person to anotherWhy does beauty ave such swayHow is it that one is bound to someone who is destructive or faithless or fickle or deceitful or who constantly disappears or who can never love you the way you want or need Or all of the above and yet the bond persists Why How is it that you can not escapeWhat cruel trick of fate or nature can give you over to such a creatureDon t call it my choiceI was venturedby some pure gravity of existence itselfconspiracy of beingand I do not apologize because as I say I was not to blame I was unshielded in the face of existenceand existence depends on beautyIn the endExistence will not stopuntil it gets to beauty and then there follow all the conseuences that lead to the endUseless to interpose analysisor make contrafactual suggestionsIs this convincing Not as such but the book is convincing but also like the beautiful usband seductive and intoxicating The protagonist she loved im so Despite everything and we understand why she can t move on Sure the usband e s an asshole Deceitful destructive disappearing faithless fickle and unable to love The Man in the High Castle her as she needed Butis appeal wasn t Essays from the Visit of Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas to Heidelberg his physical beauty but in the waye created worlds wove words into stories or lies and A Taste of Darkness (Mackenzie Vampires how those worlds and words spun dependence and love andow with those worlds and words e pushed er boundaries but all in a way that was tied to Naturalistless her that tieder that ties us we and she enthralled entwined enraptured What is it that binds one person to anotherWhy does beauty ave such swayHow do people get power over one anotherThis book is a stab an attempt to understand ow love works its spell The book stabs at the phenomenon of obsession and love from different directions using different rhythms styles meters techniues It s a painful book that draws blood from old wounds Your old wounds And yet when the wounds recur does that Babys Mealtime help illuminate the invisible ties Does the new blood glow Or do we just remain wounded simply reliving the pain of broken love And those old wounds they just throb Andurt But at least in this book they The Miracle Equation hurt beautifully A whole world of pain but a whole world that is created in lies and love that tie us we and she enthrall entwine enraptureIn the end Carson gives no real answers and maybe it s useless to interpose analysis or make contrafactual suggestions In the end love binds beautyas sway and there is no escape just wounds after bloodletting Her lady shadow mounted the stairs ahead of The Dawn of Modern Thought her experimentallyFiction forms what streams in usNaturally it is suspectWhat does not wanting to desire mean Great concept lovely poems and beautiful presentation A must read by one of Canada s most ingenious poets Iave never felt any particular enjoyment in Lana Del Rey s music but that strangely is what this book reminded me of no not really that s all just the work of a freely associating mind just another product of a time that s raining cats and culture And especially when it comes to Anne Carson cultural artefacts such as this book are much less classifiable much genre defying than ever which is all to say it shouldn t be surprising that I finished reading this and then immediately read it again The Beauty of The Husband is a self proclaimed Fictional Essay in 29 Tangos presenting a deliciously bold take on Keats idea of beauty as truth and truth as beauty through the story of a deceitful difficult marriage With a full bodied and brutal lucidity Carson writes ere of the dilemma of love and desire brewed together with analogies from classical mythology linguistics poetry and ofcourse the epigrammatic appearances of Keatsean thoughtThere is immense beauty in these tangos that flow into and shape each other in the white and red roses of Tango VI and the soft winegrapes of Tango IX amongst the vividness of many others There is too beauty in the way characters ave been fleshed out in verse of the mother for instance and Ray a diner cook by night and painter by day Beauty is not merely the trap this book lays for the reader it is also the entrapment laid out within it Indeed it is Samael Aun Weor, The Absolute Man his beauty that tethers the wife narrator to theusband a beauty both physical as well as creative poetic beauty rather than choice Why did nature give me over to this creature don t call it my choice I was ventured by some pure gravity of existence itself conspiracy of being I was not to blame I was unshie. Makens skönhet – en fiktiv essä i 29 tangos är en poetisk berättelse om ett äktenskap Utifrån den romantiske poeten John Keats tanke att ”det sk?.

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NowCritics disagree about the meaning of Keats declaration that Beauty is truth truth beauty whether it functions as a profound statement of a metaphysical reality or an ironic overstatement uttered at the dramatic and fevered pitch poetry brings one to or is simply inane nonsense Inanity is as much a part of The Beauty of the Husband as truth or beauty In an interview in the MarchApril 2001 Poets and Writers Carson states that she liked the absolute inanity of calling anything a fictional essay It is that inanity the cheatings and errors in this work as opposed to its interest in truth and untruth that makes it second rate Bridget Jones s Diary is based on Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice which begins with a famous first sentence It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife Jane Austen is not the author of Jane Eyre though the notes to The Beauty of the Husband identify Dragonfrigate Wizard Halcyon Blithe (Halcyon Blithe, her as such someone bothered to check the publication date of Jane Eyre 1847 but no one at Knopf bothered to check or simply knew the author note A longtime Carson fan I bought the first edition almost as soon as it was available and read it right away I was so bothered by this that I wrote a letter to the publisher Iope they fixed it in reprints Jane Eyre is cited by Carson because she wants to make use of Mr Rochester s jealousy jealousy is a common enough topic in Austen s novels Austen was an ironist Bronte wrote in deadly earnest Austen explored the ways that particular lies could reveal particular truths and the works of both Austen and Bronte underscore the ugliness of certain realities In this work Carson doesn t get at truth or irony or beauty or ugliness nearly as well as Austen Bronte Fielding or Keats The Beauty of the Husband is poorly conceived and Satria dari Negeri Tayli 1-28 hastily written We are informed on the fly leaf that A tango like a marriage is something youave to dance to the end Why Why must a tango or a marriage be danced to the end any than say the Goethean Science hustle theokey pokey or the Lobster uadrille The assertion should come with a caveat Tangos and marriages must be danced to the end if they are to be successful just as successful books must be written to the end This is a Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! hurriedly written book of failed tangos and a failed marriage It s as if Carson got tired we re reading along at a fair pace listening to the wife s complaints meeting theusband s friend Ray the painter Digital Crossroads hearing Ray try to comfort the raging wife we even spend time with theusband s ancient grandfather when suddenly things fast forward to the usband saying of the wife She fought me She lost I am married again nowThe wife loses as does the reader The few moments of elouence and insight in this work cannot compensate for its inanity triteness and tired conventionality Sit these tangos out and spend your time reading any of the works mentioned earlier or for a work by Carson that does deliver the goods try er tour de force Plainwater insteadYes this is an old review I wrote it in the spring of 2001 I added it The Einstein Theory of Relativity here because I like it about as much as I loathe the book xxiv and kneeling at the edge of the transparent sea i shall shape for myself a neweart from salt and mud The New York Times magazine recently ran a profile of Anne Carson Despite How to Negotiate Your First Job having read much ofer work over the last decade I adn t read much about er as a person and the piece made me start grabbing Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, her books off the shelves again Iad forgotten just The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore how intense an experience this is The Beauty of the Husband in particular makes me grope for words other than Youave to read it It s painful and stark the story of a woman s obsession with a man she should never Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber have married but would love again ife came close We readers talk sometimes about an author who manages to capture a whole character in a few words Carson does it in a few syllables and those few syllables bloom out in your mind as you read them you see the whole world of that marriage its delights and all its tortures Is it autobiography Despite New Exploration hating this uestion I ask it myself because this piece draws so much blood and it still flows How can it not be true Stupid uestion A true lie she says It is no longer the event she says And I understand all over again until I don t because the doomed couple in this book stand out in such stark living light in my mind To me it s not only real it sappening now. Den oundvikliga skilsmässan Den vackre maken som ständigt ljuger och bedrar The Shaping of Western Civilization hur rimmaran med Keats idé Och kärleken till onom kan den förlåta all.

Lded in the face of existence and existence depends on beauty In the end Existence will not stop until it gets to beauty and then there follow all the conseuences that lead to the end Useless to interpose analysis or make contrafactual suggestions Is the explanation and exploration of love ere enough Certainly not but it is an essay layered and beautiful and masterfully written with the same blind force of battle as Epipolai where people on the same side The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles hurt each other And in that it is true and unsympathetic it is certainly better than Lana Del Rey unless I ve taken interpretation too far Just divine Transformative Will reread ad infinitum 455Good thing I don tave Keats on Medicine and Religion hand else there I goA lie for Iave a form of it in nightingale third from the top of a section labeled Poetry in some chimera thing brewed for the last six years if the transcribed origin date does not lie Six The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, hundred pages passed just this week the cut and paste accumulating in smallish fur micro soft for the consumer so pardon my crankiness whenever the adulation for paper and pen and etc grow a bit much I chomped the bit in typing school on the digital plane pitter pattered in trepidation of tendonitis across the backs of books wedged to theeight of the keyboard and when the time came to write my thought Valentino has never been on good terms with my penmanship so why shouldn t I make use of the time I was born in If not for that I woul This entire book is one progressive poem told from the point of view of the wife She is a totally unsympathetic figure except for maybe when she is rememberingow she first met er usband Shunned how she was first ensnared Carsonas written a complex and melancholy tale of the pitfalls of beauty presented in 29 Tangos or interconnected poems The poems build upon eachother grow from eachother and I would gladly be rating this 5 stars if the final poem ad not felt so limp when compared to the previous entries I ad a similar problem with Carson s Autobiography of Red Both books blew me away and both endings were lackingThis is a very brave book Carson Oba, the Last Samurai has taken the famous Keats uote of Beauty is truth truth beauty that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know and uestioned it furrowed around inside and in my opinion proven it in the context of the relationship between theusband and the wife The Yonen Buzz, Volume 1 (Yonen Buzz, husband is beautiful to the wife and continued to be so no matter whatell e put er through the letters oh the letters were perfect the separations the cheating the brutal The Wood Demon honesty That last bit is what really convinced me I feel that theusband was incapable of lying He was so beautiful that First Shapes hisonesty was off the charts No matter what this book deserves a reread Maybe my feelings or opinions will change I will be reading by Carson Really anything I can get my Dispatches from Dystopia hands on will do Edit changed to 5 stars How can I not Reader I Divorced HimIdentify the source of the following passageCowardI knowBetrayerYesOpportunistI can see why you would think thatSlaveGo onFaithless lecherous childOkayLiarWhat can I sayLiarButLiarBut pleaseDestroyer liar sadist fakePleasePlease whatSave meWho else do you say that toNo oneIs it fromA Pride and Prejudice by Jane AustenB Jane Eyre by Charlotte BronteC The Beauty of the Husband by Anne CarsonorD Bridget Jones s Diary by Helen FieldingThe correct answer is C The Beauty of the Husband A Fictional Essay in 29 Tangos by Anne Carson A tangoere most of which are written from the wife s point of view seems to be a clipped entry in a random ledger an entry stripped of pronouns and commas wherever possible a la Bridget Jones Much in The Beauty of the Husband is a la Bridget Jones Imagine that Bridget loses Max and the Tom Cats (More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set II, Book 8) her sense ofumor ends up with Ancient World her dishonest two timing two bit boss instead of the upright faithful Mark Darcy reads Greek and Latin instead of selfelp books and starts Fighter her entries with a few enigmatic words from the poet John Keats instead of a rundown of calories consumed and cigarettes smoked You nowave a text where the Събрани разкази, Том 5 husband in uestion says ofis deceptions to The Real James Herriot his wife please I never lied toer When need arose I may Waterloo (Sharpe, have used words that lied a statement so baldly shiftless and banal that even Bridget would cringe toear it v bad The Beauty of the Husband is inspired by the final lines of Ode on a Grecian Urn by John KeatsBeauty is truth truth beauty that is allYe know on earth and all ye need to ?na är det sanna” tecknar Anne Carson en kärlekshistoria som börjar tidigt på en latinlektion i skolan och som verkar fortsätta livet ut även efter.

Anne Carson is a Canadian poet essayist translator and professor of Classics Carson lived in Montreal for several years and taught at McGill University the University of Michigan and at Princeton University from 1980 to 1987 She was a 1998 Guggenheim Fellow and in 2000 she was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship She has also won a Lannan Literary AwardCarson with background in classical langu