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Eet spunky smart and endearing Trey I said leaning against him I think we finally have all of the whack obs out of our lives I sure hope so baby he replied kissing my neck It is truly the perfect ending to an epic Dead Boy journey that is Trey and Ty Sinclair with TWO epilogues one a few years into the future and the bonus epilogue taking place some 18 years after the start of the series However to get full closure on Trey and Ty s story I do recommend reading Baby Come Back Lite book 35 as Gina will be able to shed some light on the fate of some of the villainsEpic saga Excellent story telling Memorable characters An engaging humorous and very sexy read Thanks Ms Smith I love you Tylar I love you Trey Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 45 starsSex scenes freuency 45 starsStoryline concept rating 5 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStory ending rating 5 starsBook editing rating 5 no edits spotted 5 starsOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series YesWould I read future books by this author Yes Story GIF approved by GR 10 2013 ARC provided to me by author in exchange for an honest review ANDREA I HAVE ONLY ONE WORD FOR YOU VIRTUOSO I freaking this bookEvery emotions was out Blimey it was indeed an emotional roller coaster I broke my heart and at the same I am smiling with love at the end of it THIS BOOK IS WICKED Such a brilliant way to end the series Tylar and Trey sourney continues with a challenge ahead for them Only their love made me stronger to face all these Not only that Trey oooo my that man doesn t stop to fail me There were so many favourite scenes especially the phone scene with bimbo Amber giggles and Preston s Horsey Dadda Well what I can say you have read it My lips are sealed Not tonight Tylar She needs to be in her room I was hoping that you and I could make up for some lost time I m in the mood devilish grinHave I told you how absolutely scrumptious you look Mrs Sinclair GO AND GRAB THIS FAB BOOK Am so so looking forward for NIGHT MOVES for our yummy British boy Easton ARC provided by author You know me Trey You know me in some ways better than I know myself You forced me to deal with my fears and my nightmares You forced me to face the truth about my past and deal with my demons I did it Trey I did it because of you Let me sum this entire book up for you in one gifIt put me through the wringer with my emotions I cried I laughed I felt like my ovaries would catch on fire I cried some And I loved every single second of itI read it in one sitting I couldn t put it down Andrea definitely saved the best for last with this book in my personal opinion Be My Baby picks up right where that cliffhanger in Baby Love left us And let me give you a fair warning here but the first 30% of this bookHOLYCRAP I did NOT see that coming I had to go back and re read Mud and Stars just to make sure I wasn t seeing this Andrea Smith is the ueen of plot twists and this book had them in spades WOWWe see Taylor going through something that is so devastating it changes her relationship with Trey in a way that neither one of them know how to get back from The subject matter itself is a very delicate one and I thought that the author did such an incredibleob dealing with itTrey and Tylar go through many trials and tribulations throughout their relationship but in Be My Baby they face the ultimate oneTylar finds herself dealing with something that has left her devastated While she knows there s something wrong with her she ust doesn t know how to deal with it She says she s fine but inside she s breakingThere were moments I wanted to cry along with her moments I wanted to hug her and moments I wanted to shake her and slap some sense into her Then there were the times where I wanted to choke the hell out of Trey for the choices and decision he madeWe see Tylar dealing with many things her relationship with Trey loss her mother s death and so much Her relationship with Trey is not perfect but their love for one another shined through the pagesWhile both of them are to blame for the situation that they find themselves in and both of them are far from perfect with the choices they make and things that they do I think that s what I enjoyed most about them They were ust so imperfectly perfect You can t help but feel all these things right along with them and be sucked into their worldI liked book 1 though I struggled with some things in it book 2 was good but this bookThis was by far my absolute favorite in the series The bonus epilogue was the perfect ending to a fantastic series It was like the cherry on top of an already great cakeNow I m off to go and deal with my Trey withdrawal Good thing I still have Tristan to read And I thank youFor reviews visit Dirty Girl Romance Book Blog ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review The Baby series book 3 of 35 Epic family saga with a wonderful Heroine a larger than life yet tangible alpha male HeroThis is a recently released trilogy by Andrea Smith. Itment to each other is put to a tragic test in this book Will they be able to survive the unexpected tragedy that befalls them Will the strength of their love the depth of their commitment to each other and the ability to forgive draw them ever close.

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Eir happy ending I ve enjoyed reading this series Once you start reading them you want to ump straight into the next book to see what happens next Most all the characters minus the Ambers Carolines etc are lovable The story lines are fairly uniue and I like the mix of sexy steamy suspenseful romantic and funny This was a nice way to end the series I especially liked the epilogue ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review 5 stars I am so sad that I have finally completed reading this series It was absolutely excellent I loved every page This series is a must read 01282013 It s out on 01292013 COMPLETED4 and 12 That s life StarsLife isn t fair It is a beautiful gift and a huge burden A Ma mre m'a tu - Survivre au gnocide des Tutsis au Rwanda journeyA bumpy road A free hugYou live it the best way you can and sometimes books remind you that you don t have to live it aloneThis is Trey Tylar s lifeJust like everyourney it isn t always about the destination It is how you get there that counts When setting out upon your way to Ithacawish always that your course be longfull of adventure full of loreConstantine P Cavafy world renowned Greek poetWe have witnessed their ourney and now near its conclusion everything falls apartInfidelity life death conspiracies lies family past and new enemies Trey and Tylar fight with each other and with themselves for their love Is love enough You can never forget but can you sometimes forgiveThis third book is a heartbreaker It keeps punching you and kicking you and stealing your breath and stopping your heart You are sobbing in sadness in despair and in happi ARC provided by the author Lots of picturesI found a lot of uotes and moments that were perfect to describe Tylar and Trey s relationshipOkay so this was probably the MOST intense book of the series and that s saying a lot As far as evoking strong emotions this book tops the charts And I m not talkin super romantic suishy hearts and flowers romance No I m talking bipolar emotionshate fear heartbreak love devotion betrayal Here s the book s own blurb because I can t think of a way to say it better without giving anything away It has been a mostly bumpy road thus far but they have always managed to find the strength they needed This was a beautiful end to Trey s Tylar s story I won t lie there was a part that hard for me to read I was screaming don t do it TylarThey felt so real with real problems that happen within a marriage after dealing with a loss Blaming each other even if they don t realize what they are doing by lashing out at each otherI want to give Gina a shout out for BEATCH slapping Caroline Thank you been wanting since the first book for that I loved that their love for each other was strong enough not to give up on each otherAbout 80% to the end is the reason I gave 4 stars Trey s POV especially at the beginning was so beautiful You also got to see how strong Tylar was for Trey when she needed to be Andrea Smith this was an Awesome series I hope you have to comePlease forgive me if this review has run ons misspellingMade this review on my phone And my phone does not like me The Baby Series Lite book 3 of 35 The conclusion of Trey Ty s epic family saga filled with danger suspense villains lust and their growing all consuming love His sapphire eyes were bright with his love and his sadness Baby Series Lite is a newly edited and revised Anniversary edition of last summer s Baby Series The author listened to reviewers feedback as well as readers who were holding back on reading due to its length In Baby Series Lite you will have the edited down version of same story plus bonus chapters and bonus epiloguesBaby Series Lite book 1 3 is the epic family saga about Trey and Tylar and their extended and growing family Baby Come Back Lite book 35 is the continued story about Tristan Trey s brother and Gina Ty s best friend but also includes the Sinclair s Since there is a mystery to be solved it s critical that these books be read in order and as a set Maybe Baby Lite book 1 Baby Love Lite book 2 Be My Baby Lite book 3 Baby Come Back Lite book 35 Baby Series Lite Omnibus to be released in late SeptemberWe first met Trey and Tylar in Maybe Baby book 1 In Baby Love book 2 we learned about the mystery surrounding Ty s past met family members and of course we got to follow Trey and Ty in their relationship and with their new babyIn Be My Baby book 3 the final pieces of the puzzle pertaining to Ty s past will be revealed But importantly Trey and Ty s relationship will be tested as tragedy strikes and evil forces set out to hurt them and break them apart It will be both shocking and life altering I will say no Their story is best experienced Trey Michael Sinclair is one of my all time favorite alphas he is handsome and sexy rich and successful and as the story progresses his layers are peeled showing many dimensions Five words to describe Trey Captivating possessive authoritarian adaptable and unforgettable Tylar Preston Ty has grown into herself in this series Five words to describe Ty Resourceful sw. Gth they needed in each other However they are put to the ultimate test in this bookThey discover that there are those that would like to destroy the loving relationship they have by death or at the very least infidelity Trey and Tylar's love and comm.

45 Sad to See it End Stars The night we met I knew I needed you so Do you know the song Is the next line something like and if I had the chance I d never let you go Yeah that s it he said smiling sheepishly Be My Baby I said softly shaking my head in recognition That s when I knew I loved you Tylar That s when I knew I wanted you to be my baby forever I didn t even know you but I loved you crazy stuff huh Be My Baby Lite Trey and Tylar s final book had me laughing one minute and crying the next I started this book immediately after finishing Baby Love Lite because I needed the conclusion to this couples story NOWThe beginning of this book has life finally calming down for Tylar and Trey After surviving a sexual predator from Tylar s past a bat shit crazy mother who turns out to not be uite what she seems in laws and family friends from hell and a litany of other dramas no two people should ever have to face the couple are somewhat settled in their new home and looking forward to the birth of their second child At this point in the series you don t even have to ask what could go wrong You ust know it will and boy does the shit ever hit the fan After suffering a heartbreaking loss Trey and Tylar both deal with the tragedy in different and solitary ways Trey focuses on work and his new mentoring buddy Amber who I came to regard as simply the bitch Tylar shuts down and does her best to move on without ever really giving herself the chance to grieve With their relationship strained beyond its limits Trey makes a stupid mistake and Tylar s there to witness it The two must find a way to come together after Tylar makes a stupid mistake of her own One of the reasons I loved this book and the series as much as I did is because even though Tylar and Trey appear to have it all as a couple there s always something for them to overcome and deal with They La Stratgie du camlon jumped into a committed relationship and I found myself believing and in their love when they did work together to meet the challenges of their relationship This book than any of the previous tested their bond How do you forgive an infidelity How do you grieve as a couple when one of you refuses to grieve When these two worked through their issues and came out stronger because of it I truly believed they deserved their happily ever after Last night you finally let loose with your grief after all of this time I should have never let you go on for so long like that Look what we ve done to each other As emotional as this book is there were than enough humorous and light hearted moments to keep it from dragging Gina has to be one of the greatest friends a girl can have and I m so glad she got her own story in Baby Come Back Lite Preston Tylar and Trey s toddler made me smile every single time she entered the scene Horsey Mama pay horsey She doesn t know what she saw You heard her she thought we were playing horsey he chuckled No sweetie it wasn t horsey they were playing I m giving this book 45 stars because that sust how much I enjoyed it Was the writing perfect No but I loved the story itself so much that I was completely able to look past that fact which is a rarity for meWould I recommend this book and the series to friends You bet I m a little sad to be done with it but I look forward to reading other books by Andrea Smith in the future ARC provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review I m kind of sad this is the end of Trey and Tylar s Personality Selling journey but this series ended with a bang I think this one has been my favorite of the three booksThe very beginning of the book things are good Tylar and Trey are happy together Gina and Tristian s little bundle ofoy has Lissa just arrived it s all good They are looking forward to the birth of baby number two Tylar has had a different kind of pregnancy She has been tired less active Unfortunately things are only good for a very short time before it all hits the fan This one is a little intense than the first two in many ways Within the first 10 15% I was devastated I m not going to go into what happens but it s safe to say Trey and Tylar both screw up in this book Forgiveness moving on those are the big themes I m sorry baby I love you Everyone deals with loss their own way It s understandable but I was still heartbroken It s hard to move on forgive people but necessary No relationship is perfect Tylar and Trey had their share of real problems It was actually refreshing to see Their relationship isn t perfect but it is real Even with all the issues there is still a lot of steam suspense and humor Three key ingredients to this series Trey is hot and alpha as ever little Preston has all sorts of comic relief in there the horsey and we are still awaiting the trial of Matthew things still have to unfold there Finally towards the end of the book things are starting to calm get back to normal Then all of a sudden bam Something else big happens that throws you for a loop I was really hoping it wasust a dream but no It leaves you wondering if this family will get th. This book is the third and last installment of the 'Baby Series' trilogy This book follows the continuation of Trey and Tylar Sinclair's poignant story of love and passionIt has been a sometimes bumpy road thus far but they have always found the stren.

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