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Patton is an amazing character but the author comments felt generic and repetitive I feel like the book could have been structured much better The make up of the book with Patton uotes followed by an explanation made it an easy read The best things I took away were oints that seemed to be drops in a very large breadth of information They were start off new The Tokyo Zodiac Murders people withositivity about the organization make sure Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances people understand where things are what their success criteria is involve all stakeholders in any decision makingAnd a few others All this feels familiar but it s easy to forget in every day management Theart no one tells you in these books is that nothing comes naturally You have to apply them and be fully aware when you do The book is fine enough with general manager advice that I d recommend it but it s nothing groundbreaking I read this book years ago when I was working as management support When my daughter was struggling with some of the things her leadership Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten professor was saying I found a copy of this book just to show her there is another way to approach management I ve been reading it to her over thehone and Boneshaker (BA 43-500, plan on sending snippets via email Not everything isertinent but it s still a damn good book And I even found a few inspirational uotes I can use to fuel myself for my own work Patton on Leadership by Alan Axelrod did not focus on the life of Patton and was not a biography Instead the book was a compilation of various uotes from Patton throughout his schooling and military career Patton on Leadership began with an overview of Patton s life and significant aspects of his career that are essential to understanding his leadership strategy he used throughout his career The background takes the reader throught a uick overview of Patton s climb up the leader ladder as well as highlighting Patton s greatest achievements in World War II After the background the book was set up in various chapters that all dealt with ualities and strategies necessary to be a good leader and manager Overall I found this to be a strong read and helpful in my journey to become a strong leaderThe first reason I found this to be a strong read was because the war uotations that were selected could be easily connected to real world situations and were relatable Patton was uoted saying During this operation the Third Army moved farther and faster and engaged divions in less time than. Drawing on General George Patton's decisive moves and distinctive style Alan Axelrod's Patton on Leadership gives executives and managers straightforward A Star Is Born practical lessons in dynamic results oriented management This guide covers how to develop a leadership attitude communicate effectively inspire others and witheriod hotographs of the Patton throughout his careerWhat can a civilian corporate leader learn from the combat tactics of General George S Patton Jr Find out by reading Alan Axelrod's Patton on Leadership He takes.

Any other armyThe results attained were made ossible only by the superlative ulity of American Officers American men and American euipment Axelrod 144 Although Patton is speaking on the success of his men in the war this same idea is applied to the real world in that it is never just heroism or skill at arms that The Ornament (Ornament, produces such results It is rather the result of men and the leadership abilities and management of resources Patton also says When you make a mistake in war theunishment is death The trouble is your mistake could cause hundreds of soldiers to die Axelrod 253 Here through Patton Axelrod invites leaders to understand that mistakes should not be taken lightly as they can negatively affect many eople Even though a leader is not always in war life can be similar to war and actions must be taken with careThe second reason I find this to be a strong read is because of it fulfills my desire to learn about the military and being a strong leader Throughout the book there are many uotations that involve aspects of battle or war and allow the reader to become familiar with aspects of World War II In WWII Patton disregarded certain orders from officers above him because he believed it would be a betrayaldisloyal of the American army to relegate it to a defensive role in a British invasion of Sicily Axelrod 64 Patton took matters into his own hands at times but not to defy those above him but rather to complete a mission better Patton always had insights in being a good leader For example one of his uotes was Lack of orders is no excuse for inaction Axelrod 247 This is a great uote for any leader in that it says there is always something to be done and don t sit around waiting to be told to do something Instead always be on the ball and take action Overall this book made great connections between war and the real world as well as rovided many insights into the ualities and actions of a great leader Axelrod beautifully blends Patton s Rant proven wartime leadership approach with the applicability of today s modern business management environment Axelrod takes multiple lessons from Patton shilosophy and crafts it into something anyone can relate to Definitely a book I will read again and will add it to my annual TBR list General Patton s no nonsense approach to leading men has many lessons that are captured in this book The importance of consistency standards accountability and the Leadership wisdom of one of America's greatest and most colorful combat generals and applies it to contemporary civilian corporate organizations Organized around Patton's uotations and writings each being related to specific corporate situations Axelrod Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM presents an in depth understanding into the general's leadership style and demonstrates that Patton's 'genius was being able to capitalize on his own intuitive notion of leadership' This bookrovides a erspective insight of a leadership methodology that may be a valuable.

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Bility for a leader to communicate effectively with his team even using their vernacular are all addressed Another essential leadership book that is a must read General Patton has always been one of my heroes Alex Axelrod teaches me why His commentary on uotations from Patton and those who knew him rovide excellent lessons for leadership in business and Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons personal life If you re a Patton fan you ll Extremely biased unorganized repetitive and badly written Whereas it wasn t entirely a waste of time it was not uality material Throw Good to Great and all the other boring business books away This slim volume speaks volumes not only to Patton s leadership but what lessons we can learn in the business world I have recommended this to all my managers and to all those who want to make a real difference Military collected genuine intellects and risk thinkers than most if not all otherrofessions and Patton was definitely one of themBased on books and the brilliant movie PATTON he was a truly charismatic ersonality Tough arrogant bold and direct And this book displays his characteristics beautifullyThe uniueness of Patton on Leadership lies in the layout After a short uote or an inscription in Patton s field notebook follows a detailed description of the meaningdepth by the author Still kept very short The book is nicely structured by topics numerous ictures of Patton which gives the book a nice almost The Color of a Leader personal touch of Patton as well as fullage Into the Planet pictures of Patton incl a typical Patton uote like onage 22 When in doubt attack Typical Patton briliance on the surface simple but Dusk (Rosales Saga, profound in depth our competitorenemy might be in doubt too where boldness might strategically be the most effecitve solutionPatton shows deep understanding of strategy vs tactics be a steamroller in the overall strategy but flexible in tactics The advantage of aggresiveness and boldness in execution and creating favourable circumstances Readers interested in strategy will easily recognise that Patton was well read in history inarticular he must have read Clausewit s book ON WAR Book III the Chapter on Boldness several times It s rare to find a book of a military genius explaining strategy and tactis well I ve failed so far to be really inspired by the writings on masters like Alexander Napoleon Clausewitz and the like Not with this book Pattons wisdom is applicable and therefore useful Great read and re read. Asset to many corporate executives Rutherford B Johnson commander Georgia Chapter George S Patton Jr Historical SocietyI have no doubt that the leadership skills and George Washingtons Secret Six personal attituderacticed by General Patton can be used effectively in both corporate and government managerial ositions Current and future leaders would do well to master those skills and to ractice the vital reuisities of honesty and integrity for which General Patton was noted and without which leadership is highly suspect William A Burke Major General

Alan Axelrod PhD is a prolific author of history business and management books As of October 2018 he had written than 150 books as noted in an online introduction by Lynn Ware Peek before an interview with Axelrod on the National Public Radio station KPCW Axelrod resides in Atlanta Georgia