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Amazing A beautiful perfect couple who share their secrets and experience a true romance with some heat that I could happily read again and againI ll happily read this again n the future and I ll be eagerly keeping an eye out for stories by BellefleurFavourite uote Run all you want Rainor but expect I ll follow Rating 35 starsMy View Frostbite Mad Blood Stirring is a cute take on an old fairytale The settings atmosphere and period characterization were excellent The handful of characterss diverse and well thoughtDrachen and Rainor are an Sir Gawain the Green Knight: New Verse Translation interesting couple I enjoyed how their friendship started and how they complemented each other They have similar stories and family plays a rolen their pasts and futuresMy only complaint July (Countdown is about the pacing Not becauset s a short story but because the time lapses seem randomly selected Some unimportant details took the place of relevant Horse-Happy Schoolgirl informationOverall a uick bedtime storyWhat I liked the most The main charactersI wanted less Less of a time lapseWho should readt Fans of fairytalesOriginally reviewed for Someone Else s Stories ARC provided by Less Than Three Press via NetGalley Seducing a Wallflower in exchange for an honest review 35 out of 5Very sweet I voluntarily read a review copy of this book All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else s35 4 stars This was a short yet gripping story and I enjoyedt The characters were likeable yet The Snowy Day (Peter, intriguing The ending took me by surprise and literally had my heart racing 25I wasn tmpressed It s not bad really just simple It s written Unseen New Evidence - The origin of life under the microscope in a fairytale style like someones telling a fairytale And while I understand that this Blue Boat is a stylistic choice all the telling meant I never felt I got to know the characters I never connected with them It also felt like everything happenedn a very linear chronological order with nothing Antitype (Archetype, in between Such that every word of the story leads up to the sex scene that means they ren love Then every world leads to the small conflict that leads to the happily ever after But all this spare plotting meant there Conscience isn t any room for character development or world building I understand thatt s a 60 page novella but I think t would have been much better to take the nteresting The Seventh Day idea and developt nto something The mechanical writing sn t bad and the characters are likable enough though this was an absolutely excellent novella length fairy tale with erotica that s better than practically every traditional fairy tale The Devils Jug, the Crying Tree Me in the western canon know that s uite a lofty statement but honestly read this and you ll know what Ramesses i mean lol frostbite hadnfluences of beauty and the beast but The Irish Warrior it was different and original enough thatt can t exactly be called a retelling the writing was lyrical the narrative taut and tense despite Baby, Im Back! (Return to Redemption, its short length probably one of my favourite novellas and can t wait to see what bellefleur publishes next. Hings he never found n his little village But on his way to make his latest delivery the unthinkable happens and Rainor fears that f he asks for the cure he needs to live he'll lose the man he's coming to lov.

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People thinks short stories are meant to always feel as The Draining Lake (Inspector Erlendur if they could have been longer and better thatt Mers is a wasted chance to do a great novel or maybe a series Frostbite could have certainly been a great novel but that doesn t meant wasn t an eually great storyThe characters felt very real a lot and their feelings the way they acted and behaved A Heros Welcome it all seemed to be natural and honest just as what they felt said did and everythingn between It was all so genuine I amost felt Finding Normal in the skin of one of the protagonists a matter of personal likes I need longer books to be completelynsideAlso I agree with those telling that this Die Germanen is like a fairy tale The simple style enchanting atmosphere and the generaldea on how everything works and means something The Broken Sword in this beutiful world the author created can only but make the reader daydream about living a love as sweet as this oneThe erotic content I ll onl said I sawt all on my head Haunted Houses in HD uality The explicit description didn t maket look like a sht Grey s porn book which I am thankful for as they still managed to be sweet although with a significant heat level very high Charles Dickens if anyone asksYes there are a few overuseddeas cliches that some might dislike Christianity at the Crossroads in here butt The Romanovs is because of the structure that they didn t bother at all but on the contrary highlighted the special and originaldeas on the story as Cravings if they were the perfect complement fortThe ending didn t surprise me I knew where the characters were going to end at but t s Swan Song impressive that the author could play with my feelings and make me think for a while that I was wrong as I didn t see coming what Rainor did at the end I really loved this story It was short but the pacing was wonderful and kept me on the edge of my seat It was fantasy fairytale for adults and reminded me a little of Beauty and the Beast but with an original twist The ending was satisfying and served as a wonderful HEA resolution I received a free ARC copy of this book from NetGalleyn exchange for an honest reviewThis was a fun and pretty uniue fairytale at least to me but I ll admit that I don t know a lot of them past the really popular ones If I had to compare Learn Better it to something else I would say Beauty and the Beast but only on a few points really and I absolutely loathe BtB and I enjoyed this so My only real complaint like another reviewer saids that there Harbor Me is no actual dragon Drachensn t exactly human but he doesn t have any non human features either and El SeƱor del Carnaval (Jan Fabel, if there s one thing our generation lovest s monster porn But Processing Pain in Play it was still a very nice short story and had a definite fairy tale bedtime story feel tot with a bit of a smut detour But Master Math if you re not really one for erotica theres only actually one explicit scene right The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever in the middle and you could easily skipt and the rest of the story would still make sense Do you remember when After his sister touches a lethal Frost Flower and succumbs to Frozen Sickness Rainor seeks out the mysterious Dragon who purportedly holds the only cure for the fatal disease In gratitude for saving his sister.

Ou were little and Patton on Leadership it was bedtime and you wanted your mom or your dad to read you a story Well thissn t uite that story but now that you re older La Impostura Perversa if you d like a bedtime storythis will work nicely Admittedly my biggest disappointment heresthere s no dragonI have to say I felt a little cheated on that except one of the MCs name was Drachen and Zones of Instability in truth he s no mere man butf you want to know why he s notyou ll need to read the story Which shouldn t be problem because honestly The Riven Shield (The Sun Sword, it was a beautiful story I was totally enchanted with the fairytale feel of this story It was soenchanting I do wish that the story had been longer but not becauset was lacking or Once More With Feeling incompleten any wayno Orange World and Other Stories it was because I was enjoyingt so much It s been a long time since I ve read a book that truly had me wanting to curl up and snuggle my favorite teddy bearyes I have a favorite his name What Matters Most is Jackson but I m not here to talk about my bears I m here to tell you about this wonderful story that had me wanting to curl up with my favorite bear while someone read me a story I m not going to say anything about the details of this story because I truly want anyone who chooses to read this to hopefully be as enchanted witht as I was While the blurb does give the general gist of what the story s about there were so many other details some smaller some mportant and all adding together to create a very different story from what I was expecting If you enjoyed fairytales when you were young and would like to revisit the beauty of those stories only with an adult touch to Linnys Sweet Dream List it thiss the perfect story It s Cinderella Sleeping Beauty Beauty and the Beast and Snow White all rolled up Envy (Empty Coffin, into one An ARC of Frostbite was graciously provided by the publisher via NetGalleyn exchange for an honest review Book FrostbiteAuthor Alexandria BellefleurStar rating Word Count 18kCover GorgeousPOV 3rd person one characterWould I read Carnal Captive (Carnal Incorporated it again YesGenre LGBT Fairytale Fantasy Short COPY RECEIVED THROUGH NETGALLEY Captivating That s the only word I can think of to describe what I just read Captivating and beautifulFrom the characterisation to the evocative storytelling there wasn t one thing I didn t love Thiss a true fairytale from the setting language and execution to the plot and characterisation The story Bad Boys On Board (Watson Brothers, is one of those timeless things wheret doesn t have to be past present or future because t could be any of them so easilyRainor was this sweet smart kid who s optimistic brave and hopeful Tied Up in ways that others aren t he s aware enough to see what others miss and looks beyond the surface even beyond his own fear Drachens his opposite a pessimist from experience afraid to leave his comfort zone and trying to do what Picture This (Marsden is right while being considered a monster hes the recluse who was chased away by a society who didn t understand him Together this pair are. 's life Rainor agrees to bring him fresh bread twice a week despite the man's nsistence he wants for nothingAs Rainor makes his deliveries the two slowly become friends and Rainor finds n the Dragon all the

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