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O note addition readings for this age group I would se this book in the middle of a lesson of the Great Depression It is slightly advanced than Nardo s book and the middle school reader will need to be educated on the times and the cultural nuances prior to reading I found this in the graphic novel YA section of the library and was immediately intrigued This book is FABULOUS There are pictures on every page which are interesting amazing beautiful and sad Albert Marrin really made history come alive with this book and I look forward to reading from him I rarely give out 5 stars but I am with this one I learned SO MUCH and recommend this book to EVERYONE from about fifth grade through adultsThis book aims to tell the story of the Dust Bowl disaster It is really two stories The first story focuses on ecology the natural world of the Great Plains The second story is about how people invited disaster by changing the ecology of the Great Plains assaulting might be a better word Both stories hold important lessons for Babys Watch / A Hero of Her Own us today because the Dust Bowl was caused less by natural forces than by people s abuse of the landI did not know that China is having its own version of our dirty thirties because they made the same mistakes we made with farming and subseuently abusing the land And now I want to bust out my Grapes of WrathREAD IT NOW A dark cloud rolls in blotting out the sun It s noon but it could just as easily be midnight It s April 14 1935 Black Sunday the day of one of the worst dust storms to ever hit the Great Plains The Dust Bowl was no natural disaster though the Plains survived for centuries before our agricultural practices ruined the land This is the story of how we did it and how families survived itReading through some non fiction selections for 9th grade booktalks I think this can have some appeal the photographs may grip readers and the idea of a blizzard made entirely of dirt That it was entirely preventable and our fault is almost heartbreaking in its tragedy But The book is a good starting point and may encourage particular readers to followp on the topic but the content wanders I was looking for something on the people of the dust bowl how they survived and dealt with it plus some background on what caused it And there is some of that but mostly this isn t the story of the people it s the story of the land and the. Re part of an environmental economic and human catastrophe that changed the course of American history In riveting accessible prose an acclaimed historian explains th.

Years of Dust by Albert Marrin is a great book for middle school aged children It gives information about things that occurred during this time that one might not always include when talking about the dust bowl This book even gives an explanation of ecology and how the dust bowl happened It provides great background to the story which I think could be easily overlooked I think this is an important part of his boo because it helps one to better Desire Island - The Niece understand not only what happened during the dust bowl but why As I read this book I really enjoyed the details that were included throughout I think the author does a great job with the language that wassed to tell this story The text is very engaging for children This book is a detailed look at the Dust Bowl years It includes a timeline discusses the ecological causes and effects and introduces many of the famous people involved The book includes a glossary notes suggestions for other books and an index It is a long book over 120 pages It would be a good research tools for report writing but is a bit much for pleasure reading This fascinating story of the Great Dust Bowl is a gripping account of life in those terrible times With succinct details and stirring pictures the author paints a picture of hopelessness and despair of a people who lost everything and yet for the most part still persevered The author clearly explains just how the dust bowl years were man made by the practices of settlers and farmers who didn t realize the doom they were creating Meant as a book for juveniles this book nevertheless has much to offer adults Albert Marrin is well known for depicting history and he nailed it in his book Years of Dust This is a picture book intended for grades 5 and p about the day the dustbowl hit the Great Plains in the United States His first chapter is entitled Darkness At Noon and immediately would catch the attention of any middle schooler who might start out by thumbing through This book includes a timeline a map of the Great Plaines realistic illustrations that portray the Native American population in an accurate way as well as than 100 real photos that depict the dismal and discouraging nature of the Great Depression Young learners would benefit from the vocabulary list at the end of the book as well as the list of Books for Kids that Marrin has carefully taken the time Before global warming there was dust In the 1930s dangerous black storms swept through the Great Plains Created by drought and reckless farming these lethal storms we.

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Political climate and also of moving on and migrant workers in California There s The New Deal and discussion of what regions China the rain forest eg are likely to become the next dust bowls for similar disastrous ecological practice And these things are all relevant sure but as brief as these sections are as compared to the discussion of the environmental damage inflicted by 1930s agricultural practices they feel tacked on like they re padding out the page countThe photos are great though I grabbed this from the library because I enjoyed Albert Marrin s Flesh Blood So Cheap and Years of Dust did not disappointYears of Dust is well written straight forward and filled with fantastic photographs It is impressive how Marrin consistently manages to put all of the details into perfect context This story doesn t start at the beginning of the Dust Bowl it starts decades earlier with all of the information reuired to fully nderstand the situation as well as follow The Rancher and the City Girl up information about related events in the decades followingI would absolutely recommend this to anyone anywhere from middle grade to adult interested in the Dust Bowl or history in general I would absolutely read of Marrin s work Years of Dust by Albert Marrin is a fun and interesting book to read about the dust bowl The book beginning with a short story of a reporter grabs the reader s attention and holds it Each page is filled with pictures or maps that help inform and explain what was happening during the dust bowl andotes and first hand explanations are given throughout the book The overall layout provides a relatively easy way to find what you re looking for and the reader can constantly enjoy the first hand experiences provided and the pictures that help explain the hardships faced This book would be great for both teaching in the classroom as well as for individual reading Another outstanding NF text from Albert Marrin Years of Dust explains the conditions that caused the Dust Bowl in the 1930 s and how it affected people and animals I appreciate the focus on conservation and efforts to prevent dust bowls in regions like the Sahel Extensive bibliography and a glossary of terms in the back The critical and trying time in black and white photos made this read worth the 200 I paid for it The author doesn t focus solely on the Dust Bowl though and at times I wandered. E causes behind the disaster and explores the Dust Bowl's impact from a rich cultural legacy to the visionary conservation that would finally offer hope to the Plains.

Albert Marrin is a historian and the author of than twenty nonfiction books for young people He has won various awards for his writing including the 2005 James Madison Book Award and the 2008 National Endowment for Humanities Medal In 2011 his book Flesh and Blood So Cheap was a National Book Award Finalist Marrin is the Chairman of the History Department at New York's Yeshiva University