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5 stars Wickedly Addictive and TabooThere is so much I am loving about this book Thank you thank you for setting it in the UK it was organically well written This is and should be the author s uniue niche Comparing this read to the other books I have read by this author it all naturally fell into lace it wasn t forced this time around and worked The unconventional relationship was wickedly taboo I loved the sloooow build up they genuinely became friends before furtively shifting to These two main characters surprised me I judged them way too uickly and I will not think I finally have them figured out I think they will continue to surprise me as this series continues I CAN T WAIT 5 stars This is one of the best forbidden student teacher romances yet It has all the usual elements of trying and of course failing to resist the attraction sneaking around getting caught and so forthThe sexual tension is amazing That s really the standout here how it builds and builds and they haven t even kissed until well into the second half of the bookThe sex scenes are not overly explicit they don t cross over into actual erotica but they re detailed enough to be hot and convincingThe heroine Eloise starts out extremely bratty and immature So much so that it s disconcerting that a 29 year old man would fall for her so deeply She comes across like a 14 year old than a 17 year old However by the end of the novel she is much convincingly mature Indulge (Warm Delicacy, perhaps due to the difficult life experiences that happen to her including the relationship with her history teacher Isaac Price By thisoint you could definitely see why he would fall for herBy the end of it he s the one who has disintegrated jealousy Tabloid City possessiveness and even violence not towards Eloise however The book does become rather angsty and melodramatic towards the end Going to university does not mean couples need to split up many students start university with a girlfriend or boyfriend back home There s a lot of unnecessary wailing and weeping about that which makes the final denouement a bitremature and unrealistic Particularly given it s a trilogy you would expect the author to reserve a Kirkland Revels particular event that happens in the final chapter for until the end of Book 3 Perhaps that meanslenty twists and turns are ahead It will certainly be interesting to see how this series sustains itself across two books There s another incident of violence towards the end the outcome of which is so absurd that it might have been better for this to have been written differently Even the most bungling forensic investigator or doctor isn t going to mistake a near fatal knife stab wound reuiring intensive care for someone crashing into a table That To Him Who Sits on the Throne part just wasn t feasible and I wish the author had made it a bit realisticerhaps a unch not a stabbing because the rest of the book tends to be realistic in toneThere were some minor uirks such as the references to Boston University there is a Boston College in the UK but it in no way has the level of restige that the other universities mentioned have It s highly unlikely that a student of the calibre to win a Youth, Beautiful Youth place at Cambridge euivalent to US Ivy League would be applying to such a college It s also highly unlikely that someone with seven GCSEs of B and C grade would get into Cambridge let alone someone in their final year of A level history who confused Mussolini with that Muselin guy Not even a GCSE student by their final year of GCSEs would be making that kind of error So I felt that Eloise was inconsistentlyortrayed as stupid at the the start of the book when in reality she must be extremely brightAnd finally it is not actually illegal for a teacher to date a upilstudent aged 18 in the UK It would robably be a sackable offence but it is not actually illegal It is an offence for a teacher to engage in a sexual relationship with a Fault Lines pupil of 16 or 17 even though they are above the legal age of consent Since Eloise is 18 when they consummate their relationship it is not actually illegal Being a fan of forbidden love stories I found myself in the mood for the thrill theulse Hunt for 901 pounding and the anxiety that a good forbidden romance induces Distraction definitely hit all the marks that I crave when reading a book in this genre I was swept up in the lives of the characters theirroblems and their difficult love storyThis is first and foremost a studentteacher romance between a teacher who is twelve years older than his student What I really enjoyed about Distraction was that both characters had their own issues going on aside from their blossoming romance Their issues end up being. Isaac Price is a hard working teacher forced to move back to the town he hates in order to help his father as his mother's mind spirals from reality devoured by Alzheimers Eloise Blackburn is a good student struggling to get her life back on course after a year where she lost control of everything Both are desperately tr.

The instigating factor in throwing these two characters togetherIsaac Price is less than thrilled to be returning to his hometown after making a life for himself in the city Not only does he dread living in the dull small town that he was raised in but his mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer s disease and has been forced to leave her teaching job Isaac s father who is also the headmaster at the school has asked that Isaac return home to fill in for his mother s classIsaac s life has become extremely tiring and stressful Between school and helping to care for his mother it leaves him little time to himself or for social activities He is lonely The Chasing After Infinity pain and heartache that he faces every time he sees his mother s memory deteriorate is absolutely heartbreakingEloise Blackburn is almost eighteen and she can t wait until she s out from under her father s thumb She is a hardworking young woman who is trying to keep her grades up in order to apply to universities all the whileutting in a lot of hours working at a local caf There s no denying that Eloise and Isaac are attracted to each other but they both realize that it s completely inappropriate They are student and teacher but they end up becoming so much than that They become good friends Their relationship could never be referred to as insta love Their friendship grows over time as Eloise continues to visit her former teacher Isaac s mother and uickly becomes a regular fixture in the Price homeThis is the Morir por un iPhone - Apple, Foxconn y las luchas de los trabajadores en China perfect example of a slow burning romance It slowly builds and develops creating an intense chemistry and bond between the characters Of course with every good taboo romance there has to be that fear of being found out The relationship between Isaac and Eloise could not only jeopardize Isaac s career but also taint hisarents and Eloise s reputations not to mention what would happen if Eloise s father was to discover itAs a reader I couldn t help but want the characters to find their slice of happiness I wanted to see them together to defy the odds to make their relationship work to let their love win out in the end It certainly gave me the Captain China Volume 1 perfect dose of emotional angst and butterflies that I was looking for It left me wanting so much of Eloise and Isaac s story I can t wait to read the next book in this series45 Stars I received an arc from the author in exchange for my honest reviewOh dude this was such a hard read to rate and review I even sat and thought about it for a bit bc I m uite conflicted The first half of this book was a SOLID 5 stars Seriously I loved theacing of the book I loved how the characters were established and I LOVED the beginning development of Eloise and Isaac s relationship You could really feel how they started off with intrigue a bit of a crush and attraction and moved slowly into a comfortable relationship with friendship And I really loved their friendshipyou could see how they just meshed so well and complimented each other Their interactions were fun and sweet and I couldn t help but root for them despite the awkwardness of the situationand then they got together And don t get me wrong holy wow was it hot I mean whew BUT Their relationship just started to get and unhealthy And that was so hard to watch bc art of you loves them togethermost of the timebut t YouTube Book Trailer s been a lethora of student teacher romances many of which followed a similar route but this is genuinely uniue and so full of chemistry romance and Cast On, Bets Off passion that it is one of the best romances I ve read in ages I liked the fact that this book has interesting subplots Mrs Price s illness the community Eloise sarents and her future dreams not to mention the coming of age element to it The romance is NOT rushed but nicely aced so that you re on the receiving end of lots of tingles and warm fuzzies due to the blast of chemistry hitting superseding the staid act of readingTHE BEST PART OF THE BOOK IS THE PACE OF THE ROMANCE IT S AN AMAZING BUILD UP THERE IS NOOOOOO INSTA LUST but AWESOME ROMANCE It s JAM PACKED WITH CHEMISTRY as Eloise and Isaac become friendsI also liked the fact that the author was able to build a foundation of friendship between the characters without it losing the chemistry sparks and steam between them It doesn t become a dry dull relationship the taboo element keeps it HOTI love how they deny each other are reluctant to claim their feelings the sneaking glances accidental touches the elouent words It s stunning in it s simplicity the nuanced dialogue and casual banterI LOVED THE BANTER Great character build up and supporting characters The Characters aren t your. Ying to escape he from small town life and she from an overbearing and controlling father In each other they find a kindred spirit and form a bond that slowly blossoms into love But in a world where everyone is uick to judge the outcome yet never uestions the journey it doesn't matter that she's of age It doesn't matter.

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Typical over dramatic angst y annoying types in NAYA romance books Eloise is your typical teen but not annoying And Isaac is your typical 29 yo who likes the odd joke and living the bachelor existenceI highly recommend It s taken me so long to write this one as after releasing Connected Broken 2 I went through a stage of severe writers block That shifted and here we are again at last Thank you so much to all of my readers for sticking by me and I hope you enjoy this one as much as the others if not Writing Isaac and Eloise s story was so refreshing in the sense that it s totally different to anything else I ve ever written It s frustratingly beautiful and real in my own opinion There s no insta love hidden secrets or dark asts beyond that of the norm I ve really focused on creating a connection and bond between two characters who should never really have said connection and bond I hope it shows and if it doesn t tell me I m always open to criticism The Past Lives, Future Lives praise is just a bonus hehe xx 3Thank you so much for reading and giving this trilogy a chance despite the forbidden subject teacher student3 3 35 StarsI m a fan of this authors Little Bits series because I loved her witty writing style Her last two books were serious and not as witty so I m glad to see that in this book she is back to her witty writing I liked a lot of the funny dialogue between Isaac and EloiseI liked Isaac I liked the way he was written He s still a bloke even though he s a Teacher In the beginning Eloise is 17 nearly 18 and she was mostly written as a Teenager but as the storyrogresses she matures and seemed mature than Isaac towards the end The author is English but her Little Bits series was set in America I still found that this book set in England still had some Americanisms but that s just a Love with Every Beat peteeve of mine and doesn t distract from the storyEloise is 18 by the time her and Isaac begin a sexual relationship However it s still taboo as he is her Teacher and in a CPA Australia - Advanced Taxation position of trust I found some aspects of the story a bit far fetched I don t believe a student of Eloise s calibre would receive an offer from Cambridge University and I thought the incident thatut Isaac in hospital and the story they come up with was very far fetched and I doubt the Police would have believed their versionThat aside I do like this author s writing style It s not all hearts and flowers and gushing declarations of love etc It s real I was surprised at the ending which is not necessarily a cliffhanger I m not a fan of trilogies as I can never see how the story can stretch over three books but I ll give the author the benefit of the doubt as I want to see how Issac and Eloise s life together will If Walls Could Talk (Haunted Home Renovation Mystery, pan out This story captivated meAs a fan of this author I couldn t wait to read The author truly took a great amount of time to write this story and the charactersand she did it so well I couldn tut this book down Very excited to experience the next book Kudos to a job well done update okay I finished it Meh I don t know yet It got better but I had some major issues with how toxic their relationship was Way too much Arcana Mundi pushull from the hero and unnecessary dates with OWOM to try to get over each other I m glad the heroine didn t sit around and sulk when he به سوی زبان شناسی شعر pushed her away andunished him by going out and kissing another guy though I m Genesis petty like that and I like the hero to suffer when he s being stupid The ending was ok it s HFN which I know will turn into major angst in the next book but I m still going to read it loloriginally DNFI was loving this book until the authorulled a fast one and threw an explicit scene with another woman the hero doesn t even fucking like in at 52%Please note he still isn t with the heroine at this Mirror Matter point as she is his student You can tell they have feelings for each other but they haven t so much as kissed yet The thing that bothered me is that the woman is another teacher he claims to not really want anything to do with Not only that he doesn t even like her and he can tell she s jealous of the heroine her own student and yet he still tries to go through with it Or all women why herIt was so completely unnecessary and revolting I mightick this up later but right now I m just too disgusted after reading about him making out and then getting half a blow job by another woman Don t care that he stopped only after she used teeth barf he d have been happy to allow her to continue had she not done that and hadn t imagined the heroine for a split secondHow disappointing because I really loved the broken series and was so sure this series would rank as high as that one for me. That they never intended for it to happen All that matters is that they broke a taboo a love between a teacher and a student twelve years his junior Unable to walk away from each other do they dare to risk it all Forget labels Forget rules This is just a journey of two eople who fall Book #1 of 3 The Distraction Trilogy.

A E Murphy is the ueen of sarcasm and satire she likes long walks in the park as much as ice cubes like to chill in a roasting oven She’s effortlessly independent and so good at adulting it’s unfair on the rest of the world She only napped twice today and has only avoided the dishes for three days before making the child slaves do them this morning WinningHer favourite hobby is writing h