Alice Schroeder: The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

Cribing the way he went from believing that his greatest service to humanity was through amassing a huge fortune to believing that giving money away sooner was preferableIf this book has a limitation it is that it shies away from offering a definitive interpretation of its subject that would aid the reader in coming to a deeper understanding of the real Warren Buffett The book offers an account of the complete Buffett mythology his folksy Midwestern values his common sense voice his sage wisdom about business It reinforces his philosophy of investing in undervalued companies with xcellent long term prospects his injunction via Graham to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful It charts his growing fame his circus like shareholder meetings his numerous appearances in the business press and on business TV networks his love for Cherry Coke and Gorat s steakhouse And while the mythology is probed and dissected in some ways yes he s lived in the same house since 1958 but Schroeder points out that he has remodeled it since then I don t think the reader will come away from this book with a true understanding of what s driving him at least not with a view or interpretation of this that has the Wild Wicked Scot (Highland Grooms, endorsement andxposition of the authorIf I had to take a guess the primary influence on Buffett seems to be his father Howard Buffett a stock broker from Omaha whose civic values led him to Washington DC where he served in Congress during Warren s youth His mix of patriotism and business seems to have greatly influenced his son whom he took on a visit to the New York Stock Exchange in 1940 at the age of ten Buffett says he wanted money so he could be independent and didn t like to do manual labor but so do lots of us and he didn t stop making money once he d become independent so there is clearly to it than that It s this sort of reading of Buffett I wish there was of in this bookThe book is nonetheless filled with as much superficial detail as you could want about Buffett At 816 pages there s tons of information about his whole life and world A investor has never written a memoir but finally has given Alice Schroeder unprecedented access to him and all those closest to his work opinions struggles triumphs follies and wisd.

Warren Buffett is world famous for his success at investing A native of Omaha Nebraska the son of a stock broker who served several terms in Congress he began in business very young selling candy to neighbors and delivering newspapers but his real passion was reading Black on Blonde everything he could get his hands on about investing in stocks and bonds learning about businesses and investing according to a carefully thought out investing philosophy derived from the authors of several books he read who became his mentors at Columbia Business School Benjamin Graham and David DoddThis biography written with the cooperation of Buffett by Alice Schroeder an author with a Wall Street background is a thoroughly researched account of his life and career beginning with his childhood in Omaha and following him through hisducation and his career as an investor and money manager who through the vehicle of his firm Berkshire Hathaway made himself and many of his investors very wealthy Indeed in 2008 he was named the richest man on The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece earthThe book chronicles his philosophy of business and many of his uirks he favours Coke over wine and burgers and steaks over almost any other type of food and delves into numerous accounts of his investments which have spanned cocoa beans textile mills Wall Street investment banks and railroads among many othersBuffett comes across as an almost asocial machine constantly sifting through businesses to find the best bargains to invest in With family and friends he seems remote and absent minded uninterested in things that fall outside the world of business He seems never to have read a novel for instance or a poem When one of his friends points out a Picasso sketch on the wall at his friend s house he says he hasn t noticed itven though he s been going there for 30 years He s also kind of funny about money which I suppose is not surprising given who he is That said he does change over the course of his life in some respects and the book does a good job of describing it showing for xample how he was persuaded to be generous towards his children and des. Recounting the life and times of one of the most respected men in the world The Snowball is the most fascinating financial success story of our time Warren Buffett the legendary Omah.

T perfectly captures Buffett s voice as well as separate accounts of many important times in his life from the perspective of his family and friends Schroeder has written a good valuation report style biography of the man and I suppose in many ways that s the type of biography most suited to this life I had to read the book because I work for Berkshire Hathaway and I had to understand our founder and what he stood for I find a lot of parallels in the thinking of the great minds of incredibly brilliant people This is a great American Dream su A minute ago I just got off the phone with customer support and came across some startling information does not know whether or their Kindle books are the FULL text similar to unabridged or Shortened abridged text There is no where in the description that informs you of this I only found out due to already already the Hardcover copy and the Audible Book version I was listening to the Audible Book as I was reading along in my Kindle and noticed that a lot of text was missing from the Kindle I thought maybe I purchased the shortened version of the book but was stunned when I double checked the description and didn t find any mention of it being shortened I was further stunned after speaking with and being told that YES it indeed was an rror and that there is no way way to really determined whether you are purchasing the full text version on KindleAs an avid reader this is very upsetting I like to read the full body of work Art, Culture, and Cuisine especially when it s a biography or memoir However the fix is simple for just give the title of the book the proper label so that we can be informed regarding our purchase decisions I was fully refunded as well But now I m a bit cautious and skeptical when purchasing Kindle booksyou should be tooThe book itself is great my star rating is a reflection of Kindle and the misrepresentation in the description Fast andfficient service This is a great book but the pages of the book are soo fake I don t know why someone should make such a great book with fake materials it doesn t ven give courage to read. Om The result is this personally revealing and complete biography of 'The Oracle of Omaha' indispensable reading for those who wish to know the man behind the outstanding achievement.

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